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Drive More Traffic to Your Business with An Amazing Website Design

Digital marketing has many aspects and data can safely tell you that the most important aspect of it, is most probably a high-quality website as your business’s front entrance.

But you must also know that a “good website” is not enough for reaching out to your audience and turning them into your customers and more importantly your loyal brand ambassadors. What you really need is an “amazing website” for that matter. In Daavin Studio we are committed to creating the best and most functional website for your business whether small or large. 

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Affordable Web Design

Packages for Every Need

* Multilingual design and online store are optional features that can be added to each package with extra charges. They will also affect the delivery time.


** If you are in a hurry, you can purchase our website design packages in express delivery mode. This mode cuts the delivery time in half and adds 50% to the price.

Frequently asked questions on Daavin’s web design packages

How long does it take for the web design?

The time for each website design package is different based on the number of web pages needed and the size of the project. You can check out the period of time on the packages above.

Can I get my website faster?

Yes. We have an express delivery mode available for those who are in a hurry. This mode cuts the delivery time in half and 50% to the price.

Will Daavin provide domain, hosting & email?

Yes. All our web design packages include a 1-year .COM domain, web hosting, and email service free of charge.

What about my website content?

Our web design packages include only the design and set up of web pages.

If you already have clean and optimized content, we’ll upload it to your pages as we design them.

If your content is not ready to use, we’ll teach you how to use your CMS to upload your content once it’s ready after the web design is complete.

If you don’t have any content at all, you can check out our essential web content creation plans.

Should I pay extra money for SSL certificate?

No. All our web design packages include a free 1-year SSL certificate.

How do I keep in touch with Daavin during my project?

Before we start the design process, we’ll hold a meeting with you through Zoom or Google Meet. You can also check out your project progress through any of the same tools. 

Want to know the features and strong points of our website design services? Read on.

Web Design Services by Daavin Studio

Web Design with WordPress

Daavin is a web design company specializing in WordPress platform. If you don’t already know what WordPress is, there’s no need to get confused.

WordPress is the most powerful website design platform to date.

WordPress can be used for both small and large web design and it can be used to create a variety of websites such as corporate, eCommerce, or educational.

Now you might be wondering what else is so great about WordPress in comparison to other platforms, just take a look at the list below:

Why WordPress?

  • WordPress is open-source, meaning it is not limited to one single developer or company. Hundreds and thousands of developers and specialists work on it on a daily basis. This means that this software is up to date and constantly improving.
  • WordPress web design is much more affordable, meaning it is the perfect choice for small and medium businesses.
  • WordPress CMS is amazingly flexible, meaning it is quite easy to work with it to input data, service info, or product details. 
  • WordPress is expandable, meaning when your business grows, it is pretty easy to expand your current website to a bigger one without high expenses. 
  • WordPress is secure, meaning you don’t have to worry about your website being hacked or your data being hijacked.
  • And last but not least, Data. That’s right, if you haven’t been already convinced that WordPress is the best website design platform, just take a look at data: WordPress powers nearly 40% of the internet.
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responsive web design

Responsive Web Design

All the websites designed by Daavin web design company are responsive.

Basically, responsive web design refers to the website’s ability to adapt itself to all screen sizes, devices, and resolutions. Meaning your website will be seen and operated beautifully on all computers, laptops, monitors, tablets, and various smartphones.

In Daavin company, we don’t consider responsive web design a “feature”, it is a “must” in this day and age as each user works with multiple devices on a daily basis.  In fact, in 2019 nearly 50% of Google searches were done on mobile phones. That is why it is too important to have a website that is functional and attractive on all devices.


Fast Site Load Speed

Imagine that you have gone to a restaurant and ordered food. It takes a long time for the waiter to even see you and bring you the menu, let alone the food preparation. It is only natural that you won’t be going back there again and won’t even recommend it to your friends. You might even go beyond that and leave a few negative comments about your experience on social media. That is exactly what happens with websites with low loading speed due to poor web design.

Slow site load speed can lead up to poor ranking on search engines, especially Google, poor user experience, and ultimately low traffic.

All the websites designed by Daavin Studio have light and efficient structures and clean codes, leading to a fast-loading website.

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easy CMS

Easy to Work with CMS

Most clients make the common mistake of forgetting the CMS or Content Management System of their website.

The CMS refers to the system behind each website that is used to manage it technically and content-wise.

After your website design is finished, it is of course vital to enter your product or service info in it. This info can be texts, images, videos, or PDF catalog files. It is very important that you can do this easily and without confusion. This is where the importance of an easy, flexible CMS comes to light.

Our websites have flexible and crystal clear CMSs which makes working with them super easy, even for people without the related experience. We also provide you with documents and training on how to use the CMS if you already don’t know it.


Search Engine Optimized 

You have probably heard a lot about SEO in the past couple of years. SEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your site in a way that search engines like Google will show it in the top results. This way anyone searching for your product on Google will get to see it first and therefore the possibility of becoming your customer will go higher.

Now SEO is a rather complicated matter consisting of both technical and content aspects that must be worked on overtime.

However, in Daavin we have simplified this process for our customers by including an initial SEO on our web design services. All of our websites are technically optimized from the beginning. Meaning you won’t have to pay a cost in addition to the web design cost to optimize your pages.


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ssl certificate for secure web design

Completely Secure

Website security is a quite important deal both from your side and from your customers’ side.

From your side, it is important to have a website that is immune to malicious attacks and behaviors targeting its data.

From your customers’ side, it is also important that your audience feels like their personal information is safe with you and that any transaction they make is done in a safe environment. This becomes particularly important if you are aiming for an eCommerce web design.

Both sides are completely taken over by Daavin and all of our websites include an SSL certificate which also highly affects your website’s SEO.


Multilingual Possibilities & Expandability

For most business owners it is rather important to be able to reach people from different nationalities and languages. This makes it all the more important to have an English website or a multilingual website or at least the possibility of adding more languages to your website.

The good news is that our websites are quite easy to become multilingual and also to expand size-wise, meaning you can add more pages to your website as your business grows.

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responsive website design

Feature-Rich Web Design

Whatever your content and need is, we have numerous ways to showcase it on your website. All our websites include multiple modules like sliders, galleries, contact forms, and more.

If you want to see all the features available, check out the list below:

Complete list of our websites' features


  • Image/video sliders
  • Galleries
  • Testimonials
  • Pricing tables
  • Blog
  • Portfolio
  • Social media links
  • Social media share
  • FAQ
  • Online reservation
  • Online chat
  • Multimedia
  • Search
  • Google Maps
  • Contact forms
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Microsoft Clarity

Beautiful Design & Quality UX

Your website is your company or shop’s window, representing your products, services, identity, and your brand; It is of utmost importance that it has a professional and appealing design and a pleasant user experience working and navigating it.

All the websites developed by Daavin are beautifully and carefully designed to attract the users’ attention the moment they set their eyes on one of its pages.


beautiful website design
online shop design

eCommerce Web Design

We can further equip your website with online shop features and integrate it with Shopify. eCommerce web design allows your audience to make transactions on your website and right on the spot. 


Affordable & Cost-Effective

Most of our clients in Daavin web design company are small and medium businesses. These businesses naturally need more cost management.

In Daavin we have provided affordable and cheap web design solutions that come with quality. We do not sacrifice quality at any cost.

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Have Questions?