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Introduce your beauty business with a beautiful website





 Show off your beauty business with an attractive website 

As convenient it is to use social media for introducing your hair salon, you can’t ignore the fact that many users search on Google as well. By having an eye-catching website, you can be among Google results for related searches. For instance, nearly 5,000 people search for hair salon near me in the UAE, Wouldn’t it be great if your website shows up for these potential clients?

Whatever your beauty business is, whether a hair salon, a barbershop, a nail salon, a micropigmentation center, or a makeup artist, you can definitely leave a better first impression and increase the chance of selling, by having an attractive website.

Why Hair Salon Web Design by Daavin

Affordable Services

Our beauty salon website design services come at super affordable prices and amazing quality.

SEO-Friendly Web Design

All of our hair salon websites are optimized from the beginning, boosting your visibility in Google.


Fast Delivery

We deliver your beauty salon’s website on time and super fast like you can’t imagine.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Today more than half of internet users, choose mobile to view websites. This makes it extremely important to have a responsive and mobile-friendly website, that is eye-catching yet easy to navigate.

Smart & Attractive Design

Your website is somehow your online beauty salon. It is important to leave a pleasant first impression on your visitors and potential customers, making them more likely to become actual customers.

WordPress Websites

Our Salon web design is done on the powerful and popular platform of WordPress. With WordPress, your costs are reduced, and yet maintaining and managing your website is much easier.

What your beauty salon website includes

Service Pages

Service pages will include detailed information about each individual service you provide.

Online Reservation

Make it easier for your reception system to handle incoming clients by online reservation systems.

Image & Video Gallery

Your website has multiple tools to implement images and videos. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.



All our websites are protected and secure by SSL certificates and professional tools to gain user trust and comply with online trade regulations.



Showcase your expertise by providing valuable information as articles or blog posts for your website’s audience.

Free Domain & Space

Our web design packages include a free 1-year .COM domain and powerful host for a fast-loading website and your emails.

Demo of A Beauty Salon Website Design

Keep the cursor on the image to scroll.

Demo of A Beauty Salon Website Design

Tap the image to make it scroll.

How we proceed with website design for hair salons


Meeting before Website Design

Our web design team will hold a meeting with you to make sure of and analyze all your needs. In this meeting, we’ll determine things like the number of pages you’ll need and other key elements.


Website Structure Design

With the feedback from the meeting and data from competitors’ analysis, our web design team will come up with the perfect website structure for you. We’ll review and complete this structure with you.


Primary Design

We usually ask our clients for a few similar websites, just to get familiar with their taste. Our team of designers will then start the actual design process, using colors, images, and other visual elements based on your liking in the design process.


Website Design Finalization

After the primary design is ready, we’ll review and check it with you to make the final adjustments and touches. Based on your chosen web design package, you may have a design revision option as well.


Launch & Live Testing

When all details are set and your website is ready to go live, we’ll launch your new website. Usually, it takes a few days after the website is live to test some details and make sure everything is fine.


Technical Support & Maintenance

Our work doesn’t finish when the web design process is over. We’ll be with you for 1 year free of charge to support and maintain your website. These services can be continued upon your request.

Marketing with your new salon website

Google My Business, Groupon & More

You can showcase your beauty salon’s information any way you like with Google My Business. You can direct potential customers to your website, where you can display all types of information about your parlor, including images, videos, articles, and more from your Google My Business profile.

You can also attract more customers by directing users from websites such as Groupon to your salon. Businesses that don’t leave the website field empty, get more trust and credibility from potential customers.

google my business for doctors
SEO for doctors web design

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of optimizing your website to show up as high as possible in Google search results.

Search engine optimization costs less and produces more leads in the long turn, compared to other online marketing methods.

In addition to costs, you can build much more trust and credibility for your business by showing up organically in Google search results for questions and concerns that users have.


SEO for doctors web design

Frequently asked questions on Daavin’s Website Design for Hair Salons

What are the qualities of an effective hair salon website?
  1. Must be smart and clean designed to catch the visitors’ sight
  2. Must have authentic and interesting images of the salon’s work
  3. Must be easy to navigate to find the necessary information and services
  4. Must be fast-loading
  5. Must be responsive to look and function right on all devices and resolutions
How can I advertise with my new salon website?

There are multiple ways to market your brand new website. Choosing among them definitely depends on your business type and your budget. You might even be able to choose a mix of digital marketing methods. At Daavin Studio, we usually recommend Google Ads for faster results and content SEO for more credible results.

Who provides the content for my new website?

Since content creation for a website is critical and needs expertise, we have separate services and plans for that. However, if you already have content about your business, we can revise and upload it for you during the design process.

If you don’t have any content ready, you can use our essential web content creation services.


What are the hidden costs of website design for beauty parlors?

If you don’t have a domain name, you will need to register one based on your brand and profession. Since there are various types of domains, they have different annual costs. We offer a free 1-year .COM domain on our website design packages.

The other extra cost you might need to pay is for content creation from scratch, if you have absolutely no content ready.

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