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Reach the perfect client faster and cheaper with digital marketing

With the widespread use of the internet, today it’s no exaggeration to say that “everybody is using the internet”. Therefore it only seems logical to use the internet for marketing efforts as well.

Digital marketing is the perfect tool for reaching out to your target audience, in various stages of their buyer’s journey.

With the help of the internet and electronic devices, you get to touch potential customers’ hearts and convert them into actual customers. What’s more, is that you can do this at much lower costs than traditional marketing.

affordable website design

Website Design

Research shows 75 % of consumers judge businesses’ credibility based on their website design.

Build a beautiful window to your business that makes you look professional, attracts customers, and grows your revenue steadily.

With over 10 years of experience, our digital marketing agency makes sure to deliver a tasteful website that you and your customers will love.

content writing services

Content Marketing

Reach potential buyers at every step of the sales funnel with an effective content marketing strategy.

Content can attract, engage and convert customers for businesses in all industries. Our digital marketing company provides you with a solid content marketing strategy. In addition, our creative content creators will deliver amazing content to you that drives results.

seo services

Search Engine Optimization

Only less than 1% of users click on the results from the second page of Google.

This makes it super important to work on your website’s ranking in Google. This is achievable through content, on-page SEO & off-page SEO.

Our digital marketing experts map out the best SEO strategy for your business to find its way to the first page of Google and hopefully to the top 3 results.

Google ads services

PPC Online Ads

50% of people arriving at a retailer’s site from paid ads are likely to buy.

PPC ads are the best weapon for small businesses. They are fast, affordable, highly targetable, and effectively measurable. Online ads are one of the most essential pieces of a digital marketing strategy.

Our digital marketing agency will drive valuable traffic to your website through professional campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

In an era of social media dominance, it only makes sense to be present on social media for businesses.

You can engage and socialize with your current & potential clients on social media to raise brand awareness for your business.

Our digital marketing company will help you in social media ads and content creation with delicacy and taste to achieve desired business goals.

email marketing

Email Marketing

Research shows that email marketing’s return on investment (ROI) could be up to $44 for every $1 spent.

Email marketing is a long used digital marketing method. With a carefully designed email marketing plan, you can capture leads and increase your retention rate.

Our digital marketing agency can help you develop and activate this strategy in your business.

Digital Marketing Services with Daavin


Our 10-year experience and a team of digital marketing experts help reduce costs especially for small and medium sized businesses who are just starting out with online marketing.


We don’t just sell you the services, we provide you well-though out and strategic digital marketing techniques that will drive results for you.


One of the benefits of digital marketing compared to traditional marketing methods, is that is highly measurable to optimize & increase efficiency and results for current & future campaigns.

How We Carry Out Digital Marketing Services for You


Consultation Meeting

Our digital marketing services always start with a good heart to heart conversation. We listen to business owners, we feel their pain and we get to know their business as much as possible.


Creating the Solutions

After researches necessary like keyword research, competitor’s’ analysis and …, we offer possible solutions, we’ll decide on the final solution after as many meetings necessary.


Carrying the Solution

We’ll run the actual solution. This could be anything such as a simple website design or designing and launching a more elaborate PPC campaign for attracting a certain number of leads.



After the digital marketing solutions are carried out, or better to say while being carried out, we monitor the whole process for possible technical errors or necessary changes.


Analyzing & Report

We’ll analyze & report the results from the performed digital marketing campaign using accessible tools such as Google Analytics or social media analysis tools.



The data from any digital marketing campaign can give valuable insights for future ones. We use the data from the previous stage to optimize future campaigns & solutions.

Frequently asked questions on Daavin’s Digital Marketing Services

How much does a digital marketing agency in Dubai cost?

Digital marketing price in Dubai differs vastly from digital agency to agency. There is really no one answer to this question. Digital marketing agencies might charge from somewhere between 500 dirhams per month to 20.000 dirhams depending on the services you need.

Should I hire a digital marketing agency or do it in-house?

Both hiring a digital marketing company and a digital marketing agent in-house, have benefits. An agency has deeper expertise and a set of skills whereas in-house might be more flexible and gives you more control. We usually recommend hiring a digital marketing agency for smaller and newer businesses and acquiring in-house talent to bigger, richer businesses.


What are the advantages of hiring a digital marketing agency?
  •  Enjoy the advantages of agency experience through many projects
  • Save money due to lower costs as opposed to in house marketing
  • Find enough time to tend to other aspects of your business
  • Use the knowledge of the latest trends by a digital marketing agency
  • Benefit from data-driven digital marketing services
  • Get various digital marketing services by a team expertise
How much time will I need for digital marketing services to show results?

Some digital marketing services such as online ads or PPC ads show rather instant results. Others like SEO or content marketing take a couple of months to show results, yet when they do, usually they are long-term.

Why do digital marketing companies in Dubai have different prices?

Like any industry, there is a wide rang of prices in digital marketing in Dubai. This doesn’t mean that digital marketing companies in Dubai with higher prices are necessarily good or vise versa. The prices are usually determined by years of experience, the companies expenses, working with small or big clients, and more. We suggest no to judge a digital marketing company in Dubai solely on its price.

Where should I start digital marketing for my business?

This really depends on your business, its industry, competition and goals. But if you’re entirely new to digital marketing, we suggest starting with getting a website design first. Then you might need some online ads to create some instant cash flow and after that you can continue with other services like SEO or social media marketing.

Which digital marketing services to choose?

This depends largely on your needs. You must first identify your goal and choose the services according to that. Otherwise you might end up wasting your budget.

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