10 Amazing eCommerce Website Designs to Inspire You

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Over 2 billion people purchased goods or services online in 2022 worldwide.

This number gives you promising landscape that with an ecommerce website, you can sell more. But not with any ecommerce site! Your website needs to look and work well in order to sell. In order to inspire you, we have gathered 10 ecommerce website designs that leave a great first impression on users.

These websites have been built with various technologies like:

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when you want to design an ecommerce website for your business like mobile-friendliness, well-designed product pages, attractive visual elements, and much more.

But never forget about these 2 important things that differ you from others:

  • The first one is how you present your products
  • The second one is how you tell your business story

Keep that in mind and pay attention to these 10 ecommerce website design examples we have listed for you here.

1. Norqain Ecommerce Website Design

For the first spot to cease and get inspired, we want you to check Norqain ecommerce website design.

This is a luxury watch brand located in Switzerland and its ecommerce website is built on WordPress and with the popular platform of WooCommerce.

The name Norqain stands for its values:

  • N = Always open for the NEW
  • O = Going through life OPEN-MINDED
  • R = A healthy dose of REBELLIOUSNESS
  • Q = Life is about enjoying QUALITY TIME
  • A = Seeking ADVENTURE
  • I = Feeling INDEPENDENT
  • N = Proud to be part of a NICHE

They have designed a website which aligns perfectly with their values.

Don’t forget to pay attention more to their brand story. People care about “why” you do something more than “what you do”.

All the sections from the navigation bar to product pages are perfectly designed.

They have also created a meaningful video of their ambassador (Dean Schneider).

If you are a company with a wide range of missions yet want to be known as a unique and different ecommerce website, we strongly recommend you take a look at this web design.

Norqain ecommerce website design

2. Yolele Ecommerce Website Design

A unique layout with a lot of creative elements on Yolele website is the reason we want to mention it in our list.

It is a website for revolutionary African food and it’s built on Shopify. Everything is incredibly eye-catching in this web design.

What do we like about this ecommerce website design?

  • Playful scrolling
  • Clear product description
  • Clear storytelling section
  • Well-designed product pages
  • Attractive typography
  • Unique navigation design
  • Creative offering similar products’ section

There are a lot of high-quality images and while you are scrolling, the price and the buy button always stick with you. 

The way they have presented the products (how it’s going to be used and giving you a bit of a demo experience) is also impressive.

eCommerce website design for chips

3. LetsTango Ecommerce Website Design

LetsTango, a fast-growing online marketplace in UAE is another ecommerce website design we want you to consider for design inspiration.

This ecommerce website is built on Shopify, has a clear design and its user interface is fantastic.

Let’s take a look at this ecommerce website design and consider the well-done sections, for instance:

  • The products’ page design (Ratings, price, availability, add to wish list, product comparison, add to cart, vendor, share via social media, description, and reviews)
  •  The products’ category design
  • The blog section
  • Their brand message (Let’s be different! Let’s do awesome… Let’s Tango!)

They have also provided a “Can’t find what you’re looking for? Provide some information about this item” box to make visitors feel much closer to them and ask them for what they are seeking directly.

They have played a really good game with words to communicate more emotionally and attract visitors’ attention.

Letstango ecommerce website

4. Seed  Ecommerce Website Design

Seed is a nice ecommerce site that sells probiotics in the United States.

This website is built on Cart Functionality. They do a superb job of drawing the user’s eye to the center of the screen, where they’re going to reveal their product as you scroll down.

They have an image sequence that’s animated on the scroll. This is representing those microbes and also giving a charming splash of color right before they reveal their main product.

Product pages are also designed greatly. They have a delightful, clean page with a white background that makes the green product stand out.

Also, they haven’t given too much information to digest. And visitors can enjoy some pleasant quality product photos as well.

Moreover, they have the “start now” button, the main call to action, right in green in the bottom right.

Seed ecommerce web design

5. Simple Chocolate Ecommerce Website Design

Simple Chocolate is another ecommerce website that is built on WooCommerce.

This company is based in Denmark and their ecommerce website design gives you a bit more insight into the company and its values.

When you start actually scrolling down, you can see how the chocolate looks, and the ingredients are flying around. It does not emerge as a boring grid form and is very impressive!

This web design is a great inspiration source to see what makes your website look more real and reliable in your visitors’ eyes.

Simply chocolate website design

6. Hardgraft  Ecommerce Website Design

Hardgraft is one of the creative and inspiring ecommerce website designs which is built on Shopify.

It is a luxury lifestyle accessories company located in the UK.

What is noticeable about this ecommerce web design?

  • The right use of color
  • Fantastic product page
  • High-quality and attractive products photos
  • Amazing reviews section
  • Unique and clean style

Hardgraft ecommerce website design

7.  BrandDose Ecommerce Website Design

BrandDose sells a wide range of perfume brands and is based in the UAE.

This company’s ecommerce website design is built on WooCommerce.

It is better to consider their well-designed products categories section when you land on this website. It will remind you of Instagram stories.

They do use the normal grid, but we like the way they took inspiration from Instagram to create their navigation.

Branddose online shop

8. Chanel Ecommerce Website Design

Chanel as one of the oldest and most popular French luxury fashion companies is another worthy source to inspire you.

This big company has implemented its ecommerce by SAP Commerce Cloud.

You better check this web design as soon as possible if you want to work in the fashion industry.

There are a lot of great points about this web design, such as:

  • Heavily focused on its branding 
  • Heavily engaging design
  • Highly interactive design
  • Impressive lifestyle photos and videos
  • Well-designed product page
  • Well-categorized navigation bar

Chanel online store

9. Carrefour Ecommerce Website Design

Carrefour is an online marketplace where you can find a wide range of various products. Its ecommerce website is built on SAP Commerce Cloud and Mirakl.

There are a lot of points you can learn from this ecommerce website design, for example:

  • Extremely user-friendly,
  • Up to date with the latest products and promotions
  • The right use of images
  • Well-designed section for top deals
  • Well-detailed product description

Carrefour ecommerce web design

10. Skullcandy  Ecommerce Website Design

For the last example, we want to introduce you to Skullcandy ecommerce website design. It is a website built on BigCommerce.

This American company sells products like headphones, earphones, hands-free devices, audio backpacks, and MP3 players.

What is interesting about this ecommerce website design?

  • Products are easy to discover
  • Great-detailed reviews on video and specs

You will love browsing Skullcandy’s website. Because when it comes to user experience, they have used the best principals, form of visuals, material design elements, and videos.

Skullcandy ecommerce website

Final words

Based on the examples mentioned above, there are a lot of factors you need to consider for your ecommerce website, the most important ones are:

  • Make sure your design aligns perfectly with your brand values
  • Make sure you present your products in an impressive way
  • Make sure your design has the right combination of colors, images, animations and videos
  • Make sure your design has a perfect section for your product page with reviews

Bottom line is: If you want to sell easier and more, don’t compromise the beauty and quality of your ecommerce website design in any way.



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