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Millions of websites are made daily for various purposes. Some are eCommerce websites allowing users to buy or sell online. Some websites are personal, others are content-based like magazines and publications, and then there are corporate websites.

Corporate websites are mostly known for their stylish landing pages and elegant elements. Almost exclusively, every corporation and brand has/needs a corporate website. Simply to exist online, or to be explicit, exist at all, brands need an online platform so that online users can find them through web searches.

Corporate websites may seem easy, however designing them is anything but. The process behind corporate web design is tricky and needs exact data of your customer persona, brand strategies, the type of product or services you are providing, and the region your corporation is in.

In this article, we look into tricks, different types, and the cost of corporate website design in Dubai.

What is a corporate website?

Just as buildings, business offices, and department stores are important for companies, corporate websites should be as substantial.

Think of your website as your front desk. You might get a significant portion of your customers from online platforms, which means they get to purchase whatever you provide without seeing your physical office or store.

Corporate websites can represent your whole brand. Through the content, the UX design, the content tone you choose, and the way you represent your product, customers will know or guess if your goods or services are the right ones for them. They do not need to see your office or manufacture units, or even department stores. All they need to see is a high-quality corporate website.

what is a corporate website?

Why do you need a corporate website?

In the digital age your corporate website is one of the most beneficial assets of your business:

  • The company can reach a wide range of audiences through a corporate website.
  • Corporate website design prices don’t have to be extremely high, especially for small and medium business, there are affordable ways to get a nice website.
  • People can make contact or access needed information on the website at all times without difficulty (as opposed to limited working hours of a physical office or a sales expert).
  • Your business no longer needs to spend on face-to-face sales.
  • Last but not least, let’s face it, not having a website indicates a hint of unprofessionalism these days.

Even if your business plan is based on an offline platform and you need an alive and present audience, you still need a corporate website to inform customers about your sales, offers, and events.

Think of your corporate website as a showcase for your business, the difference is that your customers can carry it wherever they go. Online users can review products, read other buyer’s comments, receive newsletters about upcoming sales, new products, openings, gatherings, or any news from you through your website. He or she can also contact technical support from anywhere and at any time. That is why you need a corporate design: to grow your business.

What are the main elements of corporate web design?

Before attempting to design your corporate website, first, you should clarify what is the purpose and classification of launching it. While all corporations want to sell the goods or the services they are providing, their corporate website may not have to follow the exact goal.

  • Some companies need their corporate website to act as part of their brand awareness strategies and have no plan on selling online.
  • Other corporate websites might work as the company’s news agency. The website will call out for new hiring, discount codes, customer support, and so on.
  • Some corporations work as a platform, and on their main website, you might find hundreds of other companies. So they need another website just to present themselves and how they cooperate and what are the partnership terms.

The outcome of all these corporate websites is completely different. That is why you need to clarify your intentions before designing a corporate website in Dubai.

Then, you should clarify what type of business you do and who your persona is. You might be an online marketplace for toys and baby seismic equipment. But your customer is not the children, but rather the parents. So even though your website is designed with happy colors, and illustrations of happy babies, your product description is how it is safe for children from any physical damage.

After you identify the purpose and classification of the website, the design can begin. There are some elements that help the website be qualified enough.


Search engines must find your website and recognize you as a good corporate company in your field in order to bring you up in the search results. Make sure your web designers know how to utilize alt tags, meta tags, and do what’s necessary to make your website web-friendly.


Web content

Content is the foundation stone of your website. Search engines can only find you by the content you create in the website’s blog, photo captions, and other internal pages. Without high-quality SEO-based content all of the efforts will perish.

Customer journey

Website designers put themselves into customer’s shoes. They imagine what they would think, where would they want to go, and which questions they might have. They also think about what is the best way to convince web users into purchasing, ordering, or submitting on a website.

Visual design

Vectors, illustrations, graphs, and photos are all interesting. No matter how much content you have on your website, as soon as someone opens your landing page, the first thing they see, is visual designs. Good web designers know your customer persona and design the best visual design to get their attention.

Informative content

If you want to keep your customers on the website, give them what they came for. If they have come through a blog post with a question as a title, answer the question in the context. It is highly unlikely a web user would surf and read all the content on the website. So you should present your business in the right place and the right time. With a professional team of web designers, the bounce rate would be as minimum.

How to design a corporate website in Dubai?

The combination of these elements leads to a standard and quality corporate website design that will attract and engage potential customers. However, corporate website design is a tricky susceptible process.

If you don’t have a team in your company for website design and development, consider outsourcing it to other professional corporations specialists in eCommerce and corporate website design. There are a few website design groups in Dubai with comprehensive knowledge of the market and customer needs with information on culture and tradition. Before selecting them, see their previous designs and look into what their clients have said about them.

How to design a corporate website in Dubai

How much does corporate web design cost in Dubai?

Many factors can alter the final price of designing a corporate website. But the purpose of the website’s functionality is the main factor. A simple small business website might cost around 6000 AED, whereas a custom feature-rich website can be priced at more than 30000 AED.

Here are different types of corporate websites that have different prices:

1- Simple business website

Here you can represent your business and find new customers. This type of corporate web design is suitable for businesses that need their website to be a window for them.

Simple business websites or basic corporate websites, usually consist of a few pages that give essential information about the business, for instance “About us” , “Contact us” and a “Home” page. This could cost about $400 t0 $800.

2- Conversation-focused business websites

You can sell online and write about your corporation while you talk to your end-users online to give them useful advice, answer the most frequent questions, and give technical support. You need to have on-call customer support in the website panel.

This type of corporate website usually needs more pages to give detailed information about the business’s services and products, including videos and catalogue files. 

This could cost between $900 to $1800, depending on how elaborate you want it to be.

3- Basic eCommerce website

With an eCommerce website you can sell goods and services online, make a product catalog for them, and help customers choose a shipping solution, pay online, read comments of other buyers, create a wishlist, and see special offers and insert their discount code. Basic eCommerce websites have a price starting from $1500.

4- Custom designed corporate website

If you want a unique website with many exclusive features and visual content that only your business could provide, custom websites are the right option for you. With a custom design, you can have endless features. You can also shape the outline of your website the way your business needs require.

Custom corporate website designs take time to finish, since designers and developers should spend time fixing possible errors to give users the best user experience they can. They also cost more as they need developers to do the coding and programming specifically based on the clients’ needs. If you think a simple corporate website is not enough for you, contact us for a custom quote based on your special needs.

Corporate web design prices in Dubai

Corporate website design might seem simple but is definitely tricky. A bad design only repels customers and leaves a nasty stain on your business’s credibility. So to get the best UX design and a qualified back and front-end website, think about outsourcing your corporate web design in Dubai to professional companies or teams.

Corporate website are what we do best

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