What to Expect from a Professional Website Design Company

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Ordering a website design can be an intimidating job, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. You look around, see all kinds of nice websites, research, ask others, browse through social media, and do any other thing you can to find the best and most reliable way for finding the perfect website development company or person.

But when it comes to making the final decision and payment, you start wondering if you’ve made the best choice and not wasted your budget.

In this post, we’ll tell you all you need to know in order to choose the best web design agency be it in Dubai, or any other city in the world.

Qualities of a professional web design agency

The following points are the ones you should absolutely see in the attitude, promises, and behavior of your web design agency.

Understands your business

Your website design company must understand your business before they start any work for your website.

Only through a sufficient understanding of your business will they be able to design and build a website that will serve you well.

This understanding can be achieved through online meetings, in-person meetings, or even multiple phone conversations. But the point is that the web development agency must have an understanding of:

  • Your products/services
  • Your company history
  • Your main potential customers
  • Your strengths and weaknesses as a business
  • Your competitors
  • Your industry

Trains you about the CMS

A CMS is a final system at the back of the website that will allow you to input, update, change or delete the information on your website.

Unless you have a professional person or the same web design company do that for you, it will be a tough job to use this CMS if it’s a hard or new one.

Your website design company must make sure that the CMS fits your needs and is easy to use. They should also consider a few hours for training a person from your business on how to use this CMS.

It is not professional to hand you the CMS without any recognition. So make sure to inquire about this before you purchase your new site.

Builds responsive websites

If you’ve been looking to get a website, you have probably seen the phrase “responsive web design”. It means that the website will adapt its appearance and functionality to the device, its screen size, and its resolution.

Responsiveness is a necessity in 2022 and not a luxury or an extra bonus as most users search and open websites on their mobile phones. 

A professional website design company must deliver a responsive website design to you. So be sure to check that as well.

Always has SEO in mind

SEO is the process of optimizing a website to appear higher in Google’s search results. SEO should be carved in the attitude of a website design company. Unfortunately, many companies design and deliver the website without doing one bit of SEO on it. 

Of course, SEO is a whole other service, but it’s best to design the website from scratch with SEO mind. It will cut the costs for later and also speed up the whole future SEO process for the business.

Has guarantee mechanisms for your peace of mind

For many businesses, it’s hard to spend a large amount of money on a web design service in one place, especially since it might be a technical issue not clear enough for the business owners.

A professional website design company can have reassuring mechanisms to create some peace of mind for the business owner when they are ordering a new website.

For instance, in DAAVIN sometimes we charge the website design price in multiple payments. We usually get a down payment for starting the job, and then receive the rest as the process goes forward and the clients see the progress. 

This ensures the client that everything is under control and they’re not risking any money.

Offers technical support 

After a website design and development is done and it goes live, it usually takes at least a few days to find out some possible errors or issues that need to be fixed. This is because these issues are usually found out best in real interactions with real users.

This makes it super important for the web design agency to offer a period of technical support after they deliver the website to leave room for possible errors.

For instance, at DAAVIN based on the project size, we offer at least 3 months of technical support free of charge. 

If a web design company offers no support at all after site delivery, it might be a good idea to reconsider them. 

Can give you whole solution packages

Getting a website is only the beginning of small business digital marketing. There are so many other things businesses can do to enrich their online presence, find more clients, and use their website potential to its fullest.

Therefore it’s best to find a website design agency that can offer you whole online solutions if necessary. 

You might think it’s ok to get the website from one company and other services from other agencies later on. But there might be conflicts that don’t happen when you get all the services from one digital marketing agency.

Has a reasonable price

To be honest there’s no such thing as an absolutely reasonable price. Services could be only cheaper or more expensive in comparison to one another. But you can always get a sense from prices. 

If you get the feeling that a website design price is too cheap or too expensive compared to the average market price, it’s best to double-check. 

Agencies with very low prices usually deliver low-quality projects, and agencies with really high prices don’t necessarily deliver something extraordinary, they might just overcharge you!

Stays in touch with you

A website is a very important part of a business’s online identity. Therefore it’s only natural for the business to be worried about this investment and how its development is going. 

A trustworthy website design agency will keep in touch with you at all stages of the web design process. This will give the business owners some peace of mind and some insight as to how things are going.

Ask your website development company to introduce a specific contact person to you. At DAAVIN every project has a certain account manager that will be in touch with the client through email, WhatsApp, or online meetings. This will ensure optimum alignment between us and the client.

Has flexibility

Flexibility is a broad term, in fact, one can never be too flexible. But it’s important for a web design agency to be flexible in various areas to some extent.

For instance, if the client is not happy with the design at all, the agency must be flexible enough to change or modify the design 1 or 2 times.

If you see no sign of flexibility in a website design company’s attitude, it’s best to run the other way.

Is on-time

This last factor is a pretty obvious one, but still worth mentioning. Make sure your website designers and developers are completely aligned with you time-wise and know that being on-time matters to you.

It is one thing to have a 1-day delay in a web design project and a whole other thing to postpone the final delivery by a week.

Professional website design company

Signs of an unprofessional website design company

While the above points will show that a website design agency is credible and probably a good choice to work with, there are a few qualities that are just plain trouble.

Doesn’t listen to you actively

Small business digital marketing is all about understanding. And in order to understand, one must first listen actively. 

If you get the vibes of not being heard or listened to by a certain website design company, then you’ll probably have a lot of other problems ahead of you.

Gives the same recipe for all inquiries

No one recipe will suit every business’s digital marketing needs. If you encounter a website design agency that just repeats and sends the same web design prices and features to all businesses, chances are they’re not a very professional or experienced firm.

Wrap up

There could be many features and qualities that make a trustworthy website design company and no one company is perfect. But perhaps the most important features of a professional one can be categorized as follows:

  • Technically capable
  • Understands your business
  • Patient and on time
  • Reasonable prices

Also keep in mind that usually businesses that claim that they have it all, might not be so authentic as nobody’s perfect. 



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