A guide to website design price in Dubai 2021

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So you have finally decided to build your own website, you now truly believe that a website is a vital necessity for your business, you have talked your boss or your colleagues (or just yourself) into getting one, it’s safe to assume that you open up Google and you search for “web design company in Dubai” or “web design Dubai prices” … and boom!

You get hit by tens of different web design packages that all have different prices. And what’s worse is that some of these web design prices are so far off from each other, that you don’t even know which one is sensible or trustworthy.

Well no worries, in this page we’ll give you a comprehensive guide on all the factors that determine website design prices in Dubai. We’ll also tell you which ones are crucial and which ones are just fancy and we’ll give you an estimation of web design price for different businesses in Dubai. Also if you only need to know our prices, just click on this link.

Factors altering web design price in Dubai

When it comes to website design price, there are many factors that determine the final price. Of course not all of them have the same importance, but non the less, they are important to know and consider. We have gathered these factors in order of their priority in web design. Take a look at them below:

1. Number of web pages

This one is a major price setter. The number of web pages definitely makes a difference in the website price. Usually some of the pages are necessary, like:

  • Home page 
  • About us page
  • Contact us page
  • Services
  • Products 

Generally websites such as resume websites or personal websites (biography websites) can be managed in 1 single page.

Web page design price

But if you are a business, no matter how small, in order to beautifully present your work, your product or your services, you’ll be needing about 4-5 pages or more.

In fact in our experience 80% of websites need at least 4 or 5 pages.

Website development & level of customization

2. Level of customization

The platform that is used to create the website is one of the most important factors that determine website design price. This is mostly related to how customizable the website is or needs to be. 

Some clients need every single detail to be customized according to their needs, which means they need the website to be fully coded specifically for them.

In other cases, clients may need general websites that are not 100% customized (such as brochure websites or simple corporate websites), so it is possible to use pre-written or pre-made platforms for them.

For instance a website that is built using WordPress platform will cost less than a website that is fully coded manually. 

Of course this price difference doesn’t mean the quality is necessarily different, but simply means that the systems are different, each with their own pros and cons.

3. Website features

Some web design companies reserve some features in web design for higher packages.

For instance, for adding a gallery feature to your website, you might need to pay more money, especially if they need more coding for that module. However that is not the case in Daavin.

Our web design services are full-feature, including galleries, sliders, pricing tables, blogs and more (with the exception of ecommerce features).

Complete list of our websites' features

  • Full width sliders
  • Video sliders
  • Galleries
  • Testimonials
  • Pricing tables
  • Blog
  • Portfolio
  • Post sliders
  • Sidebar
  • Social Media
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Search
  • Counters
  • Maps
  • Contact forms
Domain TLDs for web design price

If you don’t already have a domain for your website, we can provide it for you.

SSL certificate for web design

With an SSL certificate, you’ll see a green lock next to your domain and your website URL would be displayed with https protocole.   

4. Domain, hosting and SSL certificate

  • A domain is simply the address of your website, like www.mybusiness.com.
  • Hosting (as is suggested by its name) is the virtual home for your websites files and folders.

Now any website will need a domain and a hosting service. These 2 will alter the web design price for sure.

There are various prices for hosting services and domains, depending on the type of host, its size and the domain TLD.

A TLD (top level domain) is the last part of your domain. The most common ones that you probably already know are .com, .co, .org and .ae. But there are many other TLDs that are less known, such as .me, .pro .xyz and … . Depending on the TLD that you choose, your domain price might differ.

An SSL certificate is an internet protocol that makes the interaction of your website with others secure and private. Unlike domain and hosting, an SSL certificate is not necessary for building a website (unless you’re an online shop), though it is highly recommended as it affects your website’s security and its rank in Google.

If you choose to purchase an SSL certificate, it will change the website design price.

In Daavin, our web design prices in Dubai already include a free 1-year SSL.

5. Ecommerce options

Ecommerce websites or online shops need more features than general informational websites. They need shopping carts, check out pages, gateway integration and in bigger cases, even more complicated features such as comparison tables. This alters the web design price dramatically. And of course the bigger the ecommerce website, the higher the website design price in Dubai.

eCommerce website design platforms

In Daavin we use Woocommerce, Magento or Shopify based on the clients needs for Ecommerce websites or online shop design.

Graphic design for website development

6. Graphic design

Graphic and visual content is an important factor in web design. In fact usually the first thing that catches the visitors’ eye on a website is the visual aspects.

Not every website needs authentic graphic design, many businesses’ graphic and visual needs are simply met with stock images and videos. However depending on your business, there may not be enough free content online, so it must be bought. Or you may just be starting out, so you’d need graphic content specifically for your business, like photos, product images and more.

7. Essential content 

Content is king and we all know it! And your website certainly needs a king to run its kingdom. All websites need primary content to begin with, that is the content for the home page, about us page and some basic description of your product or service. In Daavin we call this “essential content”, after all it is only essential to have it. 

So who will create your website content? Usually if the web design company handles the essential content, it will increase the website design price. In some cases the client might have prepared the content, so during the web design process, some test content is placed to be replaced later by the client.

In Daavin we do not include essential content in our Dubai web design price, however we have discounts on our content creation plans, if certain web design packages are purchased. 

8. Content upload

Some clients have a lot of content ready even before the website is ready, in that case usually one of 2 things happen:

  • Either the client learns to work with the CMS and uploads the content to the website after it’s ready…
  • Or the web design agency does it. Either way it could change the website price.

9. SEO

What’s the point of having a website if it doesn’t rank in Google? How is it gonna rank in Google by the way? Through the miracle of SEO. Well to be perfectly honest SEO is not really a miracle, but rather a combination of techniques that will optimize your website to appear higher in Google search results. 

SEO is not a single action that could be done on the web page, it should be done over time and both on the technical side and the content of your website. However some settings and configurations are important as the basics and they could usually be done when the website is initially designed. 

Some website design companies include these settings in their web design prices and some don’t. Initial SEO can definitely alter the website design price as it requires more time and effort, but of course for a good reason.

SEO & website ranking in Dubai

10. Web design company’s profile

The brand always alters the price, we see it every day, with the most seen example being the fashion industry. The same story is true for website design.

The company or the person designing your website may charge you higher if they are well known brands in the industry. On the other hand newly founded web design companies or novice designers may charge you less because it’s the beginning of their work.

Remember not every well known company with expensive web design prices will deliver you a professional website and not every novice website designer is likely to deliver an ordinary website.

11. Website design time

The bigger the website, the more time it will take to design it. In some cases the clients need the website to be ready as an urgent matter, there could be an exhibition or a special meeting ahead for example.

Some web design companies offer the chance to pay more and get the website faster.

In Daavin you can order your website in “express delivery” mode. You pay double the original price and get the website in half the time of the normal package. Of course this higher web design price only makes sense for truly urgent matters.

Multilingual website design price

12. Languages

Dubai is an international hub in the middle east, with many businesses working internationally with other sides of the world. Even if your business doesn’t work with other countries, you may need 2 languages (Arabic and English) since there are many foreigners living and working in Dubai.

The number of languages you need, will alter the website design price in Dubai, since this changes the work load significantly.

In Daavin we add between 30 to 60 percent of your package’s worth to the price, in order to add another language. This percentage depends on the number of web pages. 

13. Responsiveness and mobile versions

Responsive web design means your website will look good in any device with any screen resolution.

Responsive web design is actually a necessity these days. That’s why we have mentioned it as the last factor as all web design companies better deliver responsive websites. Therefore it won’t really change the web design price. Unless you need a version of your website specifically designed for mobile. In that case the design price will likely double up. 

Responsive web design price in Dubai

Don’t forget about these hidden costs of website design

These are the costs that will not show up at the time of website design, but you will most certainly encounter them after a while:

  • Website maintenance
  • Content creation
  • Ongoing SEO services
  • Advertising
  • Hosting , domain and SSL yearly renewal

Cheap web design in Dubai vs. Expensive web design

Now that you know all the factors responsible for web design price, you might wonder which price is right? Should you hire an expensive web design company or a cheap website design team?

There’s no right or wrong answer. However there are 2 main points that you need to take into account before choosing:

1- The most important thing to know is that it’s not important how much the website price is, but rather what you get for it.

For instance you might get a cheap website price at first, but when you request or read the full details, you’ll see that the features offered are not complete.

For example in Daavin, our web design packages start from 500 AED which is quite low. However when you go into details, you’ll see that this is a one-page website, it doesn’t include design revision and domain/hosting.

The same is true for most web design companies. You must also check this the other way around. Sometimes you get a high web design price and you assume that this is the ultimate deal, but if you read the details, you’ll see that it is not quite what you expected and there are also hidden costs.

2- The second most important thing to consider, is what your need is. We know it sounds cliche’ but that doesn’t make it less true. Examine your business needs before you decide on a budget.

For instance if you need simple corporate website, or just an informational website giving product/service, or maybe a simple online shop, then you can probably choose among affordable web design options. However, if you need a more complicated system, like an online LMS or a complicated graphic design or specific functions on your website, then you’ll probably have to prepare for higher prices to get exactly what you need.

Our final advice for you is to check a couple of important and necessary items for every web design price quote:

  • How many web pages will you get?
  • Does this price include domain and hosting services?
  • Can you request an edit on the design?
  • How many days will the delivery take?
  • If it is too cheap or too expensive, what is the reason?

Only with answers to these questions will you be able to compare cheap web design with expensive web design in Dubai.

Web design estimation for businesses in Dubai

While every website has its own requirements, we have tried to gather an average estimation of web design price in Dubai for different businesses:

Small corporate website design

 A small corporate website usually needs 4 to 5 pages. So it might cost somewhere between 1000 AED to 2000 AED.

Large corporate web design

A large corporate website with nearly 15 pages might cost anywhere between 3000 to 6000 AED.

Medium ecommerce web design

The website price for a medium online shop could start from 4000 AED.

Startup website design

Website design price in Dubai for startups could be similar to small and medium sized corporate websites.

Medium corporate web design

Medium sized corporate websites usually need about 10 pages. That could cost somewhere between 2000 to 3000 AED.

Small ecommerce web design

Ecommerce web design price is a bit trickier, because you need the essential normal pages, but you also need product pages, shopping carts, gateway integration and more. The price could start from about 2500 AED.

Large ecommerce web design

A large ecommerce website would be a huge project, needing many product pages and essential pages. It is likely that the cost estimation would be different. For instance in DAAVIN the price for every web page in such a project could be about 350 AED.

Ways of cutting web design price in Dubai

If you are looking to cut out on your web design expenses, think about the tips below:

  • Consider web design companies that do wordpress web design.
  • Let go of the small details that need further customizing and coding.
  • Write and upload your own content.
  • Don’t just go for the cheapest option, trust us, it will cost you a lot more in the long run



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