Sell online faster, easier & more affordably with eCommerce Solutions

Effective eCommerce Design Starting from 2,500 AED
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Sell online faster, easier & more affordably with eCommerce Solutions

Effective eCommerce Design Starting from 2,500 AED
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Over 2 billion people purchased goods or services online in 2020, & during the same year, e-Commerce sales surpassed 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide.

eCommerce Design Solutions for You

If you’re looking for a simple, efficient way to sell your products or services and make money, getting an eCommerce website is your best option.

Ditch all the hard, tiring & expensive work of in-person & in-store sales with an eCommerce website.

An eCommerce system will let you handle multiple products, sales, shipping, discounts, promotions, and inventory details all in one place with ease and speed.

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Get Your Business Online with eCommerce

If you’re not sure whether eCommerce is right for you, let’s keep it simple: Do you have goods, products, or services that can be sold over the Internet? If yes, then eCommerce is the right choice for you!

With an online shop or an eCommerce website design, you get attractive advantages that can not be ignored.

Sell faster

The buying process will be faster for the customer, creating higher satisfaction and more sales.

Reduce costs

Your business costs including transaction, inventory and stocking costs will be highly reduced.

Open 24/7

There will be no limit for customers to buy from you. Your online shop will be open 24/7.

Advertise cheaper

Get amazing marketing and advertising options and be ahead of your traditional competitors.

Shopify Online Store Design

Perfect for small businesses

Shopify is an online eCommerce platform for setting up and running online shops and retails stores, perfect for starting your business online.

No hosting fees

With Shopify solutions, you won’t be needing a powerful host, only a domain name.

Affordable & faster e-Commerce solution

If you’re a small business on a limited budget and need a simple yet strong eCommerce solution, we suggest using Shopify. Since Shopify has nearly half of the way ready for you, it will be faster and more affordable to get an online store with it.

Shopify design prices

The price for Shopify development and design at DAAVIN starts from 2,500 Dhs for a simple online shop. Other factors might also increase the price, including requiring a special design or special features on the website such as online chat or price comparison

Beautiful store fronts

At DAAVIN, we have multiple Shopify experts who are experienced in setting up and doing Shopify design. So if you don’t know how Shopify works or don’t have the time to find out, we’ll do it for you.


SEO-friendly online stores

All of our web design packages include free initial SEO. This means that we build Shopify stores from scratch with Google and its principles in mind. This will help your store and its products be found easier on Google.

Custom eCommerce Website Design

Fully customized eCommerce websites

As Shopify is a ready platform, there are certain limitations to its design or features. Therefore if you’re looking for a fully customized website exactly tailored to your need or if you know that your eCommerce website needs some complicated features, the best way to go is to work with an eCommerce development company.

Independent online store

By hiring an eCommerce development company and getting your own eCommerce website, you’ll be independent of third party platforms such as Shopify and its limitations. This means that your eCommerce agency can build your online sales point just for your preferences.


SEO-friendly eCommerce website

It’s super important for any online store to show up in Google’s search results to sell more products. To that end, our eCommerce solutions are completely SEO-friendly.

Affordable solutions

At DAAVIN our custom eCommerce website design starts from about 7,000 Dhs. Other factors might affect and raise the price depending on your business.

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Frequently asked questions on DAAVIN’s Shopify & eCommerce design

Why is the price for Shopify setup cheaper than custom eCommerce development?

Shopify websites are limited in terms of design and features since the platform is already half developed by Shopify company.

Custom e-Commerce web design, however, requires setup, configuration, and design from scratch and has the potential of being more fitted to your preferences. Therefore it takes more time and effort. That’s why hiring a Shopify expert is cheaper than hiring an eCommerce agency.

Which one is better? Shopify or custom eCommerce development?

Both are good eCommerce solutions. We recommend Shopify for smaller businesses with simpler products, sales, and shipping systems.

We also recommend eCommerce development for businesses with more complex products who also want the design to be more tailored to their liking and aren’t afraid of spending more.

What is the delivery time for Shopify website design?

It all depends on the details and the size of your order. But usually, it takes about 3 to 5 working days.

What is the delivery time for eCommerce website design?

The bigger the project, the more time it takes. For medium-sized projects with simple products, it usually takes 10 to 15 working days.

Do you offer support on your eCommerce solutions?

We offer 3 months of free support on our e-Commerce website developments. You can also choose maintenance packages after that for us to keep a professional eye on your website as it is the main channel for your business.
For our Shopify designs, we offer 1-month of design support. You also get 1-year technical support from Shopify.

What payment methods can I choose for my online shop?

Pretty much all common payment methods in UAE are available for Shopify and e-Commerce design such as PayPal, Stripe, bank payments, cash on delivery, and …
Our Shopify experts and e-Commerce developers will integrate the most suitable payment method for you.

Can I set up shipping for my online store?

Yes. All common shipping methods in UAE, such as Aramex are available.

Still have questions on Shopify or ecommerce website design?