Do you really need Google Ads management?

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Do you ever wonder why you should get Google ads management? Because after all running google ads is easy and clear, so why should you hire another person to do it for you? Right? Well actually … wrong! 

Although google ads tell you that anyone can set up and run a google ads campaign, it’s nowhere as easy as it may sound. 

In this post, we’ll tell you in all honesty why you should get Google ads management? And when you don’t need to do that.

A brief reminder of Google ads

If you don’t already know, Google Ads formerly known as AdWords, are online PPC advertisements offered by Google. By PPC we mean pay-per-click, meaning you only pay when somebody clicks on your ad (not when somebody sees your ad).

Google Ads has become a popular digital marketing tool over the past few years for some really practical benefits:

  • The click costs are usually very reasonable, although they differ based on industry and competition.
  • There are multiple ways to target your ads so that they would show only to people who are actually your target audience and high potential of becoming your customer
  • There are multiple options to manage your ads settings to your liking, for instance, ad schedules or location targeting. There are even options to exclude users who you don’t want to see your ads
  • You have full control over your daily and monthly budget
  • Google uses a sophisticated system that highly reduces fraud in its ad system 

Now that you have a fairly clear idea of Google Ads, it’s time to see what exactly a Google campaign manager does for you.

What exactly do we mean by google ads management?

Google Ads management refers to outsourcing the whole process of running Google Ads for your business to a Google Ads expert or Google Ads management agency.

A Google ads manager must:

  • Do complete keyword research before creating your ads to find the most profitable opportunities for you
  • Set up your ad campaigns based on keyword research and your business goals
  • Create as many necessary ad groups to better target your ads
  • Create as many as necessary ads with converting copy and extensions that increase the chances of people clicking on your ads and becoming customers
  • Keep an eye on your campaigns all the time to make sure they are performing properly
  • Check the analytics data of your landing pages and your campaign to see how they perform
  • Optimize your campaigns based on their monitoring in order to increase CTR and conversions and decrease costs
  • Be in touch with you and your sales team for the most up-to-date data regarding your market
  • Coordinate your web design team to optimize your website or landing page for higher conversions if necessary
  • Give you regular reports of your Google Ads campaigns

Pros and cons of google ads management

Now that you know what exactly is google ads management, it’s time to know the ups and downs of it:


  • A Google campaign manager gains expertise through time. Each campaign they set and run, adds something to them. Something valuable that will somehow benefit your business. There’s no way to gain this experience other than managing multiple campaigns.
  • Google Ads management requires constant monitoring and researching and therefore a lot of time. Hiring a Google campaign manager will save you much time and energy for other aspects of your business.
  • A Google campaign manager must be familiar with specialized terms and also data analysis. These are things that you will need for better optimizing your campaigns.
  • Using Google AdWords management services will lead to much lower costs due to constant professional optimizing. Whereas people who try to run their ads themselves with little experience or a few tutorials will end up spending much more on clicks and also getting unuseful clicks.


  • Google AdWords management services have service fees. A Google Ads campaign manager will charge you fees for setup and monthly monitoring.
Pros and cons of Google Ads management for businesses

So should you really use google ads management services? The truth!

The truth is if you …

  • Have no prior experience in setting and running Google Ads
  • Don’t have a few months time for learning about managing AdWords
  • Care about your click prices

Then you should absolutely use Google Ads management services.

However, if you …

  • Have prior digital marketing experience
  • Have experience in setting up and managing Google Ads
  • Have enough time and the passion to learn about Google Ads
  • Have enough budget to test and error

Then you might be able to run your Google Ads yourself.

We’re gonna be hornets with you:

All the advertisements and promotions tell you that you can run Google Ads yourself, but the truth is this is not to your benefit. It takes a lot of money and time to learn to do it properly.  During all this time that you’re learning, testing, and making errors necessary for learning, you’ll be losing money as you pay more for clicks, as you get clicks that are not related to your business at all, and losing clients to your competition that already has proper ads.

This is of course good for Google, but not for you!

Wrap up

Google Ads management services might cost you a bit more than doing it yourself. But the return is much higher because:

  • You will not waste valuable time
  • Your campaign optimizations will decrease your overall ad spending
  • You will get an expert’s insights on your digital marketing efforts

This is something that comes from our heart and experience not just to promote our services. We can’t tell you how many times a client has come to us, confessing that they think the campaigns they run themselves are not as effective as they should be. Or how many times we have audited a client’s Google Ads account to be surprised by the high click costs they’re paying that we know is not necessary.

If you have any experience in getting Google AdWords management, please share it in the comments section below.




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