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Get to the top of Google Fast & Affordable with Expert Google Ads Management Services





Meet Google Ads previously known as AdWords

Simply put, Google Ads are advertisements shown to users, exactly where and when they are looking for similar services or businesses to yours or sometimes even before they know they need it! The wonderful thing about Google Ads is that it is highly customizable for reaching out to your exact target audience and you will also only pay for the clicks or calls. Today Google processes about 70.000 searches per second, that is about 5.4 billion searches per day. Just imagine the possibilities of being seen by such vast sea of potential customers.

Why PPC Google Ads and Google Ads Management Services

Affordable Clicks

With Google Ads you only pay for results and also with incredibly affordable prices thanks to Google ads management services. 

Targeted Audience

Target your desired audience based on location, demographics, keywords, device & language with AdWords management services.


Quick Results

Get on top of search results for related keywords with Google Ads in a matter of days. No need to wait for organic results for days or weeks.

Budget Control

You can start your Google Ads with any budget. What’s more is that you can also control how and when you spend that budget.

Various Reports

You can receive multiple reports by Google ads management about your Google Ads performance and use them to measure the success of your ads.

Campaign Variety

Reach your potential customers not only on Google, but also on Google search partner sites, Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, YouTube & …

Why Google Ads Management Agency

  • Professional campaign setup for ultimate cost effectiveness
  • Constant monitoring & optimization for best performance
  • Technical support and ad disapproval solutions
  • Quality ad copy service & setup for higher click through rate
  • Landing page design & optimization for higher conversion
  • Reports and measurement services after each cycle

Our Process as Your Google Ads Management Company


Google Ads Consultation

Our digital marketing team holds an online consultation meeting vie Zoom or Google Meet to gain a complete understanding of your business and its goals before running Google Ads.


Keyword Research & Analysis

We do a complete keyword research & competitors’ analysis based on the seed keywords that you give us in the consultation session. we come up with a list of most valuable keywords for your ads.


Landing Page Design

Our web design team will design a customized landing page for your Google Ads campaign if necessary. This landing page will be designed to drive the most conversions from your ads.


Campaign Setup & Ad Copy Writing

After the landing page design is complete, we create your campaign, including as many ad groups as necessary and your actual ads. Your ads must be written in a way to gain high CTR and the most relevant clicks.


Ongoing Monitoring & Optimization

After your ads are eligible, up and running, our AdWords management team will monitor them on a daily basis, leveraging Google Analytics and other tools to optimize your AdWords campaign for optimum performance.


Reporting & Measurement

During your campaign you will receive weekly reports from our Google Ads experts to keep you updated. After your campaign is finished you will receive a general final report as well. This report will help you decide how you’d like to continue.

Google Ads’s Wide Reach with Multiple Campaign Types

google ads management for search ads

Google Search Ads

As the most popular online ad, Google search ads allow you to place your ad on top of search result in Google and other search partners, making your business visible to people who search for your products or services.

google ads management for shopping ads

Google Shopping Ads

Raise click through rate and sales with ads on your products, especially for larger e-commerce platforms on Google Merchant Center. Promote products with complete information for users even before clicking on your ads, make ads more targeted.

google ads management for display ads

Google Display Ads

Show captivating display ads in various formats (banners, videos or images) across more than 2 million websites, including YouTube and Gmail to users even before they start searching for your service or product.

google ads management for app ads

Google App Ads

Promote your app across many platforms including Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, Google Display Network, AdMob, & more publishers. You can get app installs, app engagement & app pre-registration by various campaign types.

google ads management for video ads

Google Video Ads

Show attractive video ads in YouTube and also other Google video partners, even from your own YouTube account. Raise awareness, get more traffic, make more conversions and more sales with engaging videos.

google ads management for local ads

Google Local Ads

Get more potential customers to visit your local store or business office by running Google Local Ads that show up across Google search, Google Maps, YouTube & Google Display Network. This campaign is best for expanding your offline business.

What You Need for Running Google Ads

To set up a profitable Google Ads campaign for your business, you need a few things first: The most important one being your business website, called landing page in Google Ads.

A landing page is a web page that users will land on after they click on your ads. This landing page will provide information they need or show them items they’d want to buy.

Some businesses just link their Google Ads to their websites’ current pages. While others design a specific landing page for optimum conversion.

If you don’t have a website yet, there’s no need to worry. Our web design team will create a custome landing page fit for your ads.

landing page design for google ads
retargetting with google adwords

Google Ads Remarketing

In Remarketing campaign you can target users who have previously showed interest in you by visiting your website, your mobile app or even making a purchase from you.

When these users see your ads in various trusted websites, this helps raise more trust and awareness towards your brand and also reminds them of their need.

We run successful Remarketing campaigns in our AdWords management services with high conversions.

* Google Ads Remarketing campaigns are available to businesses that have previously done ads and now have a Remarketing list.


retargetting with google adwords

AdWords Account Free Audit

A poorly run AdWords account could lead to quite a waste of budget, energy & hope. If you feel like you’re just getting clicks and not results from your Google Ads, there might be some improvements applied in Google Ads management process.

You can contact us for more information through the WhatsApp or Facebook chat in the corner of this very page. Or you could send us a message through the contact form in this page and ask for a free Google Ads audit. Our AdWords managment expert will quickly get back to you.

Google ads campaign management

Frequently asked questions on Daavin’s AdWords Management Services

How can I make sure my Google Ads clicks are authentic?

Google uses an advanced system to recognize real clicks from fake ones. This means that the system will detect any clicks generated by automated software or robots, clicks from competitors or other manual clicks and also unintentional clicks like double clicks. This system makes sure that you won’t lose any cost for unreal clicks. 

In addition to Google’s system, as our Google Ads management service, our AdWords experts will carefully set up your ads and keywords in a way to gain the most relevant and valuable clicks.


How many clicks will I get with my budget for Google Ads?

The cost for each click in Google’s PPC ads varies among industries, businesses, countries, and competitors. The click cost could start from as low as 0.2 dollars to 5 dollars and even higher. However, there are ways to control this budget. Our AdWords management team will make sure you won’t pay more than you want to for each click. Their optimization process will also decrease your overall cost over time.

What if I don't have a website for my Google AdWords?

You can get a new website with our web design services. You can even start with just a landing page (a single web page). If you get good results from your first campaigns, you can expand your landing page to a full website.

How long does it take for my budget to run out?

The best thing about Google Ads is that everything is within your control, including your daily and monthly spending. Our Google Ads experts can set this up to your liking. However they might give you some receomendations if they feel that your budget limitations are not efficient. 

Can I manage my own Google AdWords?

You can manage your own Google Ads campaign. However, unless you are a digital marketing expert and have practical experience with managing Google Ads, you won’t be able to get desirable results and will also end up burning your budget.

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