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As people who have worked with WordPress for nearly 10 years, we can safely tell you that WordPress website design is currently the best web design option, particularly if you need a website for a small or medium sized business.
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About a decade ago, WordPress website design was an unsolved mystery. Many thought it was unsafe, many thought it was too good to be true and many interchangeably used the words “WordPress” and “blogging”… But now here we are in 2021, and WordPress fuels nearly 40% of all websites worldwide, and definitely for a good reason.

As people who have worked with WordPress for nearly 10 years, we can safely tell you that WordPress website design is currently the best web design option, particularly if you need a website for a small or medium sized business.

Now if you’ve been looking and surfing between companies for web design services, you might be confused. You might be wondering what exactly is WordPress, what is the difference between WordPress website design and other web design systems, is WordPress website development safe, is WordPress web design in Dubai affordable and so on. Well no worries. Here we’ll give you all the answers you need to know about WordPress and also WordPress website design in Dubai.

What exactly is WordPress?

In the simplest terms, WordPress is a website creation platform. Websites can be created on different platforms and with special languages that you have probably heard of, for instance HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These languages will shape and create your website. Now in WordPress, all the necessary codes are pre-written, so you don’t have to write the codes from scratch. This eliminates part of the website creation complication and also parts of the costs. With this pre-written platform, you basically have something similar to the office word! You write or insert your content in it and it automatically turns it into codes and shows it as website elements and content to the visitor.

This is the reason that WordPress is also called a content management system. It’s because it allows you to manage your content on your website, for example your texts, your catalogues, your images …

WordPress website development

Advantages of WordPress website design

Well now you know what exactly is WordPress, but you may not be sure if it is the right choice for you. These are the advantages of choosing WordPress website design over other platforms and languages:

WordPress website design is affordable

While affordability and cost may not be the “only” important factor when choosing web design service, it certainly is one of the most important ones, especially if you are just starting out your business or if you are an SME (small and medium sized business), website design costs will matter to you.

WordPress can be used for a variety of websites

WordPress used to be the best platform for blogging. However that is not the case anymore. Today WordPress website design includes a variety of functions. So whether you need a corporate website, an ecommerce website or a portfolio, WordPress web design could be your best bet.

WordPress web design gives you a super easy CMS

Now this is something many clients don’t consider in the beginning. But you must know: Once a website is designed, the client needs to upload their content on the website. This content could be pictures, product catalogues, texts, videos and any other form of content. This is done through a content management system (CMS). This is where it becomes super important for the CMS to be flexible, easy to work with and understandable, because let’s face it, not everyone has the technical knowledge of programming. WordPress CMS is built exactly for that. Everything is super clear, there are tons of tutorials on how to use the dashboard and content uploading will be easy.

WordPress website design is SEO friendly

You can hardly find a business these days that needs a website just for the sake of having one! In fact the number one reason for creating a website for most businesses is to be seen and found by potential customers, particularly in Google search results. This is achieved through the magic of SEO (search engine optimization).

Now keep in mind that no platform or programming language gives you any sort of cheat in the SEO competition. Google doesn’t like to play favorites and this is no exception. However WordPress website design makes it easy for you to implement many SEO techniques. Also a WordPress website is flexible in configuring it for speed and lightness that is needed for SEO.

WordPress websites are easily expandable

When it comes to WordPress website design, you hear a couple of words all the time. 2 of the most used terms are “themes” and “plugins”.

  • WordPress themes are graphical collections that change the design of your WordPress website without changing the software. You can think of them as the skin of the website.
  • Plugins are add-ons that alter your website’s functionality and features.

Themes and plugins are 2 of the most necessary and practical items in WordPress web design since they help you extend and expand your website easily and affordably. Therefore in WordPress website design there’s no need to worry about adding features by writing code for expanding the website’s size or adding more products when you need to grow.

WordPress plugins

Looking for cost effective web design?

With WordPress website design, you get an amazing design which is SEO friendly and expandable (as in website’s functions and languages) with an affordable cost.

Complications of WordPress website design

Of course there are 2 sides to every story. This is also true in the WordPress story.

Installing WordPress plugins is a hassle

As we said before there are countless plugins available to extend your WordPress website’s features. However you must know that these plugins are not all free, both price wise and maintenance wise. Meaning you may have to pay for some of them and also update and maintain them regularly in order to get the best out of them.

WordPress websites are not 100% customizable

An important part of WordPress website design is done through themes. As we mentioned above, themes are collections of files that change the way your website is displayed. Now there are countless themes available and you can even use custom made themes designed specifically for your business, but in the end these themes are customizable only to some extent. This means that you can not change “every single detail” based on your liking.

You need to learn to work with WordPress websites’ CMS

Now this one is not really a flaw. It’s just something that you should know before choosing WordPress website design. One of the main features of a WordPress website, is the easy and flexible content management system behind it, the one that you can use to upload content to your website or configure its SEO settings. While this CMS is pretty easy to work with, there’s definitely a learning curve to it and you will need time, effort and energy to learn to work with it, that is of course just like any other CMS.

Your WordPress website will need updates and maintenance

WordPress is an open source platform which means millions of experts work on it and improve it. If you want your website at its best, you will need to keep an eye on it, update it regularly, check its security status and back it up, just like a child who needs nurturing.

WordPress security

WordPress websites’ security has always been a controversial subject since many experts claim that WordPress is vulnerable and not secure. However data shows that most WordPress websites which have been hacked, have also been out of date and not properly maintained, not updating the WordPress core, themes or even the plugins. Many websites have also used unsafe hosting services and unsafe administration details. This means that if you take valid security measurements, your WordPress website is reasonably secure and hack free. We recommend reading this Kinsta article on WordPress security to see all the data available.

WordPress dashboard

WordPress CMS

Below you can see an image of the WordPress CMS dashboard. You can see that its interface is friendly and clear. With this interface you can easily upload your content online and publish it. You can easily create pages and posts, upload different formats of images and videos, pdf files and more and publish them in your posts or pages.

Ecommerce with WordPress

The days of using WordPress only for blogging is over. Today many successful ecommerce websites are built on WordPress. All the advantages of WordPress website design also apply to ecommerce websites with WordPress: there are tons of flexible design options that could be expanded in the future, plus managing an online shop is so much easier with WordPress.

Why Daavin for WordPress website design

We believe if you choose WordPress web design, we are one of the best teams to outsource your web design to, here’s why:

Expertise in WordPress website design in Dubai

Despite all the flexibility and easiness, WordPress website design still needs high expertise like any other specialty. Daavin’s team has an experience of about 10 years in designing and managing WordPress CMS, which makes us a great option for WordPress website design in Dubai.

Expertise in digital marketing

Our website design team is composed of talented digital marketers who have had expertise in different fields, giving them insight to many businesses and their Audience. This helps huge amounts when it comes to designing user experience and creating content to drive specific beneficial user behavior.

WordPress website design price

Our WordPress website design prices are affordable due to the speed and collection of tools we have specific to our team. We do not claim that we have the lowest prices, but we are sure that we are one of the top-notch WordPress website design teams in Dubai with affordable costs.

What will you get with WordPress web design services?

Here are the benefits you will get with WordPress web design packages with Daavin:



All of our websites are secured with an SSL certificate (https protocol). This certificate provides security for both you and your customers as well as a positive impact on SEO.


After your website design process is completely finished, we will provide you with documents, tutorials and support on working with the WordPress CMS. We’ll make sure that you are completely ready to take over your website.



All WordPress websites designed by Daavin Studio are completely responsive, meaning they work and show well in all devices and resolutions.



During the next month after you get your website, we’ll be there for you free of charge in case any technical issues happen to your WordPress website.

Initial SEO

Our WordPress website design service includes initial SEO, meaning the web pages we deliver to you are fully optimized (their html tags, images and other SEO factors).

Is WordPress website design the right choice for you?

If you are looking for …

  • corporate websites<
  • blogs or platforms to regularly publish content
  • online portfolios
  • directories
  • personal websites
  • educational websites
  • small and medium sized online shops or
  • ecommerce stores
  • forum websites
  • brochure websites

then WordPress website design might probably be the best bet for you.

Still unsure about WordPress website development?

Contact us through WhatsApp or take 30 minutes to talk to us on Zoom or Google Meet (free of charge) to make sure WordPress web design is the right choice for you.

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