6 eCommerce Web Design Tips to Help You Sell More

Today, people mostly do everything online, making eCommerce the best place for business owners to promote their services and products. Hence, getting your ecommerce website right, may be all you need to reach the revenue you have always wanted.

eCommerce web design quality is closely related to visitors’ impressions when they visit your website for the first time. Also, it contributes to turning them into returning customers. Remember, looks are everything in this matter.

If you have chosen eCommerce to increase your sales, there are some things that you should consider before you start. Of course, you also need to remember them along the way.

Without further ado, let’s review the most effective and essential tips on eCommerce web design that will help your sales better than anything else.

1. Think like a visitor

Thinking like your website’s visitors will help you better understand their needs and priorities. It will give you the right mindset to design your website, create more user-friendly content, and target their attention effectively.

When you think like a user, you recognize that usability is probably the first thing you need to achieve. Usability is the ease you provide for visitors in working with your site, allowing them to perform any task they want without difficulty and enjoy their experience on your page.

Ensure usability, and you’re golden!

A website with optimized usability is one that users would probably come back to because they are understood there. The navigation is simple, and they can easily find everything they are looking for without much trouble.

Remember that you are not present on the website to help the visitors and walk them through how it works and where they can place their orders. So, develop your eCommerce web design in a way that speaks for itself.

Keep in Mind: Thorough marketing research would be an excellent way to obtain the information you need to know your users.

2. Keep the design minimalistic

Not only a minimalistic design makes your web page look chic, but it also directs your users to make a purchase. After all, making a purchase is why you have created the website in the first place, isn’t it?

Point to Remember: Keep the design simple, clutter-free, and intelligent.

3. Use first-rated Images

Use first-rated and high-quality images as baits to lure your users to your website and navigate them to make a purchase.

We are living in an era where people have shorter attention spans. Hence, you need to catch their attention, or you might lose them forever.

According to statistics, articles with compelling images get 94% more views than those without images.

Remember that the image quality stands for the product quality presented on your website to be purchased in the user’s mind.

Therefore, you better make an effort into choosing the best images related to your products and services. Make them presentable, reliable, and worthy of the users’ time and money. As mentioned before, looks are everything in eCommerce web design.

4. Show customer reviews and rating section

Ensure a specific section for collecting your customers’ opinions on your products or services. This particular section will add to your business credibility.

When you ask for someone’s views, two things happen:

  • One, you show confidence in your products or services. Only business owners who are absolutely sure about what they offer openly encourage users to generate their reviews and ratings.
  • Secondly, when you ask for someone’s opinion, you show them respect and message them how trustworthy you really are. By asking the users and visitors about their opinion, you increase the chances of them making a purchase.

5. Develop a simplified checkout process

Based on statistics, 69.57% is an average shopping cart abandonment rate. Usually, the reason behind this abandonment is the complicated or too long checkout process.

It would be helpful if you made the checkout process in your ecommerce website design as simple as possible. Keep it short. Keep it easy.

Did you know? You can increase your ecommerce website’s conversion up to 35% using an optimized and simplified checkout process.

6. Make your ecommerce website responsive enough

You should always remember that a significant number of your users come from their smartphones. Therefore, you need to develop a design that is both responsive on desktop and mobile.

Yes, it would be idle if you could design a separate app for mobile users. However, your business might not be able to afford such luxuries.

It is better to generate a design that can be adjusted to both the desktop and mobile’s screen size and orientation.

Final Words

The sole purpose of an ecommerce website design is to sell products or services online. In fact your online shop is the equivalent of your physical store or office. The more beautiful, clean, fast and friendly it is, the more are the chances of you actually selling on it.

Try to understand your users’ mindset before generating a plan for website development. Ensure your website’s high usability and include the easiest navigation and checkout process possible. Don’t forget to test its desktop and mobile responsiveness constantly.