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Drive Instant Traffic to Your Business with Online Advertising

Be seen instantly at the right place and the right time, exactly when your potential customers are searching for you. 

Getting seen over the internet organically could be a time-consuming process. If you are starting out your business, you might not have weeks or months to wait for organic results driving revenue to you. However, you can use the power of online advertising to reach your target audience sooner and more effectivly.

Online Ads with Daavin Studio

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Google Ads

Target users searching for your product/service with Google Ads.

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Network Ads

Show your ads in a collection of quality websites that your customers use.

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Social Media Ads

Promote your business with social media ads on Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn.

Why Daavin for Online Ads?

Affordable Prices

We set up highly effective ad campaigns and monitor them for extremely reasonable prices

Huge Network

Reach all potential customers on all devices and screens with the same beauty.

On-going Optimization

We keep monitoring and optimizing your ad campaigns for optimum performance.

Landing Page Design

We design landing pages that raise the conversion rate as the destination of your ads

Social Media Ads

The latest statistics show that nearly half of the world population use social media in 2021, and this number continues to grow. Numbers aside, just take a look around you and most likely every friend or family member uses at least one social Media. This huge user-base, has made social media ads extremely popular for businesses around the world.

In Daavin we run optimized ads for businesses in the media most suitable for them, whether Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin.  

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Network Ads

Have you ever been online, reading a piece of content in news websites? If yes, then you must have also seen the various types of ads either in the form of text or banners. These online ads are another impressive way of delivering your message to potential customers.

In Daavin we’ll find the most suitable network of ad displayers for your business, targeting your prefered audience and building trust for them.

Frequently asked questions on Daavin’s online ads

Do I pay for clicks or impressions?

This mostly depends on your online ad type, but usually both methods are available for all ad types. 

Do I need a website for online ads?

Yes, you will need at least one web page that links to your ads. If you don’t currently have a website, we can design a fast and efficient one-page web for you to link to your ads.

How do I make sure my clicks are authentic?

We’ll provide reports of the ad panels and also of your website’s traffic through Google Analytics.  These reports show you the number of users driven to your website and how they have interacted with your ads and website.

Will Daavin keep an eye on my online ads?

Absolutely. It is part of our online advertising package to monitor client’s ads until the budget runs out. Through this monitoring, we will also optimize your campaign settings for maximum efficiency and lowest cost. 

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