Amazing Mobile Hairdresser Advertising Ideas

Advertising happens everywhere and all the time. Even if you haven’t been deliberate about your advertising before, just the fact that you have a client in the chair or treatment room means that some form of advertising has taken place. 

But most times that’s not enough. You want more people to find you and know your brand. 

We’ve provided you a guide of the newest mobile hairdresser advertising ideas in 2021, to help you be more visible to your potential clients and enhance your outcome.

Let’s check out some powerful ideas to promote your mobile hairdressing business.

Advertising tips for mobile hairdressers

7 Mobile Hairdresser Advertising Tips

Mobile hairdressers are not talked about much, but that’s not out of fairness. It’s just that people don’t know that such opportunity exists to have their hair, nail or makeup done right at their doorstep, without the hassle of traffic and commute.

Use the following pointers to promote your mobile hairdressing business.

1. Give people a reason to talk about your mobile hairdresser 

You should try to be very clear on how your business and what you do is different from other similar hairdresser salons or other mobile hairdressers in the area.

Because if you are not clear on your niche, your clients will also not be clear on that, and the only way that potential new clients can compare you to others, will be to look at your price, and the only way you differentiate yourself is by a price.

But we want you to avoid struggling with numbers. We want you to find your unique angle in the area.

It is not just about pricing, it also comes down to your marketing. If you have a niche, you give people a reason to talk about you.

It can be about the products you use, your techniques, and so on. Having a niche is an excellent approach to promote a mobile hairdressing business.

For instance you can focus on business women or women with office 9 to 5 jobs who don’t have the time to go to the salon for their beauty needs. 

If you limit your audience to this niche, then your marketing efforts will be easier and clearer as well.

2. Show up when people look for what you offer

The second mobile hairdresser advertising idea you must absolutely try, is search based marketing.

Search-based marketing means that your client or the prospective client is looking for a solution to their problem and then you show up right when they’re searching.

The benefit of using search-based marketing is that you get discovered when people are looking for your solution. So you’re not interrupting them like a TV commercial in the middle of their favorite show. Or you’re not showing an ad of something they don’t need right now so they’ll forget about it soon.

Search based marketing can be done through SEO or Google PPC Ads

3. Keep being obsessed with reviews

If you’ve been in this business for a while, you surly know that word of mouth marketing is important and also you’re probably aware that there are platforms online where people can leave reviews and comments about your service and therefor spread the “word”.

91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 93% of consumers say that online reviews influenced their decisions to buy a product or a service.

So you really need those and especially positive reviews! The reviews help convince other people who don’t know you yet and who really have no reason to trust you. The reviews are what they will read to see if you can deliver what they want.

But it’s not only that, reviews can also help the algorithms and search spiders of the web to understand that your business is good and reliable because people are talking about it. When this happens, these algorithms see that and they see that you’re legit that you’re credible and they will start promoting you as well.

So considering online reviews as one of the most important mobile hairdresser advertising ideas can benefit you by helping to:

  • Convince people
  • Convince search engines especially Google

We strongly recommend you start collecting reviews for 2022.

4. Have a process to deliver value on social media

Social media, as most popular online platforms like Instagram, can bring you visual transformation.

You have the opportunity to create so much valuable content in that type of business that people will want to see it in their feed.

That’s really a luxury if you compare that to other local businesses.

You need to consider 2 principles that are important when we talk about social media:

  • Number 1: Make sure that you‘re delivering value on social media.

It means what you‘re posting is valuable to people. Both your followers and the algorithm want to see that.

There are so many things you can do to create inspirational content, like sharing before and after pictures.

You can create educational content with your expertise in the topic that your niche is focused on.

You also can create entertaining content which is just letting people in on all the crazy stuff that is happening in your job and letting people see them.

  • Number 2: Make sure you have a process in place for social media

Because one thing that is important to acknowledge is that the social media platforms are designed to get people to spend as much time as possible on these platforms and they’re using powerful psychology and activities to make that happen to feel kind of our reward system, and so on to arouse us to spend more time on social media.

That’s the way they make money because the more you keep being on the platforms the more ads they can show you.

The point you should consider here is to carve out the time so you sit down and plan out the content that you want to be posting.

Also to make sure you’re posting about all relevant things that you want to cover.

These three ideas we mentioned by now, were the general approach you should have to be a successful mobile hairdresser. 

Let’s dig in more.

Mobile hairdresser social media marketing

5. Try to join hairdressing groups

If you want to be discovered by more people and promote mobile hairdressing business, this can be a great step.

Find the hairdressers who are like-minded. They can build lots of opportunities for you to not feel alone in this industry.  Search them in social media platforms, such as:

  •  Facebook
  •  Instagram 
  • YouTube
  • Clubhouse

And also keep being updated about what’s new in the hairdressing industry. 

6. Promote your mobile hairdressing in your local area

Showing off in your local community is one of the most important mobile hairdresser advertising ideas that you should consider in your advertising plan.

Build worthwhile connections with people around you through local promotion. You can do this in places such as:

  • Local community centers
  • schools
  • shopping centers
  • Public transportation 

The one thing that can make you look professional is giving people your business card.

Make sure that your business card design is relevant to your niche, and it includes your business number and social media accounts.

Promote mobile hairdressing business in local area

7. Grab people’s attention with slogans and taglines

Using Interesting slogans and taglines are the last mobile hairdresser advertising idea we are going to talk about here.

You can use them to be incredibly impactful on social media posts, captions, emails, and so on.

They can be something like these:

  • A cut for looking hot
  • A new hairstyle for a new you
  • Let your hair change the atmosphere 

Being creative is key to every successful online and offline business. And you can be inspired by searching for the best hairdresser salons all over the world and following them on your social media platforms.


If you’re not having good customer satisfaction scores and people are not happy and you’re not delivering the perfect quality service and an experience that they enjoy, you will not get those like customer reviews, you will not get that word of mouth marketing that you need and so on.

The internet is flooded with different advertising, strategies, and tactics being talked about right now, and it’s easy to get lost.

All starts with the service experience that you deliver, this is fundamental,

Keep in mind if you want to start working as a mobile hairdresser, you should act as professionally as the hairdresser salon owner.

Let us know in the comments which Ideas were useful for your mobile hairdresser advertising.