Online Medical Marketing Tips to Boost Your Practice

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As a doctor, you may provide healthcare services perfectly, but in a cyber-world that becomes noisier and more competitive day in and day out, you need your prospects to know about your clinic or your hospital.

If you ignore online medical marketing, then you are lagging in a massive competition for health care.

In a recent survey that was done in 2021, 67% of users trust online reviews and rating sites for their needs in the UAE.

So, you can be sure, if you spend efficient time on online medical marketing, and do the most impactful practices, you will gain more patients to drive more private pay into your clinic or hospital.

According to Marketing’s best model, you need to make the potential patients aware of your existence first, attract their interest secondly, answer their desire thirdly, and finally make them your patients.

Marketing is like fuel to any business to run successfully, but being a healthcare professional, you might feel difficulty in marketing yourself.

With this guide, you’ll be armed with some very effective medical marketing techniques to grow your medical practice.

Digital marketing tips for doctors & health practitioners

Top 8 practices for doctor digital marketing

We are going to tell you about the biggest digital marketing tips that are emerging in 2021. These trends of Digital marketing for medical practices are based on real research, industry data, and they have all been compiled together for you so that you can stay ahead of the curve.

1. Shine well in search engine result
2. Benefit well from social media marketing
3. Consider feedback, review, and recommendation
4. Shine well on local search engine
5. Consider an active content publishing strategy
6. Benefit well by marketing automation
7. Get the help of Google ads and social ads
8. Audit your current efforts

Let’s dive into these practical online medical marketing tips.

1. Shine well in search engine result

We’ve told you the first step in marketing is awareness and the best attitude for this aim can be showing up at the top of Google’s search results.

Nowadays, most people search for their pain and needs online, whether it’s physical or mental. And of course, Google has won the award for the most common search engine.

So, for the first online medical marketing tip, we are eager to tell you how to rank well in this magical search engine.

Building a website and connecting with your patients might seem a simple way, but nothing seems like what it is.

You need to do these 5 things to get your website noticed in Google.

Search engine results for medical services

A. Perform keyword research

Keywords are the basis of SEO as people start their search for buying any product or service by typing a keyword or phrase in Google.

There are tons of tools out there to help with keyword research.

– For instance, Semrush is a practical website that can help you gain insight into what potential patients are looking for.

– Google’s keyword planner can also help you in this way. It is free to get started, and will even help you build very targeted ad campaigns with easy budgeting tools.

Pro-tip: Use long-tail keywords when you’re starting out, short keywords are highly competitive to rank for in Google.

B. Plan site architecture

Planning your site’s architecture will help with your website search engine optimization (SEO). It is necessary for your website to have a structure that is:

  • Easy to follow logically for your visitors
  • Promoting longer page visits
  • Has better user experience

Most sites should have a pyramid-style architecture with your home page at the top and secondary pages subcategories or individual pages under it.

C. Think Mobile first

Did you know that about half of all website visits come from people on their phones?
With high traffic coming from mobile, it’s vital to make sure your visitor experience is good on mobile devices as well as desktops.

Your website must be responsive and well-displayed no mobile! Also, avoid using flash, and use large buttons that are easy to tap on for people.

D. Focus on page speed

Page speed has always been important for SEO, but it is a more essential component of your SEO strategy in 2021. Page speed plays an important role for your medical website to be ranked in Google.

You can track page speed metrics like Core Web Vitals (CWV) scores, the metrics to help you improve your page performance, and other tools in Google Search Console as well as page speed insights.

Page speed insights for medical digital marketing

 E. Optimize on-page elements

Search engines are smart, but still are not human! So you should focus on optimizing indexable elements on your website’s pages to help Google better understand them. This means doing things like writing:

  • Customized meta tags
  • Meta titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Text descriptions and captions with keywords for your videos and images

Avoid using any flash animations because they are not indexable, and also they may not load on all the devices.

2. Benefit well from social media marketing

According to Statista reports, more than 2.85 billion users actively use social media platforms in 2021.

But which platforms are the best choice for online medical marketing?


These days, this platform attracts one billion people worldwide. If you really want to engage with your patients, track their moves, and also have a live event with people who don’t even follow your page, it can be a great opportunity.

You can connect to millions of people only by putting a trending hashtag on your post’s caption. For example, you have advice for having a healthier body, that most people also look for these kinds of advice in their daily life, you only need to post pertinent content and then put hashtags like:


You made a campaign that simple. Ask people to share their opinion about your content and then start your impressive engagement times with your specific words and tons. Let them know you care about their reviews and feedback.


Clubhouse is one of the fastest-growing social media sites right now. It can be incredibly important for you in 2021. It’s something to keep an eye on.

A lot of the heavy hitters in digital marketing are talking about it right now.
It is a nice network where you can interact with your local people.

You can make a room and make a name with a hashtag that people who are eager to listen to you live, can join you easily.

If you like to connect your potential patients with your voice and talk about their pain points, this platform is worthy enough to spend time on it.


The third social media platform that can help you with online medical marketing is YouTube.

You may know about its noticeable growth over these years. With this amazing platform, you are able to do your marketing and also earn money according to YouTube rules.

The best way for marketing on YouTube can be making qualified videos about people’s pain points in your niche. If you are a psychologist, start making videos about trending issues like “how to get out of our depression?”

Of course, you can also use the other platforms to drive more potential patients to your medical center. We’re just mentioning the most suitable ones for doctor digital marketing here.

If you want to have a successful experience for doctor digital marketing on social media, you must follow these rules:

  • Try to be consistent and organized
  • Be careful about proper content optimization
  • Share posts regularly
  • Share unique images, videos, and texts
  • keep track of your audiences
  • Post about trending topics in your niche

The statistics show that social media networking sites will approach 4.41 billion in 2025. So, trust these platforms and benefit your medical center with these strategies.

Social media marketing for medical professionals

3. Consider online feedback, review, and recommendations

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that 67% of residents trust online reviews and rating sites for their needs in the UAE.

No matter which platforms you are using, websites, social media platforms, local applications, ask your patients for feedback.

If you ask your patients to give you feedback, you will find out your weak points and you can improve it in your service. It also helps you to gain their trust. Also take action after receiving feedback.

If you have received negative reviews, try to replay and apologize for them. Then you should make them sure that what made them unsatisfied won’t be repeated.

If you get positive reviews, try to reply and thank them, and wish them to stay healthy.
Right after this, ask them to:

– Rate your services on the internet
– Recommend or refer you to others

Many of the patients browse through the search engine to locate available health care providers in a specific location. This point turns the review factor into a crucial one.

Patients mostly choose a special healthcare provider that has great reviews and ratings on the internet.

Medical digital marketing tips & online reviews

4. Shine well on local search results

There are some tools that can help you reach your medical digital marketing goals locally.

Your location as a medical spot plays a critical role. If you have different locations, you must assign a landing page for each dedicated area.

For every page, you need to:

  • Use Google my business map
  • Use your city name in the title tag and on your page several times
  • Add name, address, phone number, and your opening hours
  • Add a short explanation about the location

5. Consider an active content publishing strategy

Digital marketing for medical practices relies on smart, regular, trending content.

66% of internet users look online to gain information about a specific disease or medical problem. 

These internet users need to be educated. You as a Doctor need to talk about your patients’ pain points, acknowledge them and make them trust you through your content.

Whether you are publishing it via your website or social media, well-designed content can enhance your visitors and can help to make your brand stay on their minds.

Take medical content marketing seriously, think long-term, and write about the topics that your targeted prospects are searching for.

Of course, blogging is not the only way you can do your online medical marketing.
Here’s a list of some content formats you can use:

  • eBooks
  • Book summaries
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Interviews
  • Vlogs
  • Quizzes
  • Webinar
  • Q&A Sessions

6. Benefit from marketing automation

Marketing automation is basically using specific software to automate your marketing campaigns, such as email marketing activities. It is critical for your medical digital marketing.

Email marketing automation campaigns that continue while you’re asleep, ads that continue to run in a sequence without you even thinking about it and …. This is specially very useful for doctors and healthcare professionals too busy to do things unautomated.

7. Get the help of Google ads and social ads

Facebook ads and Google ads are the most popular platforms for advertising and generating leads.

The medical marketing industry has been revolutionized with these impactful platforms.

These advertisements can help you to:

  • Reach your targeted potential patients
  • Gain great insights about users’ behavior and use them to optimize your marketing efforts
  • Monitor Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Capture potential patients’ contact information
  • Convert leads to actual customers

8. Audit your current online medical marketing efforts

Finally you need to ask yourself questions like these:

  • How much is being invested in marketing?
  • What are you seeing as a result of marketing in the last 6 to 12 months?
  • Is the efficacy of the efforts declining?
  • Are they improving?
  • Do you know where the spend is most effective?

And then find the answers, precisely.

Auditing your current medical marketing efforts helps to optimize and make them more effective a lot of times .

If you look over the last 12 months and you see that the marketing spend has increased 50 percent but that there has been no real increase in the number of sales that you’re trying to drive to your clinic, it is time to go back to the drawing board and see where this misspend is happening.

If you don’t do that then it’s just going to continue to be like a bucket with several different holes. You’re just going to continue to pour water into the bucket and it’s not going to go anywhere.

Medical digital marketing services


If you’ve come this far, you might have found these 8 medical digital marketing tips interesting enough to try them out.

We recommend you to take these 8 steps, plus ranking on Google and using social media platforms seriously. With any digital marketing tool ignored, you miss on a great number of potential patients.

With traditional advertising, your billboards, radio ads, and TV are seen and heard by a lot of people while a good portion of the audience is not interested at all in what you’re pushing!
But With internet marketing, you don’t have to push! People will be pulled to you as they are already looking for you.

The remarkable aim is to have the medical content, the landing pages, the service pages, the videos, etc., ready when people want to find your medical center or something your hospital offers!

Let us know which practices you are aiming to use or if you have already used them, share your experiences.



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