Digital Marketing for Real Estate Businesses & Realtors

The phrase “Real estate agency” is searched about 1,500 times per month, only in Dubai and only in English.

There are tens of other similar searches both in English and in Arabic. These searches show a huge demand and opportunity online for real estate businesses.

If you own a real estate agency or if you are a real estate agent looking to find more clients, take real estate digital marketing seriously.

Why invest in digital marketing for your real estate business

Well, why not?! Digital marketing for real estate agencies is all benefits and no disadvantages. Here are the advantages:

A. Digital marketing for real estate companies and realtors is cheaper than traditional marketing.

The costs are much lower with digital marketing channels. Optimizations are also possible and much cheaper. For instance, if you find out that there’s a mistake in one of your ad campaigns, it’s fairly easy to correct it. But if you find out a mistake in your ad copy in a magazine, you may have no chance to correct it.

B. Real estate digital marketing reaches your target audience faster.

You have many tools for targeting efficiently and narrowing your ad reach to exactly the people who are your potential clients’ type with real estate digital marketing. This is also done much faster than traditional methods which include design, printing, and implementation.

C. Digital marketing for real estate agencies is measurable.

You can track all the visitors who come to you from your digital marketing efforts. You could also measure their behavior and interactions with your business online. This gives you great chances of optimizing your campaigns to save money and receive better results.

D. Real estate digital marketing is flexible.

You can set your campaigns with almost any budget and to any time that you wish. Pausing, restarting, changing, and modifying your campaigns are also quite easy with real estate digital marketing.

E. Real estate marketing through the internet is more effective.

This is because you have enough time to answer people’s needs and questions and gain their trust. By providing answers, you get to demonstrate your expertise and therefore make them sure that you have authority as a realtor.

Also with digital marketing for real estate businesses, you get to reach people who are actively searching on the Internet for real estate listings or real estate services. This makes your real estate marketing efforts much more effective.

Internet marketing for real estate marketing

Steps to real estate digital marketing

Follow these steps to build yourself a solid real estate digital marketing plan:

1. Start with a real estate website design

Most online users judge you by your business’s website. If you don’t have a website at all, they probably won’t trust you. If you have a website, but it’s old, they’ll probably think your business is not modern or up-to-date. So the best approach is to make sure you have a modern, mobile-friendly, and fast real estate website, even if it’s a simple one.

Real estate website design services

2. Include real estate listings on your real estate website

Most real estate agencies go with a simple website. It’s best to expand your website from a corporate website to a real estate website with listings features. You can add your agency’s listings, features, plans, videos, and images. Users can search for their preferred property using filters on your website.

House listing for real estate website

3. Register on Google My Business

Register your real estate agency on Google My Business. This helps you show up for users who are searching locally and close to you.

Google My Business has both free and premium features. You can start with the free ones which are also quite useful.

4. Sign up on real estate marketing platforms

There are many online platforms that connect the owners to the people who need a property. These platforms are different in every location. For instance in Dubai, Bayut and are pretty popular. Find the platforms most used in your region and register your agency on them. You can also upload your own listings there. Many people trust these platforms since they are quite well-known and practical.

Best real estate marketing platforms

5. Run Google Ads

Hire a Google Ads expert to set you up a Google Ads campaign. Google Ads or AdWords are pay-per-click online advertisements that will show your ads to people actively searching for businesses similar to yours right now.

With Google Ads, you have multiple options and campaign types. You can also run your ads with any budget. The click prices are also usually pretty low and affordable.

Online ads for real estate digital marketing

6. Do social media marketing

Spend enough time on your social media accounts. Hire an admin for your accounts, post regularly, and interact with your followers. 

7. Invest in SEO & content marketing

For long-term real estate digital marketing, invest in search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing.

Content marketing is the process of creating useful and unique content constantly to answer potential clients’ needs and therefore convert them into actual clients. 

SEO is the process of optimizing that content and your website’s technical aspects in order to be chosen by Google as top results for related search queries.

Both content marketing and SEO take time to show actual results, but once they do, you’ll see that they are worth it.

SEO & content marketing for real estate companies

8. Real estate video marketing

Don’t forget about videos. Capture videos from your house listings and share them on your social media and website. You can even create a YouTube channel and share informative videos on related topics to real estate. For instance, videos on how to inspect the house for leaks or problems before signing a contract.

9. Virtual tours

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything and everyone and their usual ways of doing things, including visiting properties for purchase or rent. Use this opportunity to your advantage to create trust in potential buyers.

Hold virtual tours from your house listings for people who don’t want to visit in person. This could also be handy for people who want to rent or buy a house from abroad or out of your city.

10. Email marketing

Capture your website visitors’ emails by offering them something in return, for instance, promotional offers or a PDF guide on how to rent property in your city.

Use these emails to send promotional offers to potential buyers or inform them of new listings they might be interested in.

Email marketing for real estate companies

11. Invest in amazing high-quality photos

Real estate is all about the beauty of the house. If you want to sell a house online, you have to show them beautiful photos in order to convince them that the house is proper and healthy. So forget about taking normal and sudden images of your listings. Even if you take images with your phone, make sure that the framing and lighting are good. Also, try to refine them with special filtering programs.

Start real estate internet marketing today

Start digital marketing for real estate companies today and find valuable customers. If you are not sure how to start with the online promotion of real estate, you can contact our experts or set a free meeting to evaluate possible options.

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