Creative Website & eCommerce Design Services

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Creative Website & eCommerce Design Services

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84% of today’s consumers think a website makes your business more credible.

Drive More Sales to Your Business with An Amazing Website or eCommerce Design

Digital marketing has many aspects and data can safely tell you that the most important aspect of it, is most probably a high-quality website or online shop as your business’s front entrance.

But you must also know that a “good website” is not enough for reaching out to your audience and turning them into customers and more importantly loyal brand ambassadors.

What you really need is an “amazing website or online shop” for that matter. In DAAVIN we are committed to creating the best and most functional website for your business whether small or large.

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Website & eCommerce Design with DAAVIN


Let’s talk about your needs and requirements over a nice cup of coffee. We’ll guide you through all the possible solutions.


We’ll design the perfect website, adjusting every detail and every corner with love.


Your new website comes to life piece by piece as our technical team builds its way up with ultimate care and passion.


We never stop with perfection. After your website is live, we’ll continue to monitor & refine.

What our website design packages include

Search console & Google Analytics setup

All of our website design offers include a complete setup for search console and Google analytics which are essential tools for every website and its SEO.

Responsive & mobile-friendly

All of our web design packages will deliver a completely responsive website to you which will work beautifully on computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones of any size and brand.

Technical support

We offer free technical support and maintenance on our web design packages so our clients can have peace of mind in case of technical issues with their website.


SSL certificate for security

We make it a must to install an SSL certificate on all our websites as it has huge impacts on users’ trust and SEO. This certificate will be free of charge.

Easy WordPress CMS

We design our websites on the popular and efficient platform of WordPress. This platform will make it easy to develop further changes if necessary and also to manage the website’s content.


Initial SEO

All of our web design packages include free basic SEO. This means that we build websites from scratch with SEO and its principals in mind.

What you can add to your website design package


Website re-Design or migration

If you currently have a website but are not happy with it or its hosting service, you can opt for a re-design or a hosting migration service.

Build an online campaign

You can build digital marketing campaigns as soon as your new website is up and running to make the best use out of it and also save time.

Starts from $500

Monthly SEO

If your goal is to show up in Google’s top search results with your new website, we can perform monthly SEO for your website to boost its rank and visibility.

Starts from $500


Essential & monthly content

If you don’t have basic content to start with it or if you’d like more content for your new website, we offer both essential content and monthly packages for your blog.

Starts from $500

Multilingual features

If you want to expand your market or if you currently work with markets with different languages, you can have a multilingual website.

Starts from $500

Express delivery

If you’re in a hurry to receive your new website ready and launched, you can chose the express delivery mode which will cut the web design delivery time in half.

Starts from $500

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Frequently asked questions on DAAVIN’s web design packages

How long does it take for the web design?

The time for each website design package is different based on the number of web pages needed and the size of the project. You can check out the period of time on the packages above.

Can I get my website faster?

Yes. We have an express delivery mode available for those who are in a hurry. This mode cuts the delivery time in half and 50% to the price.

Will DAAVIN provide domain, hosting & email?

Yes. All our web design packages include a 1-year .COM domain, web hosting, and email service free of charge.

What about my website content?

Our web design packages include only the design and set up of web pages.

If you already have clean and optimized content, we’ll upload it to your pages as we design them.

If your content is not ready to use, we’ll teach you how to use your CMS to upload your content once it’s ready after the web design is complete.

If you don’t have any content at all, you can check out our essential web content creation plans.

Should I pay extra money for SSL certificate?

No. All our web design packages include a free 1-year SSL certificate.

How do I keep in touch with DAAVIN during my project?

Before we start the design process, we’ll hold a meeting with you through Zoom or Google Meet. You can also check out your project progress through any of the same tools.

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