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Digital Marketing Services for Medical Clinics

Our services are designed and performed with the utter purpose of promoting medical clinics and driving more sales for them.

Website Design

We design beautiful, fast & responsive websites that show your business's credibility & professionalism. Our website designs are tailored according to each business’s individual needs and we guarantee your satisfaction for them.

PPC Google Ads

Our Google advertising experts will set up, monitor & optimize PPC campaigns that will drive interested users to your website or online/offline store when they're in the mindset to buy. With our professional Google Ads services, you get instant traffic & exposure.

Social Media Ads

We design beautiful, fast & responsive websites that show your business's credibility & professionalism. Our website designs are tailored according to each business’s individual needs and we guarantee your satisfaction for them.


We bring your website to the first page of Google organically, through technical SEO, on-page SEO & regular SEO content writing.

In the world of digital marketing, nothing is more powerful & trust-building than Google's trust itself.

Website Design Company

“84% of today’s consumers think a website makes your business more credible.”

Impress Clients with An Amazing Website Design

Website & eCommerce Design

Website Maintenance

Website Content Writing

The most important step to starting digital marketing, is a high-quality website as your business’s front entrance.

But you must know that a “good website” is not enough for turning your audience into loyal customers, especially for businesses in the interior design & architecture industry which focus on aesthetics and design.

What you really need is an “amazing website” for that matter. In DAAVIN we are committed to creating the best and most functional website for your business whether small or large.

Website Design Company
Social Media Ads Services

“84% of today’s consumers think a website makes your business more credible.”

Create Brand Awareness by Social Media Marketing

Social Media Content Creation

Social Media Campaigns & Ads

Social media marketing, with a focus on consistent quality content creation and well-managed paid ads, is a game-changer for interior design and architecture businesses.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest provide a dynamic showcase for portfolios and design philosophies, fostering engagement with a wider audience.

Through visually appealing content and insightful tips, businesses can establish a strong brand identity and cultivate a loyal community. Strategic use of paid ads further enhances reach, targeting specific demographics to generate leads and conversions.

Social Media Ads Services
Website SEO Service

SEO Services in Dubai

“The First five organic results get 68% of all the clicks”

On Page SEO

Content SEO

Off Page SEO

Through SEO or Search Engine Optimization you will optimize your website both technically and content-wise, to deliver the best experience possible to users. As a result, your website will gradually appear in higher spots in Google search results.

SEO is the most effective digital marketing channel because it targets users actively searching for products or services offered by you.

In addition, appearing in Google’s higher organic results will increase user trust, driving them faster to becoming an actual customer.

Medical Digital Marketing

When it comes to medicine, most people assume that it doesn’t go with “marketing”. They actually feel uncomfortable when they hear things such as “medical marketing”. However, the healthcare industry has become more competitive than ever, and the online world plays a major role in this competition.

In fact, about 10% of all Google searches are health-related. That’s a considerable number. The rise of the COVID 19 pandemic has also turned this industry more online.

The Internet has just a way of capturing every aspect of our life, even medicine, and health. As strange as it may seem for doctors and healthcare professionals to promote medicine, an ancient science with the newest online methods, it is crucial.

Therefore, it’s extremely crucial for all healthcare professionals to use digital marketing to promote their valuable and problem-solving services.

If you are a doctor looking to promote your practice, a clinic manager looking for more patients, or any other healthcare professional, medical digital marketing is your new best friend

Medical digital marketing is the winning hand for doctors & healthcare professionals

How medical digital marketing is the winning hand for doctors & healthcare professionals

There are 70,000 health-related searches per minute, every day.

That’s a whopping 100 million searches every day looking for answers to health problems. This number shows that users are depending on the internet more and more to find their health problem solutions.

These problems could be questions regarding symptoms, finding informative articles, or finding a reliable health expert. In all these cases you could show up with credible content, creating trust and eventually getting users to visit your website and hopefully picking up that phone to make a call.

During the past few years, more and more people have started searching for health-related information online, especially after the COVID 19 pandemic hit.

For instance, One in two citizens look for health information online in the European union.

Many studies have proved the same or similar statistics in other areas and countries.
It’s not just facts like this, but also appealing advantages that clearly make medical digital marketing the winning marketing strategy in the medical world.

Medical digital marketing is the winning hand for doctors & healthcare professionals

Medical digital marketing vs traditional medical marketing

We have all been the target of traditional marketing at one point in our lives. We’ve all seen billboards or received flyers or picked up the newspaper only to see countless ads on it. Digital marketing however mostly uses the internet to market a product or service to its users.

Now both traditional medical marketing and medical digital marketing could have their own potentials and uses, and when possible, it’s better to use them in completing parts. That said, it’s better to know their differences to use them in the right place.

Medical digital marketing is more affordable

Medical digital marketing is more affordable

Compared to traditional marketing methods such as billboards, tv and radio ads, and print media, medical digital marketing is much more affordable. This makes it easier to continue with marketing efforts for longer periods and also to use various marketing channels for better results.
In addition to that, switch costs and change costs for digital marketing methods are also much lower. For instance, it’s super expensive (and sometimes almost impossible) to change an ad in a printed magazine than to change a banner on a famous website.

Medical digital marketing is more flexible

Medical digital marketing is more flexible

There are many options when it comes to digital marketing. There are many channels and media to choose from, and everything is mostly under control, from timing to ad copy. This makes medical digital marketing super flexible and easier for healthcare professionals who want to be in complete control.

Medical digital marketing is more flexible
Medical digital marketing is easily measurable

Medical digital marketing is easily measurable

It’s hard to track how many of your patients have chosen your clinic based on your radio interview, it’s also hard to track how many people have actually heard the interview or were impressed with the interview. Therefore you won’t quite know if radio interviews are really effective in healthcare promotion.

However, with medical digital marketing, almost everything is trackable and measurable. You can see how many people have seen your ads, how many people reacted well to your social media post or how much people really like your website, and how many people actually book appointments with you from your website.
The data that medical digital marketing provides you, is used effectively to optimize your ad campaigns and marketing efforts for lower costs and higher results.

Medical digital marketing is more interactive and builds more trust

Medical digital marketing is more interactive and builds more trust

It’s harder to believe things in 2021, especially with so many fake pieces of news or so many ads. That’s why you need to work harder to convince people to trust and choose you in comparison to many other healthcare professionals out there who are advertising their practice and clinic.

Convincing people in traditional marketing methods is super hard and sometimes almost impossible. After all, people don’t even see your office’s sign when they are passing by, because there are tens of others there too. Or people don’t have the chance to see examples of your expertise in a magazine ad, so they don’t really trust you.

With medical digital marketing, there are many ways to interact with potential patients, answer their questions and gain their trust.
Just imagine a person with regular headaches, searching for “constant headache reasons” online. This person sees your article on this topic, reads it, and gets some pretty good answers. This person now believes that you are a capable doctor. So she’ll probably be coming to your office to check their headache.

Medical digital marketing is more interactive and builds more trust
Wider audience with medical digital marketing

You can reach a Wider audience with medical digital marketing

The possibilities are endless when it comes to digital marketing, not only can you reach millions of audiences daily, you can also target them more carefully. That means choosing the exact audience that you’re looking for in terms of demographics, search queries, and online behavior.

In other words, if you’re not taking medical digital marketing seriously, you’re missing huge chances of finding hundreds of new patients and also you’re letting other healthcare professionals become the trusted source online.

Website SEO Service

Now, what exactly is medical digital marketing?

Medical digital marketing is leveraging all online marketing methods and electronic devices to drive prospects to medical businesses. Digital marketing for doctors uses one or more of the following channels:

Search engine marketing

Online ads

Social media marketing

Email marketing

SMS marketing

Website marketing

Content marketing

Videos and YouTube marketing

Medical digital marketing helps doctors reach wider audiences who are also more likely to buy at lower costs in comparison to traditional marketing methods.
Medical digital marketing

Steps to the perfect medical digital marketing strategy

If you want to start with digital marketing for doctors, follow these steps to build a flawless online presence for your practice or clinic.

Medical website design

Medical website design

The first step to healthcare digital marketing for any category is to get a professional website design. Whether you are a doctor running your own practice, a clinic working with many doctors, a dentist, a radiology clinic, a surgeon, or …. You definitely need a website.

Your medical website will be the virtual alternative to your physical office or clinic. Potential patients will judge you based on it and trust you if you have a professional website with up-to-date and helpful information.

A few things are crucial for a professional healthcare website design:

All medical websites must be responsive, meaning they should work well both on computers and mobile devices

They should have clear navigation, meaning the users must be able to find any information they need without any trouble or being lost between pages.

It should be attractive, meaning it should be modern and professionally designed as it will be the first impression users get from you.

It should be up-to-date, meaning your contact information or service information or prices must be the latest version.

It must be optimized and SEO-friendly, meaning it should load fast as internet users grow more impatient every day, they do not like waiting for slow websites to load, especially if they are in pain and in need of a doctor!

It’s better to have an online booking system. It’s not a must, but if you can have even a simple online booking system, it will ease your way into finding more patients faster. Not to mention the easier workflow for your receptionist.

Google my business

Google my business

Sign up for your practice (whether a private office or a clinic) in Google My Business. Complete all your contact information, enter your exact location and add your website address.

Google My Business will show your information above other search results to people who are searching for medical and healthcare services close to you, which will double your chance of getting those patients.

Also, encourage your satisfied patients to leave reviews on your GMB profile.

Google my business
Content Marketing for doctors

Content Marketing for doctors

Now that you have a website, it’s time to fill it with related, useful content for content marketing. Content marketing is basically attracting your target audience by creating, publishing, and promoting constant, relevant, and unique content for them.

The more engaging and enticing the content is, the more potential it has to keep users, make them share it, and also become leads.

You should have 2 types of content on your website: Type 1 is necessary content such as contact info or service information or your resume and such and number 2 is informative content such as blog posts or articles.

Necessary content (or as we like to call it at DAAVIN, essential content) will give the users more ready to make appointments, the information they need. For instance, they might be looking to see your clinic’s doctors’ Infor and resume to choose one. Or they might be looking at your about page to see if you seem like a professional physician.

Extra content such as blog posts, gives people who are potential patients but are still not ready to book appointments with you some information. For instance, someone might be searching about the pros and cons of implants, they read your article, get the answers they need, and a few weeks later when they are ready to see a dentist, they’ll remember you.

Our recommendation is to take medical content marketing seriously because people will trust healthcare professionals with more up-to-date content. After All, this is actually a matter of health and often life and death!

Online Ads for healthcare professionals

Online Ads for healthcare professionals

Your website is ready and you have entered the necessary information on it. Now it’s time to show yourself to some users searching online.

Online advertising is one of the best digital marketing tools for creating instant valuable traffic and leads for the medical industry. PPC ads, especially Google Ads are perfect for promoting your practice or clinic instantly and affordably to potential patients.

Google Ads for doctors are affordable, flexible, and fast. Plus they will give you some instant insights into your potential patients which you can use for future medical marketing efforts.

Online Ads for healthcare professionals
Search Engine Optimization or Medical SEO

Search Engine Optimization or Medical SEO

While your online ads are working, it’s time to consider medical SEO.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website for users to have the best experience when visiting it, so that search engines (especially Google) rank your website higher every time users search for related queries to your business.

For instance, by providing useful, fresh & unique content and by implementing specific technical optimizations, Google would show your website when somebody is searching for “best dentist in Dubai” or “best treatment for adult acne”.

An SEO agency can optimize your website and its content in a way that it will gradually start to show up in higher results of Google. This takes time in comparison to online PPC ads, but has a few clear benefits:

Medical SEO is cheaper than ads in the long run

When you get to the top of Google with SEO, you will mostly stay there for a long time without any huge expenses (just a few maintenance costs)

It created even more trust to be on top of Google’s search results naturally without any ad. This is especially super important in the medical field.

Medical video marketing

Medical video marketing

Nothing gives people who are in pain or in need of medical services a more positive feeling than seeing the doctor in flesh and blood talking about their problem.

Gradually start to make some videos about your field of expertise. You can make short videos, explaining a common problem and its solution in your field. Or even ask your assistant to film you while you’re operating or doing a procedure on a patient, all the while explaining what you’re doing.

There are many ways to use these clips for video marketing. You can upload them to your website’s gallery. You can create a YouTube channel or you can use them on social media, which brings us to the next step.

Medical video marketing
Medical Social Media Marketing

Medical Social Media Marketing

2021 is the time to get social even for medical services. Build your social media accounts and be active on them. You can hire a social media marketing agency or do it yourself or ask your assistant. The point is to do it.

Post images, videos, and information on social media. Try to put some time aside for social media to answer users’ questions. There are many other ways to do medical social media marketing as well:

Participate in live videos with other doctors on Instagram

Go live at a set time to answer your followers’ questions

Post stories of your clinic on Instagram

Post videos of patient’s experiences on Facebook

Post in-depth article on LinkedIn to attract professional relationships

Invite influencers to your practice or clinic and ask them to share their experience with their own followers, aka influencer marketing

The possibilities are endless on social media, especially as there are many social media each with its own benefits and specific audience demographic. You can ask a healthcare digital marketing agency to handle choosing the right media for you and marketing on it.

Steps to expand your medical digital marketing strategy

Now that all the necessary steps have been taken for medical digital marketing, it’s time to expand your medical marketing strategy with the following tips:

Email marketing

Email marketing

Now that you have visitors to your website and social media, it’s best to collect as many emails as you can to use them for email marketing. Some ways to collect users’ emails are:

Ask them to submit their email in your website for receiving newsletters

Ask them to submit their emails for downloading a useful medical leaflet

Ask them to submit their email in order to start a live chat with your website’s support

Ask actual patients to write down their emails when they come in at the reception

After you have a list of emails, you can start planning on ways to connect with actual and potential patients through medical email marketing. For instance you can:

Send your clinic’s promotions through emails

Send them a monthly newsletter

Send them reminders of their annual check ups

Send them urgent medical news

These activities will keep you connected with people who have been previously your patients, reminding them of you when they need healthcare services again. They will also create more trust between you and potential patients, prompting them to finally become actual patients.

Digital medical services platforms

Digital medical services platforms

There are many platforms that specialize in online medical services. Some of them work like online directories, introducing doctors and clinics to patients in categories, and some of them actually link doctors to patients for online consultations.

Find local platforms in your city and register your practice or clinic in them. There are usually annual fees for these platforms, but it will be worth it.

Digital medical services platforms
Review websites

Review websites

As people get more connected through the Internet and social media, they rely more and more on others’ reviews and true opinions to choose the service providers. This is especially important in the medical and healthcare field.
Take reviews seriously by doing the following:

Ask real patients for reviews and testimonials wherever and however, they can (reviews, videos, comments, and ….)

React to reviews and show people that you take them seriously

Don’t delete negative reviews, instead react professionally, address the problem and promise to solve it

SMS marketing

SMS marketing

Just like the notes and suggestions for email marketing, you can collect people’s phone numbers (of course voluntarily) and keep in touch with them through SMS.

SMS marketing is especially useful for reminding your current patients of their appointments and test results and such. This will boost the quality of your services, promoting your current patients to come back to you for more.

SMS marketing
Medical collaborations

Digital collaborations

Collaborations and partnerships are huge untapped opportunities in the medical field. There are many chances to partner up with other healthcare professionals to boost your own visibility and credibility.

For instance, at DAAVIN, we created collaborations between a pain specialist doctor and an OBG-YN to discuss stomach and pelvic pains among women. The results were increased visibility for both doctors, engaging new content for their social media account, and a new partnership for referring patients.

Always look for collaboration partnership opportunities, especially since the online world gives you the chance to connect with colleagues you’ve never met or the ones who live across the world.

benefit from medical digital marketing

Who can benefit from medical digital marketing?

We hear it every day from our clients, how they don’t think digital marketing works for them. Well based on data and our experience, that is 98% wrong. Pretty much anyone who’s active in the healthcare industry can use medical digital marketing. Here’s a list of all the people who can use it.

  • General physicians
  • Dentists
  • Pediatricians
  • Alternative medicine
  • Audiologists
  • Eye doctors
  • Optometrists
  • Cardiologists
  • Chiropractors
  • Dermatologists
  • Doctors offices
  • EHR companies
  • OBG-YNs
  • Fertility clinics
  • Hospice care
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Surgeons
  • Medical equipment companies
  • Mental health clinic
  • Psychologist
  • Therapists
  • Oncologists
  • Optometrists
  • Orthodontists
  • Orthopedics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastic surgery
  • Rehab and addiction treatment
  • Urologists
benefit from medical digital marketing

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