Who We Are

Up until a few years ago, going digital for companies was mostly a gesture. However today we stand in a world where it’s a vital necessity to use modern techniques in order to survive and thrive.

In DAAVIN, we combine our expertise in digital marketing with our creativity to provide businesses with integrated and efficient marketing services.

Our passion is to help small and medium businesses to be seen and heard in a digital era through digital methods with sensible prices. We will become a part of businesses with amazing stories, to co-create values. We won’t be just a company you have outsourced to; We will be a part of your team every step of the way.

In case you’re wondering, DAAVIN refers to “the foot of the mountain”, the mountain on top of which your success awaits. This is the story of us.

Our Values


We don’t just claim that we are honest, we believe honesty is as vital for a productive business relationship as air is for living.


Digital marketing is a thriving field, which is why it’s necessary to catch up with it. In Daavin we are constantly updating our team’s education to the latest trends in digital marketing.


Consistency is key to have an effective and productive digital presence. We provide you with consistent plans and services and we promise to not leave you mid-way. We are in this together.

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