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Real estate is all about trust. Purchasing or renting a house is among life’s biggest and most important decisions and investments in most people’s lives. They put earnings of a lifelong in one house, so it’s important to trust the real estate agency. 

If you’re a realtor and want to create trust in your clients, you have to get the best real estate website possible. 

People who want to buy a house will land on your website and in a few seconds they will make up their minds about you based on your website. So you must give them something reliable.

Read this post to learn about some important tips on a real estate website design.

Tips on getting the perfect website design for real estate agencies

Make sure to ask your website design agency to implement the following points in your new real estate website to ensure maximum functionality.

It’s all about the design!

As superficial as it is, people WILL judge you based on your real estate website’s appearance. So you’d better make it a good one.

Ask your real estate web design company to show you a test sample of your website’s theme. Make any necessary changes and don’t be shy. 

Your website design must also be in compliance with your brand’s identity and colors.

House listing for real estate website

Make it responsive

Between 60-70% of all searches are on mobile in 2021 and this number will certainly go higher in 2022. 

This number proves how crucial it is for all real estate agencies to have a responsive real estate website.

A responsive website will respond to users’ behavior based on the screen size, platform, and orientation they are working with. This basically means that a responsive web design will work well on any device.

Check your new real estate website on a few mobile phones and tablets. Especially the most popular models. Your website should work well on all of them both design-wise and functionality-wise. If not, you will lose tons of clients searching on mobile phones for a real estate agency.

Display those properties!

People who search for a real estate website are most probably looking to see some properties! So make sure to display your listings on your website.

This requires some further development other than a simple corporate website. Because the web designer must develop and prepare a system for you and your agents to enter all the necessary data of the properties. These might include property details, property images, property virtual tours, and property prices.

House listing for real estate website

Let them search and filter

Real estate agencies usually have a lot of property listings. This might confuse the user for choosing the best ones. In fact, if you show your properties as a long list to your users, it might make them frustrated.

The best thing to do is to include a search and filtering system in your real estate website. People can use it to find properties in the exact neighborhoods they want or even further filter the results to the price or size they want.

This feature will give a very nice experience to your website visitors so make sure to ask your web developer for it.

House listing for real estate website

A picture is worth a thousand words

Let’s face it, nobody will buy the house without seeing it! Now in the online world, visiting the house equals seeing its images. Your new real estate website must include high-quality and nice photos of your property listings.

Other than every individual property, you must use high-resolution and catchy photos for your home page and other pages headers.

If you don’t already have high-quality photos, invest in hiring a professional photographer to prepare some for you. You can also get nice photos of your properties from their construction companies. 

Get an easy CMS

It is very important to be able to enter your real estate data into your website easily. The system that you will use for this is called a CMS or content management system. Since you and your agents will be constantly working with this CMS, entering new property listings, updating old ones, and …, it’s important that this CMS is easy to work with and flexible.

Discuss this issue with your real estate website developer before even starting the web design process. 

Your real estate website CMS should be:

  • Easy to work with
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to upload images and videos in
  • Sharable among realtors
  • Have the possibility of giving different access roles to different users

Introduce your agents

Consider a page or a section for introducing your agents on the new website. Your potential clients will ultimately be in touch with your realtors and agent. So it’s important to introduce these people professionally on your website. Showing their images, their specialties and previous clients’ reviews for each person can create a sense of trust for new potential customers.

House listing for real estate website

Give easy and clear navigation

It’s important that your website visitors find their path easily and fast on your real estate website. If they’re looking for residential properties, they should find it fast, if they’re looking for your agency’s contact info, they should be able to find it fast and ….

Your main menu should be clear, some important links should also be mentioned in your website’s footer and it’s important to include your phone number somewhere like your main header in addition to the contact page.

Final words

Just to sum it up, your real estate website design should have the following features:

  • It must be well-designed with high-quality photos
  • It should be mobile and SEO friendly
  • It should display properties in a nice engaging way
  • It should have a search and filter option for finding properties easier
  • It should have an easy to work with and flexible CMS
  • It should have clear navigation
  • It should have an attractive page for introducing the agents

Of course, there could be many other things that must be done and considered in the web design process in order to ensure maximum functionality and beauty. But the points mentioned here are also important crucial ones worth insisting on in advance.




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