Digital Marketing Services for Beauty & Wellness Industry

So you own a spa, beautifully decorated, you have talented staff, you care a lot about hygiene and you have put money into building this wellness center. Therefore you really believe you can make this business work.

The only problem is even though your service is quite good, there are not many people coming in. You try to be optimistic and think that words will get out and the client numbers will increase, but they don’t!

You start to worry and panic, thinking you have to start making money sooner. But how?

Well ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to digital marketing for wellness & beauty industry.

Digital marketing for the wellness & beauty industry is just like old marketing, only it uses the internet. So it’s more affordable, more measurable, and more effective!

So let’s dive in and learn all about the benefits of digital marketing for the wellness & beauty industry and how to start getting more customers with internet marketing. After all, people will not be coming into your spa or massage center, or hair salon, if they don’t know you exist!

Why is internet marketing for wellness & beauty a must? And why does it work better?!

Alright, you probably tell us that you have tried to market your spa or barbershop, you’ve hosted an opening, you have a sign put up and flyers in close local shops. So you believe that people already know you exist, right? No! Wrong!

If you have used traditional marketing methods to promote your wellness or beauty business, chances are not many people are aware of your business yet.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying traditional marketing is not effective, but we do say that it is much less effective than digital marketing and that it is not enough.

This is actually a strong and hot debate all around the world, and we’re not gonna bore you with it, we’ll just give you a few reasons why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing:

internet marketing for wellness & beauty brands
social media marketing for cosmetic brands

– The average person spends about 3 hours per day, just on social media. Add to that the time for browsing and surfing the net, work, and doing online errands and you’ll notice that people are more online than ever in 2021. It only makes sense to market and advertise your business where people are mostly present which is the internet.

– Traditional marketing is much more expensive than digital marketing, therefore it leaves less budget to expand and actually do something effective for small and medium-sized businesses. Digital marketing has more affordable and flexible costs, therefore small businesses can use it and continue it to actually see results.

Traditional marketing doesn’t have any interaction with the audience. This makes it harder to convince people to use your wellness or beauty center.

Traditional marketing is hard to measure and optimize. You can’t really know how many people actually saw your billboard, how they reacted to it, and how many of your customers actually came in by seeing the billboard. This of course makes it hard to optimize and better your traditional marketing and advertising efforts. Not to mention the high cost of actually optimizing, reprinting, and reinstalling a billboard!

There are many more details to this, but we believe these are just about enough to show you why digital marketing for wellness & beauty industry is a must since it is more effective, more flexible, and less costly.

How does digital marketing for beauty & wellness industry work?

All right, now that you know why it is crucial and also better to use digital marketing for promoting your wellness or beauty center, let’s see how you should start with it:

Get a website design for the wellness & beauty industry

Start your digital marketing efforts by getting a beautiful website for your business. Your website is almost like your physical store alternative in the online world.

Just like you want to have a nice physical space to show your customers you’re professional, you have to have a nice website to assure online users of your credibility.

Whatever your wellness and beauty business is (spa, massage center, beauty salon, barbershop or …) your website must be:

  • Beautiful (nothing complicated, yet elegant)
  • Responsive (meaning it works well on computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones of all sizes and types)
  • Clear in navigation (letting users find the information they need easily)
  • Optimized (loading fast)

Don’t forget that your website shouldn’t necessarily be complicated and expensive. As a small business, you need to spend a reasonable amount of money on your website and save money for other digital marketing efforts as well.

website design services for wellness & beauty industry

Do social media marketing for the wellness & beauty industry

In 2022, people will depend on social media more than ever. They spend a lot of time on social media, they use them for finding the answers to their needs, and more importantly, they rely on other users’ opinions to choose a service or product.

Build yourself strong social media accounts. If you don’t have enough time and budget to cover more than one media (which isn’t always necessary), we recommend you choose Instagram. Instagram works better for businesses active in the wellness and beauty industry than other social media such as LinkedIn or Twitter.
Be sure to do the following for your social media:

  • Update your contact information on it
  • Post beautiful images of your business
  • Post regularly to stay on top of users’ minds (you shouldn’t post too often, just choose a schedule and stick to it)
  • Try to post videos of your business as well
  • Engage with your audience (answer comments, like others’ posts, and comment on them as well)

After your social media account has a reasonable amount of posts and you have gained some followers, try to increase your visibility by various actions including:

  • Asking current clients to follow you on social media (rewarding them with discount coupons if they follow)
  • Social media ads
  • Holding social media contests
  • Manual actions, for instance, finding users that seem to be interested in your services and sending them messages asking them to follow you if they wish
  • Doing influencer marketing
  • Participating as prize sponsors in other pages’ contests

There are tons of ways to make your social media more and attractive and growing. Just don’t forget that most social media, especially Instagram, are extremely visual. So always work on the beauty of your posts.

You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money at the beginning to have nice posts. There are many options to keep the quality of your posts nice and yet affordable:

  • Hire a freelance graphic designer
  • Hire a small business social media marketing agency
  • Use platforms like Canva to design posts in-house
design social media posts using Canva

Run PPC online ads

Now that you have a website and social media accounts, it’s time to drive potentially interested traffic to them.

One of the best ways to do this is to run online ads, especially Google Ads. Google Ads are PPC (pay per click) ads that will show up whenever somebody searches for something related to your business.

For instance, a woman is searching on Google “best spa near me”, your ad will show up, she clicks on your ad, lands on your nice website, reads a bit about you, and decides to call you or even book a session with you. Voila!

There are a couple of extremely important advantages to Google Ads for small businesses:

  • You only pay when someone clicks on your ad (not when someone sees your ad)
  • The system recognizes fake clicks (for instance by your competitors) and doesn’t deduct money from you
  • Although click prices differ based on location, competition, and other factors, they are usually affordable
  • You can set a monthly and daily budget or even a limit to how much you are willing to spend for each click
  • You can choose which search terms will trigger your ads (and which shouldn’t)
  • You can track and see what people do after they click on your ad until they exit from your website. Therefore you can further optimize your ads

As you can see Google Ads are highly flexible and controllable. The only thing you must be careful about is that running an online ad campaign that is efficient and doesn’t waste your time, takes expertise and knowledge. So you must hire a person or Google Ads agency that can professionally manage your online ads. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your money and time.

run PPC online ads to promote cosmetic services

Work on content marketing

Content could be anything that answers your potential or current clients’ needs. It could be blog posts talking about the details of eyebrow micro-pigmentation, a service page explaining about your massage center, or before-after images of your beauty salon’s clients, reassuring new ones of your service quality.

If you want to attract new customers continually, keep them interested and drive them to actually pay you money, you must continue producing regular, high-quality, and relevant content. This is called content marketing.

For instance, check out Society Salons website. They’re well-known in Los Angeles. Yet they post interesting and informative content on their website’s blog. This keeps the old visitors interested and new ones coming in.

content marketing for wellness & beauty salons

Invest in local SEO

Now that you’re working on your content, you might as well invest in local SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the process of optimizing your website and its content to appear in Google’s search results without any ads.

You might be saying if I can pay for ads, why should I also invest in SEO? Well here are a few reasons:

  • SEO is more effective and affordable in the long term
  • Ads stop showing the moment you stop paying, but if your website ranks high in Google through SEO, it will stay on top for a long time without you spending anymore on it
  • Many people trust Google’s organic results better(the businesses that show naturally not by ads)
  • The more spaces you have on Google (ads, map, natural results, and …) the more the chance of people clicking on you and trusting you

So if you are planning on staying in your business for a long time, it’s best to start investing for longer and future time periods.

local SEO services for your business

How to strengthen your online presence further more?

If you’ve come so far, congratulations! You now have all the vital tools for digital marketing for wellness and beauty businesses. You can be proud of yourself and you now have a probably steady client base.

Now if you’re in this market to win, keep reading for ways to up your internet marketing efforts.

Consider Email marketing

Now that people are entering your website through SEO, Google Ads, and … it’s best to make a connection with them that stays.

Offer your website’s visitors something in return for their email address. For example a coupon or a guide to doing a beauty trick at home. Collect their emails and use them to send out newsletters, promotions, and news about your wellness or beauty center.

This keeps you and them connected, prompting them to think of you the minute they need a wellness or beauty service.
You can also add emails to this list by asking customers who come to the center for writing their emails in a list to receive promotional offers and such.

email marketing tips for beauty & wellness centers

Take online reviews seriously

Reviews are everything in 2022. People trust others’ recommendations more than ever, especially since it’s been easier to give true opinions on a service using the internet.

If you offer exquisite service, take this chance and register your business on every review platform there is, locally or internationally. Get yourself on:

Fix your profiles there, add contact info, images and locations. Ask your clients to leave you reviews there. You can even showcase these reviews as testimonials on your website.

Also, show images and videos of real clients on your social media. You can even tag or mention them (with permission of course) prompting them to comment or show feedback.
This is a game-changer, trust us.

online reviews on google my business

Do video marketing

By now you have posted videos and stories on your social media or website. If you’ve gotten good results, it’s time to spend more on it.

Hire a professional video-making group and create more professional videos. You can use these videos to run YouTube channels. For instance, you can do weekly how-to videos on your YouTube. This will further widen your audience base and get you more clients.

video marketing to promote cosmetic brands

Get an online booking system for your business

By now you have a pretty strong online presence, people trust you more and they are willing to become your customer without even calling or entering your actual place. This means it’s now the perfect time for an online booking system.

Get your web design agency to add online reservation features to your website. This will make the users’ journey to you shorter and faster.

online booking system for wellness & beauty websites

Who can benefit from digital marketing for the wellness & beauty industry?

When we say digital marketing for the wellness & beauty industry, we’re talking about a huge industry. It might even confuse you. You might be thinking “I’m in this industry but can my business really benefit from digital marketing?

Well think no more, we have collected some stats to clarify for you whether digital marketing would work for you or not:

Internet marketing for spas

The phrase “spa near me” is searched nearly 50.000 times every month in Dubai. And this is just one phrase, there are tens of similar phrases being typed into Google every day. So imagine the possibilities of digital marketing for spas.

Massage center internet marketing

The phrase “massage center near me” is typed into Google about 5000 times every month in Dubai. Add to that the rise of incoming tourists in tourism peaks of the year and just imagine the possibilities of attracting even a few of these searches by digital marketing for massage centers.

Beauty salon marketing

Every month 5000 people search for a “hair salon near me” and additional 5000 users search for “nail salons in Dubai”. So here are 10.000 potential customers you can target with digital marketing for beauty salons.

Barbershop marketing

There are about 5000 men in Dubai every month who need a nice haircut by searching for “barbershop Dubai”. Be there ahead of your competitors with digital marketing for barbershops.

Nutritionist marketing

The phrase “nutritionist Dubai” is typed into Google about 500 times monthly. Target these people who are looking to be healthy with internet marketing for nutritionists.

Fitness salon marketing

Phrases such as “best fitness salon Dubai” or “fitness center near me” or “yoga classes” are searched more than 500 times per month in Dubai. Be there for them with digital marketing for fitness centers.

Cosmetic services marketing

People search for “eyebrow microblading” alone 5000 times every month in Dubai. Imagine the marketing opportunities adding similar services such as permanent makeup services, beauty dental services, or skin wellness and beauty with digital marketing.


There are millions of chances to find amazing customers online for any wellness & beauty business. Plus it’s cheaper and more effective.

If you are looking to promote your business carefully and efficiently, make sure to look into digital marketing.

And don’t forget, internet marketing doesn’t have a fixed formula that works for everyone. The best way is to consult with digital marketing experts to find the best solutions for you.

Eager to Promote Your Wellness & Beauty Business?