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After almost 2 hard years of global battling with COVID19, social distancing, financial damages, and all other sorts of nightmares, times are starting to look up with the occurrence of Expo 2020 Dubai.

The Expo 2020 is one of the best things happening to businesses, being the world’s biggest gathering since the start of COVID. Many businesses and visitors are counting the days to the big opening of the event that is set to connect minds and create the future.

As preparations are being done, an important question remains if you are planning on participating in Expo 2020: have you also done any preparations for your business?

There are all sorts of preparations a business can do for an exposition, such as brochures, counter setup for pavilions & … But what about your website? Have you prepared your website for Expo 2020 as your most important online identity? If your answer is yes, then right on! You’re on the right track. However, if your answer is no or if you haven’t even thought about it, then you might be risking huge chances of making money.

But not to worry. Read on to get a grasp of how to prepare your website for Expo 2020.

Why you must consider web design for Expo 2020

Expo 2020 is the perfect opportunity to promote your business brand to the world. You can meet, connect and pitch business investors, partners, or contractors from around the world whatever your business is.

However, as it is the nature of expositions, there are tens to hundreds of other similar businesses who are promoting their business at the same time and at that very hall.

Therefore it usually takes more time for visitors to make up their minds and make the final decision to purchase from you or make a deal with you. They will be walking around, talking to businesses exactly like yours, collecting business cards, information and brochures, and in the next few days ahead, they will be considering them more deeply.

This is the part where it gets really tricky: During the next few days, they will look for you online, browse the internet for reviews, look for your website and read your online content. This basically means that your online presence will help them make their final decision.

An out-of-date, old-looking website with old content, will give them warning signals that your business is not modern and active. And not having a website will basically tell them that you are far behind from the new age and new trends.

Therefore it’s extremely necessary for you to have a modern website with up-to-date content. This website will surely help impress your possible prospects.

Do you need a website redesign for the Expo 2020?

If you already have a website, your work might be much easier. And of course your costs could be cut as you may only need a website redesign.

How do you know if you need a redesign? Well first try to remember the year your website was designed. If it’s before the year 2015, chances are you need a redesign to give it that modern look. If you can’t even remember the year, then that is your clue that you definitely need a website redesign for the Expo 2020.

Usually websites that are built on WordPress are easier and more cost effective to redesign. However, for other website design platforms or systems, it may be harder and more expensive to give the website a fresh look as it needs more coding.

What to consider in your website design for Expo 2020

Having any sort of website is not enough for shining in the Expo 2020 Dubai. There are a couple of things you must consider when getting a website design for Expo 2020.

Get a well-designed website

As obvious as it might seem, some people forget about the most basic yet important quality of a good website. Your new website for the Dubai Expo 2020 should be beautiful.

Now by “beautiful”, we don’t mean complex or something fancy. It just needs to be pleasant to look at.

Get a well designed website for Expo 2020 Dubai
Update website content for Expo 2020

Update your website content for Expo 2020

A website without good content is with literally nothing. Think of your website as a dish or a bowl that you need to fill with delicious food for your visitors. Only it will be “food for thought”.

Make sure to update any old content that you have, including images and contact information.
It’s best to have informative content on your services or products on your website, including images, videos, and catalogs. Also if you have any special offers during Expo 2020, be sure to include them in your website content.

Get a responsive website design

As the mobile use increases, so does the number of mobile searches. In fact about 60% of searches happen on mobile. Therefore it is extremely vital to order a responsive website design for the Expo 2020.

A responsive website design ensures that all visitors will see your website nicely and functionally on every device, including desktop, mobile and tablet.

Responsive web design for Expo 2020
Easy & clear website navigation

Have easy and clear navigation

Users that can’t find their way on your website, will eventually close the tab and go to another competitor’s website.

So make sure that your website is easy to navigate and your menu is clear enough with links to all the major pages of your site.

Make your website load fast

We live in a time of rushing. Everybody is in a rush even if it is for no reason! So be sure to choose a web design agency that cares about this in their technical work.

Fast website loading speed
SSL certificate for secure web design

Get a secure website

Website security is a must these days, especially if you sell online. Be sure to purchase an SSL certificate for your website.

Have clear Call-to-Actions

Naturally you’d want your visitors to do something on your website. You may want them to see specific services pages, or download a catalogue or contact you. So you have to make sure that you ask your visitors to do that thing or in other words: call them to act! Get it?

Clear call to action for website design

Web design for b2b marketing in Expo 2020

Your website will be your online office for meeting with other businesses. It will pay off well to have a smart corporate website for b2b marketing in Expo 2020.

It will help establish your brand as a professional, creative and modern one in the eyes of other business owners and decision makers.

You can also analyze the visitors’ behavior in your website and use that insight for optimizing your presence both on the website and in the Expo itself.

Web design for b2c marketing expo 2020

Users have been leaning towards online purchasing for the past couple of days, this has been further pushed by the COVID pandemic.

Now many users buy various products and services online, from clothes, to food, entertainment, books and even professional services like doctors checkups.

If you’re a b2c business, it is necessary for you to set up a beautiful and friendly website to sell your products. A hassle free online purchase will definitely attract visitors that found you in the Expo 2020.

Other tips for expo 2020 marketing

Your online presence doesn’t end with a website design for Expo 2020. After you get a website, it’s time to promote and market it and boost its visibility. The following tips will help you be found more easily and probably sooner than your competitors.

Use Google Ads

If you are thinking about getting a new website or have just recently gotten it, then it might take some time for it to be found organically. So it might be a good idea to use Google Ads. Google Ads are targeted online advertisements that will show your ad to anyone searching for your brand, your product or your service.

Get Google My Business

It’s a good idea to use Google My Business platform to help users find you easier. You can create an identity in it and verify it.

Collect leads at your website

Make sure to show your website’s address on all your printed marketing material for the Expo 2020. This way visitors who have found you interesting, can directly refer to your website later. There you can dedicate a landing page to Expo 2020 and collect leads from it. For instance you can include complete info on that landing page and ask people to fill out a contact form or give you their email address or get more information or consultation calls. These leads will be highly valuable since they are closer to the end of the sales funnel or making a transaction.

Expo 2020 Dubai slogan

Final words

“Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. As Dubai’s 2020 Expo tagline suggests, this event will be the perfect opportunity to connect, network, build valuable partnerships and build your business’s future. By getting a decent website design for Expo 2020, you have a much higher chance of impressing prospects and building a reliable and professional brand.

If you are considering getting a new website or redesigning your current one, but are worried by the time limitations, there’s no need to worry. We offer extremely fast yet affordable web design & digital marketing services specifically for the Expo 2020 period.



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