10 Beautiful Online Stores Built with Shopify

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There are more than 1,000,000 active businesses that have built their online stores with Shopify.

And we have listed 10 beautiful ones for your inspiration. If you’ve also decided to build your eCommerce website on Shopify, check these examples out.

There are plenty of essential factors in these 10 websites that you must also keep in mind before designing your Shopify store, for instance:

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Ease of navigation
  • Well-designed product pages
  • Clear “delivery” sections
  • Well-placed review sections 
  • Eye-catching visual elements
  • Useful content
  • Great filtering system

After all, according to a report by Forrester, you can increase your conversion rate up to 200% if you design an attractive website for your business. So take these inspirations seriously.

10 Stunning Shopify Stores to Inspire Your Own

Getting inspiration from other successful online stores, and applying their best practices, can save you time and effort.

Let’s check out these 10 beautiful online stores that have been built with Shopify.

1. Taza Chocolate Shopify store 

This online store is all about selling chocolates to their visitors online. This beautiful Shopify store has a simple but clear design with a lot of attractive visuals.

Taza Chocolate‘s website, has a completely a clean design with prices, product descriptions, and similar product offers beautifully shown.

If you are looking for a simple but striking online store design to sell your products, we strongly recommend you check out this website.

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2. Organic and Real Shopify store

“The largest online platform for specialty products in UAE” is the way Organic and Real online store introduce themselves.

They have a crazy robust search function with thousands of products. You won’t feel overwhelmed if you are searching on their website. That’s really a hard thing to do, but they have done it very well.

What else is interesting about this Shopify store?

  • Well-organized navigation (Options are still intuitive)
  • Has specific details for each product
  • High-quality photos
  • Relevant blog section
  • You are able to have a wishlist
  • A WhatsApp icon to contact them easily
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3. Vitaly Shopify store

Vitaly is another fantastic online store example that sells pieces of jewelry.

What is noticeable about this Shopify store?

  • Eye-catching visuals (Lifestyle photos and videos)
  • The right use of colors
  • Amazing product photos
  • Well-designed menu bar
  • Vitally chat icon for managing the orders

They have done a great job by telling the stories through photography which helps the brand convert visitors into actual customers.

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4. DESIGNITCH Shopify store

Designitch is a fantastic inspiration source for you if you want to retail products related to home interior design like furniture, lighting, and accessories.

What is special about this Shopify store?

  • Great filtering system
  • Perfect description design for each product (product details, delivery times, return policy, made to order, technical sheet)
  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • Well-organized categories for the brands that they work with
  • The social media links
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5. Parkland Shopify store

Parkland is a sustainable bag and accessory brand that uses recycled water bottles to create its products. The brand is centered around its sustainability story.

What is remarkable about this Shopify sore?

  • Well-designed “About Us” section
  • A cheeky, engaging video that visually explains their products and how they are made all in 30 seconds.
  • Clear and clean style
  • Focused call to action button on the first page
  • Well-designed Instagram feed section
  • Well-organized brands categories
  • Great filtering system
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6. Nishat Linen Shopify store

Nishat Linen is a textile and fashion house in the UAE. It operates 14 stores across the nation, with counterparts in Canada and KSA.

What is interesting about this Shopify store?

  • Attractive and impressive visuals
  • The perfect descriptions about each product
  • The right use of colors
  • User-friendly navigation menus

If you want to design your own online store related to the fashion industry, this Shopify web design has a lot of fantastic points to learn from. 

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7. The Detox Market Shopify store

The Detox Market is a cult classic beauty store for health-conscious shoppers. And they’re doing subscription boxes like no other company.

First of all, take a look at the sub-branding. They’ve taken their recognizable logo and changed the font up a slight.

They have also done an excellent job of just organizing the information really concisely.

Subscription boxes are a good way to get semi-reliable recurring revenue and introduce your brand to a new customer.

You can learn a lot from this online store, check it out.

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8. Tech Offer Shopify Store

Tech Offer is another online store based in the UAE which sells Laptops, Desktops, Monitors, Tablets, Storage, Gaming, and so on.

This website gives you complete details about each product, such as:

  • Description
  • Specification
  • Shipping & returns
  • Reviews

They have also designed the menu bar with cute icons to attract more attention.

This web design has all the necessary items related to a well-designed online store. Check it out.

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9. LastObject Shopify store

LastObject is one of the best stores on Shopify. They have a unique mission to design replacements for single-use items. 

Everything about this online store web design is impressive and beautiful. But the unique part we want to mention in this web design is the review section. They have added this section nicely for gaining the visitors’ trust and getting more and more customers.

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10. HELM Shopify store

And for the last example, we’d like to mention another beautiful online store design belonging to HELM.
Everything on this online store has been designed professionally, such as:

  • Menu bar
  • Products categories
  • Instagram feed section
  • The links to social media
  • Product description
  • Visual elements
    This Shopify store has a magnificent and clean style which won’t let any customer get confused for finding what they are looking for.
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Final words

We’ve mentioned some successful Shopify stores and the noticeable factors you need to take into account here. Although there are so many other things to consider before designing your eCommerce website on Shopify, it is essential to consider these:

Let’s review them:

      • Well-organized product categories
      • Impressive brand story
      • User-friendly search section
      • Helpful blog section
      • Well-optimized for mobile shopping
      • Easy to shop
      • Lifestyle photos and videos
      • Well-organized navigation
      • Cohesive color palette
      • Well-designed subscription boxes

Generally you must focus on every feature that helps you communicate better with your potential customers. Your customers need to shop easily. They don’t want to get confused with a lot of information. Remember even a simple and clear design can look professional and gain your visitor’s trust as long as they can easily and reliably find what they need.




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