Corporate Digital Marketing

Everywhere you look, you see people on their mobile phones, working on their computers, or browsing on their tablets. Almost everyone has a social media account. Everybody searches for almost everything they need on the internet and … Yes, the world has become digital in the past few years, and from the looks of it, it’s probably going to become even more digital in the coming years.

So it only makes sense for any corporation or company, to be available on all digital platforms to find more customers.

Whatever your industry and business, you must take advantage of corporate digital marketing in order to stay in the competition.

Corporate digital marketing tips to promote business

Why you must absolutely consider digital marketing for your company?

Actually, you can hardly find a reason to not use digital marketing to promote your company! Here we’ll count some of the main reasons why you must take corporate digital marketing seriously:

A. Corporate digital marketing is affordable

Digital marketing is much more affordable compared to traditional marketing. We’re not saying it’s cheap, but it is definitely less expensive than conventional marketing methods. Therefore it’s a great marketing tool for small and medium businesses with limited budgets.

B. Corporate digital marketing has higher efficiency

Digital marketing has a way of connecting with people’s hearts by not interrupting them. Therefore it has a higher rate of convincing people to actually buy from you.

C. Corporate digital marketing is highly measurable

How many people see your billboard? How many people become your customers by seeing your tv advertisement? How many people spend time reading your reportage in a print magazine?

It’s very hard and almost impossible to get true numbers to the above questions. But with digital alternatives, there are always ways to measure the effects of your marketing methods. 

You can see exactly how many people have seen your ad, how many people have spent time reading your articles, and how many people have decided to buy from you because of your digital marketing efforts.

Where to start with digital marketing?

Digital marketing gives you many options. In fact, it gives you too many options and it may confuse you. Many business owners come to us because they can not decide which channel is the best for them.

Here’s how to start corporate digital marketing for your small business:

1. Invest in a corporate website design

Your website will demonstrate your credibility and authority in the digital world. A company without a website is like a company without any office or any store. 

The first step to a corporate digital marketing strategy is to get a beautiful corporate website that loads fast and works well on mobile and tablet as well as desktop.

Corporate website design services

2. Write convincing web content for your corporate website

Write necessary and convincing content for your new company website. Your content must include your contact information, your company’s story, your products and service pages.

Your website content must be:

  • SEO-friendly
  • Unique (not copied from similar websites)
  • Including images or videos where necessary
  • Clear and informative

3. Register your company on Google My Business

Google My Business will give you free listings and amazing features for promoting your website better.

With Google My Business your company’s information will show up higher for local searches.

Take some time, sign up and complete your business profile as much as you can with Google My Business.

Google My Business for corporate digital marketing

4. Run PPC ads for your company

PPC advertisements are an amazing online advertising tool for small or medium-sized companies. They are affordable, flexible, and fast and as you can probably tell from their name, they charge you only when someone clicks on your ad.

Google Ads are pretty well known in the PPC world. If you manage your Google Ads properly, it can do you wonders by bringing in targeted traffic that is most potentially your buyer persona.

PPC ads for company

5. Choose the right social media for your corporation

Every business must be on social media. There’s almost no exception. The only thing you must be careful about is that every social media has its own target audience and core benefits. So think before you start with any of these media.

Usually, small businesses make the mistake of trying to cover all social media, but since their budget, energy and time are limited, they end up dissatisfied with the results.

For instance, Instagram is best used for companies that have products or services that can be described with images. LinkedIn is best used for B2B promotion and …

Choose right social media for corporate digital marketing

How to expand corporate digital marketing?

By now you have set the most essential parts of a corporate digital marketing strategy. Naturally, after a while, you’d better expand your internet marketing efforts and invest in the long term.

Do more serious social media marketing

Social media marketing is more than just posting some content once in a while. After you have established some basic content in your account, it’s better to promote it to gain new followers.

Here are some of the things you can do for corporate social media marketing:

  • Run social media ads for your business page
  • Hire an admin to interact with your followers
  • Advertise on other pages
  • Reach out to influencers for promoting your business

Consider content marketing

“Content is king!” You have probably heard this sentence a lot. And there’s a reason for it.

People trust genuine content that answers their needs. By creating, publishing and promoting fresh, relevant and content, you can market your business. This is called content marketing.

You can write yourself or hire a content marketing agency to produce optimized content for your website or blog.

Content marketing for corporates & businesses

Invest in SEO

Now that you have fresh content pouring in, it’s time to mix it up with SEO.

SEO refers to search engine optimization and includes activities of optimizing your website and its content technically to show it higher in Google’s search results.

SEO is a long-term process that takes time based on the industry and its competition. But once you get to the top results of Google with SEO, you’ll probably stay at the top for a long time with lower costs yet gets more trust from people.

Invest in SEO to promote your corporate

Who can use corporate digital marketing?

Corporate digital marketing can be used for many industries. You can hardly find a company in 2021 that can not benefit from internet marketing. Here are some of the corporations that can use digital marketing for corporations:

Logistic companies

Transport companies

General tradings

Law firms


Start with digital marketing for your company today

If you own a company and are struggling to find clients for your business, start with digital marketing as soon as you can. Any day that goes by without you investing in digital marketing, you lose a considerable amount of customers. 

Want to know more about corporate digital marketing? Call us right now at DAAVIN DMCC.

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