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Content is king. And you already know it, which is why you are looking for a website content writer to create great content writer for you. But you probably already know as well not all content writers are equal.

If you want to impress potential customers and turn them into actual paying customers, and if you want to rank higher in Google with SEO content, you have to choose a qualified website content writer.
Read on to know how to choose the best website content writer for your business.

Website Content Writers for Every Need

Product content

Product Descriptions

Do you have an eCommerce website? No problem! Our website content writers can provide professional attractive descriptions about your products that will temp visitors to buy.

Service content

Service Content

Are you a service provider? Our content writers will describe your services thoroughly with copywriting that will turn website visitors into actual paying clients.

Writing blog posts

Blog Post

Looking for blog post content to educate potential customers? Our content writers will create SEO-friendly and engaging blog posts that will also boost your website’s SEO.

SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting

Need some SEO copywriting to make users take action? Our SEO copywriters will write web content that will drive readers and visitors through the funnel to your desired action.

Essential content

Essential Content

Don’t have the time to write content for the main pages of your website? Our website content writers will create relevant interesting content for any essential page of your website.

Landing page content

Landing Page Content

Need convincing content for your marketing campaign’s landing pages? Our website content writers will write tempting copy to make your landing pages converting.

DAAVIN’s Website Content Writers


Having gathered an experienced team of website content writers over the years, gives us the chance to provide affordable content creation services.


All of our web content writers have a deep understanding of SEO and apply it in all stages of content creation. 

Upload & On-page SEO

Our website content writing services also include content upload on your website and full on-page SEO for every piece of content to ensure maximum SEO effects.

What our website content writers go through to prepare content


Keyword Research

All our website content writers are hands-on with extensive keyword research before writing. After all keywords are how users search on Google.


Structure Planning

Based on keyword research and SERP analysis, we plan a content structure for every piece of content. This helps our writers stay focused and inline.


Content Writing

The writing takes place. Our content writers use only factual, credible and valid resources to research and create unique website content


Visual Emelents

Visual elements including images, charts or videos (royaltee free images and videos) are added to content for better users experince and engagemnt.


Edit & Modify

Each piece of content is edited carefully and checked with the client to ensure maximum quality and client satisfaction.


Upload & SEO

Your content and its visual elements are uploaded on your website with on-page SEO principles for boosting your website’s rank in Google.

Frequently asked questions on website content writers with DAAVIN

How much do website content writers charge?

Website content writers might charge you various amounts. The range is so wide that you’d never know which one is right. In fact, there is no right or wrong here. It’s best to match the content creation charges to each writer’s capabilities and experience.
Another way to make sure the content creation price is reasonable is to ask the content writer how long it takes for them to write the web content. The price they offer should usually fit the amount of work they do.
There are also a couple of other notes you must know about website content writer’s costs:
Freelance writers might cost less, but managing and handling freelance writers is a hard task because the level of commitment is usually low.

Red flags when hiring a website content writer

Before choosing your website content writer, whether it’s a freelance content writer or a content writing agency, look out for the following factors. They could mean that you should pick another more professional content writer for your business.
Website content writers must be fluent and quick to search. If you encounter a website content writer or a content agency that doesn’t search anything on the web and instead just asks you for it, this is not good at all.
Ask your website content writer to show you a few samples of work. Even if they’re new to this business, they must write a few pieces of content just as a sample of their work. It’s better to stay clear of a content writer that doesn’t have any content marketing portfolio at all.
An ideal website content writer must have proven work or knowledge of SEO as SEO principles will help bring your business closer to potential clients.
A website content writer must check and proofread their work before submitting or publishing their content on your website. If you’re working with a content creation agency, they must have an editor who checks the writer’s work before posting.

What does a website content writer do?

A website content writer’s main responsibility is to create top-notch content for your business. This content will be one of your main assets for content marketing and digital marketing.
Content writers can usually write content for:
Service pages
Product descriptions
Essential website pages
Landing pages
Blog posts

What qualities should a website content writer have?

A website content writer must have the following capabilities in 2022:
Have a deep understanding of keyword research for SEO
Have analysis skills for studying competitors
Have sufficient knowledge of the field they’re writing about
Have deep and sophisticated search skills
Have deep knowledge of content SEO
Have sufficient knowledge of copywriting
Be able to work with content writing essential tools including office word and google doc
Have deep fluency in the language they’re writing in
Be committed to timing
Have sufficient undesratnding of marketing funnels

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