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More Credibility & More Revenue with Search Engine Optimization

The most major channel for new visitors to your website is SEO. SEO is also the most effective digital marketing method because with it, you target users that are actively searching for products or services offered by you. These users are more likely to become actual customers. 

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Through website SEO, you will optimize your website both technically and content-wise, to deliver the best experience possible to users.

The more this pleasant experience is achieved, the higher your website will be shown on top of Google for relevant search results. The higher a website is shown on Google, the bigger the chance of clicking on it will be. SEO will help your business in more ways you can imagine, including creating brand exposure, brand credibility, increasing organic traffic and getting more sales.


The First five organic results get 68% of all clicks


99% of Google searchers won't click on the second page


68% of online experiences begin with search engines

Website SEO Services with Daavin

Affordable SEO

Our 10-year experience and a team of SEO experts help reduce SEO costs especially for small and medium sized businesses who are just starting out.

White-hat SEO

Our SEO techniques and practices are all within Google’s guidelines and bounds, preventing your business and its website from being penalized.

Transparent SEO

We will provide monthly reports for the SEO actions done by our experts. These reports show techniques and also the results achieved in that month.

Why Hire a Website SEO Agency

  • Professional SEO expert insights
  • SEO content writers for optimized website content
  • Link Building experts for off page SEO
  • Familiarity with white-hat & black-hat SEO
  • Data driven SEO services 
  • Monthly website SEO reports

How We Carry Out SEO Services for You


Consultation Meeting

As the first step for SEO services, we will hold meetings with you to get to know your business, its goals, its competitors and everything else necessary before making any practical changes to your website.


Website Health Audit & Keyword Research

Our website SEO experts will run complete keyword research by professional tools. We will also audit your website’s health and current SEO status. With the help of these researches, we’ll create a clear picture of the SEO path for your website.


On-Page SEO Optimization

We will run an on-page optimization for all the pages of your website. In this step we’ll fix all the technical issues with your website including missing tags, low loading speed, uncompressed images and more.


Content SEO Optimization

Content is a vital element is website SEO, maybe even the most important one. Our SEO agency will optimize all the current content on your website and also add more optimized content to it.


Off-Page SEO Optimization

We will create quality, clean and authoritative backlinks pointing to your website from relevant sources. These backlinks will increase the visibility and therefore the power of your website.


Monitoring & Reporting

Through the whole SEO process, we will keep monitoring the effect of our actions on your website. We’ll then use this data for more optimization. We’ll also keep you updated about everything done as SEO.

Website SEO Elements

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO, also known as on-site SEO, is a combination of actions, optimizing web pages for higher ranks on SERPs (search engine result pages). This optimization will be on the elements of the website itself rather than promoting it outside. That’s why it’s called on-page SEO. On-site SEO will help search engines like Google, understand your website, its content, its navigation and … better.


Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is a set of actions outside the website itself to help increase the website’s rank in search results. These actions include but are not limited to link building, link earning, brand awareness and engagement on social media. Off-page SEO helps search engines, especially Google to validate and trust your business brand, thus showing it first for related searches.

Content SEO

Content SEO is actually creating relevant, constant and unique content that will answer the users’ questions and needs within SEO principles. Search engine optimization for content includes adjustments both in the content itself and in uploading process to the website.

Link Building SEO

Link building will increase the number of links pointing to a website, therefor signaling Google that the website is trustworthy and related to certain key phrases. The quality and authority of these links matter greatly and they must all be built as naturally as possible to be considered true by Google.

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Frequently asked questions on Daavin’s Website SEO Services

Do SEO companies give any guarantee?

Search engines like Google have clearly stated that working with a SEO company or SEO expert that offers any kind of guarantee is the wrong move. That is because website SEO can not ever be predicted or completely promised. In our SEO agency, we don’t guarantee our SEO results, but we guarantee to be transparent and clear about all the actions and times we do and take for improving your website’s SEO.

How do I know the SEO company is actually working on my SEO?

Although SEO is greatly unpredictable and in Google’s hands, there are still many things your SEO agency can report to you to make you sure that they are working on your website. These can include on-page SEO actions, links built for your website or a website speed report.

When will my website be on first results?

The amount of it takes for SEO to work on your website and raise its rank, varies greatly among businesses and geographical territories. Be cautious of an SEO company that promises you a specific time for seeing results, because this is completely in Google’s hands and no one can exactly predict it. However, usually your website SEO agency can give you an estimation based on your business type and the competition its facing. 

Which one is better, SEO or online ads?

SEO and online ads are both digital marketing methods, each aiming at different goals. Both are necessary for businesses. But the main difference is that website SEO would be more cost effective in the long run, while with online ads, you will probably see instant results like instant calls to your shop, instant visits to your store and instant traffic to your website.

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