Website Design Tips for Construction Companies

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Construction companies build dream homes, so they only deserve a dream website.

Of course, in order to get that, you must know your needs and a couple of tips to order the perfect construction company website.

Read these tips for getting the best construction company website for your firm.

What to include in your website design for construction company?

When you’re inquiring to get a new website design, be sure to ask your web design agency about the following requirements:

1. Attractive design

First things first! Data shows that 75% of users make judgments about your company’s credibility based on your site’s design! So it’s super important to get it right.

Ask your website designer about his/her ideas on the design. You can also ask them to see some previous work just to see if their taste aligns with yours.

Also, don’t shy away from asking your web designer to modify the design to your liking.

House listing for real estate website

2. Show your corporate brand identity

Include your brand identity elements in your website design. This helps people associate your online presence immediately with your company.

Include your brand’s colors, shapes, and logo in your construction website.

3. Have a nice and clear services page

Most people who land on a construction company’s website, immediately check the services page. So be sure to have a comprehensive services page. 

Construction services for website design

4. Include clear contact info

If somebody’s looking for your contact info, chances are they’re probably a potential client. So don’t make them look too hard!

Give easy access to your company’s contact info by doing the following:

  • Include a contact us page in your main menu.
  • Include your phone and email address in the header if possible
  • Repeat your contact info in your website’s footer
  • Make your phone numbers clickable and dialable for faster access on mobile
  • Include a Google map in your contacts
  • Have a contact form on your contact us page

5. Have clear call to actions

Naturally, you’d want people to take an action when they visit your website. For instance, you might want them to call you up or fill a price quote request form. 

The best thing is to clearly direct visitors to the actions that are valuable for your business. For example, you can have a button labeled call us on your home page’s slider.

Clear call to action for construction website

6. Have an up-to-date portfolio

When it comes to construction services, people are interested in your portfolio for sure. So ask your web development agency to design a beautiful portfolio page to showcase your best work.

It’s best to have gallery features for each of your projects and the option to also include videos in your portfolio.

House listing for real estate website

7. Make sure your website is responsive

It might be surprising to you how many people use their mobiles to surf the net instead of laptops and computers. 

Since most potential clients are on their mobile, make sure your new construction company website is responsive, meaning it works well on all devices and also looks nice.

Responsive website design tips for construction companies

8. Get a fast loading website

People have gotten much more impatient in the digital age. So you mustn’t make them wait. Your new website must be fast on both desktop and laptop to a reasonable extent.

9. Use high-quality photos on your new website

Include high-quality and beautiful wide images of your construction projects in your new website. If you don’t have any, consider hiring a freelancer photographer to prepare some for you. You can then give those to your website designer and ask them to include them on your website’s main page or headers.

High quality photos for construction company website design

Wrap up

Having a beautiful web design for a construction company doesn’t necessarily mean spending fortunes on it, especially if your company is new and still small.

There are many ways to get a beautiful website like hiring a website design company or a website design freelancer. Whichever you choose, be sure to discuss this list with them:

  • Attractive design including brand identity and nice photos
  • Responsive website design
  • Fast and optimized website
  • Having services and portfolio features with easy CMS for updating its data
  • Easy to access mentioning of your contact information

If you think we’ve forgotten any points, let us know in the comment section below.



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