20 Inspiring Spa Website Designs

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Are you planning to design your spa website? Are you looking for inspiration?

Great! We have something great over here for you to look at before you do anything about your own website.

Building a spa website that completely fits your brand might not seem easy at all. But studying what professional spa site owners do will be a great step to start.

There are a million creative ways to reach out to your target and intended customers when the topic is web design for spa.

We’ve collected 20 inspiring Spa website designs here to help you get inspired and design your own website much faster and easier.

Let’s get started.

Spa Website Designs examples

Each spa website mentioned below, has its own creativity, By combining what they all have in common and a touch of your own brand, you can have a unique website for your own spa too.

1. Sisters Beauty Lounge’s Website Design

It is impossible to visit the Sisters Beauty Lounge web design and not be impressed. Everything has been done perfectly.

They’re definitely going for a more luxury experience with their spa and the website does a really good job of giving off that luxury vibe to attract their ideal clients.

When you visit this website, consider the following items:

  • “Book Now” call to action button that you can see on every page
  • Short and impressive bio with a call to action button
  • The well-designed online shopping store
  • The fantastic services section design with relevant images
  • Clear location description with prominent images
  • Google reviews section
  • Sign-up section to stay updated with offers and promotions
  • Nice color palette
  • QR code for downloading the app
  • Nicely linked to their social media platforms in the navigation menu

By the way, this website is made with WordPress. It can be a great inspiring source for your spa website design if you are looking for luxury vibes.

House listing for real estate website

2. Talise Spa Madinat Jumeirah’s Website Design 

If you are offering luxurious spa experiences, Talise Spa Madinat Jumeirah web design can also be a good station to stop by and get inspired.

What is good about this website?

  • Brand bio (where they tell the visitors what exactly they do)
  • Call to action button “Book Now”
  • High-quality and relevant photos

This Spa website design is a good example if you are the owner of a hotel which provides wellness services as well.

House listing for real estate website

3. 1847’s Website Design

1874 is an award winning luxury spa salon for men and its website is just wonderful to visit and learn from.

The website design is similar to Sisters Beauty Lounge’s web design but with masculine vibes.

So we won’t repeat the points we mentioned earlier, but be sure to pay attention to these items as well:

  • Fantastic visual elements
  • Lovely black and white color palette
  • “Call Now” section that appears everywhere you go on the site

If you have a spa salon for only men, 1847’s website design can be a nice source to get inspired by.

House listing for real estate website

4. Urban Nirvana’s Website Design

Urban Nirvana‘s site is one of the most creative and different websites you’ll find on the internet with very impressive colors on the first page.

Here are what we loved about this spa website design:

  • The colors are very bright and fun (they are targeting a very specific type of person as their ideal client)
  • Call to action “Book Now” button in the navigation
  • Lovely and interesting icons
  • The well-designed showcase of the services with the prices

The web designer has done a fantastic job. It is really a good example of how you can have some bright colors, super front imagery, and put it all together in a way to be visually very pleasing and yet avoid looking overwhelming.

House listing for real estate website

5. Soul Senses Spa & Wellness’s Website Design

Another website we want to mention as a creative spa website design belongs to Soul Senses.

This website is also made with WordPress and has attractive sections, such as:

  • Lovely slideshows (These are really great ways to showcase a lot of images)
  • “Book now” call to action button
  • The simple but clear navigation menu
  • Super cute icons
  • Creative review section (what our clients say)
  • The well-designed opening time and location section
  • Lovely sign-up part

House listing for real estate website

6. Tao Spa’s Website Design

If you are a fan of dark mood web designs, but in an attractive way, you must visit Tao Spa website.

Let’s see what you need to learn from this spa website design:

  • Lovely black and gold color palette
  • The well-designed navigation menu
  • Great brand bio with the “Book Now” button
  • Logo design
  • Easy access to opening times and location
  • Nicely done about the services and the price 

House listing for real estate website

7. La Mamounia Marrakech’s Website Design

La Mamounia Marrakech’s website design is another creative web design for you to get inspired by.

Be sure to consider these points when visiting this website:

  • Gorgeous homepage
  • Different navigation menu
  • Great description for every section
  • A lot of visual elements
  • Nice color palette
  • Booking button

House listing for real estate website

8. Willow Spa’s Website Design

A simple, attractive, and informational website that is a good spot to pay attention to in terms of design is Willow Spa web design.

What are the noticeable points about this website?

  • Great slideshows
  • Live chat part on the first page
  • The well-designed section for their values 
  • Instagram section 
  • The “Welcome” section
  • Great online booking design

House listing for real estate website

9. Elements Spa’s Website Design

Another WordPress website with very beautiful imagery to be impressed by is Elements Spa’s web design.

A clear design for their concept with a lot of visual appeals. It also has a great navigation menu to let you explore various parts of the website smoothly.

House listing for real estate website

10. Juniper’s Website Design

You can’t find anything wrong with Juniper’s website. It is a very clean, simple but super effective design.

 We give credit to this website for its:

  • Display testimonials
  • Navigation
  • Flora patterns
  • Visual interest
  • Brand bio

House listing for real estate website

11. Jazz Lounge Spa’s Website Design

Jazz Lounge Spa has been designed to cater modern men and its website is full of men’s vibes. It is a different spa website design compared to our previous examples.

What is special about this website?

  • Unique and attractive images
  • The creative brand bio
  • The well-designed service section
  • Eye-catching social media part
  • The creative location section
  • Nice sign-up section
  • Easy access to their WhatsApp 

If you are a fan of white and orange color, enjoy a visit to this website.

House listing for real estate website

12. Ananda Spa’s Website Design

A super attractive design that can be a great example to inspire you for your own website is Ananda Spa’s web design.

we do love this web design for these reasons:

  • Header video
  • A lot of fantastic visual interests
  • Creative use of fonts and typography
  • The Well-designed menu
  • Good website strategy
  • Floral elements

House listing for real estate website

13. Yasuragi’s Website Design

Yasuragi has an impressive design for its website. They have shown what they want to do and why you should use their services perfectly and clearly.

What is special about this website?

  • Its logo design
  • Reserving section
  • High-quality and attractive visual elements
  • Nice color palette
  • The navigation menu
  • The extensive information about the services

House listing for real estate website

14. Grotta Giusti’s Website Design

A spa website design that has played a really good game with images is Grotta Giusti’s website.

You can feel the spa’s vibe all over the website. They nicely used their building and its area to show you what you can expect from them.

We’d like to mention some great points of this website, such as:

  • Historic graphical elements
  • Modern lifestyle photography 
  • Great brand bio
  • Nice color palette 
  • Super cute icons
  • The well-designed location section
  • Online booking section

House listing for real estate website

15. Beaverbrook’s Website Design

A creative spa web design which gives its visitor a great experience is Beaverbrook’s website.

We like to mention some points here, such as:

  • A lot of visual interest
  • Lovely icons
  • Online booking section
  • Smooth Navigation menu

Everything has been placed fabulously in this design and you can learn a lot from it.

House listing for real estate website

16. Sturebadet’s Website Design 

If you are a blue lover, Sturebadet’s web design can be a good example for you.

There are a lot of attractive and impressive images on this website that spread positive energies and make you feel calm.

It also has a unique and creative navigation menu mixed with photos.

House listing for real estate website

17. N.Bar’s Website Design 

N.Bar’s website is similar to Sisters Beauty Lounge and 1847’s website design. It definitely has its unique vibe and has bright colors to take your attention once you enter.

Take a look and see how you can implement different and creative vibes in the same base.

House listing for real estate website

18. Shou Sugi Ban House’s Website Design

Shou Sugi Ban House’s website has its own attractive and unique energy. It might look simple but you can’t ignore its impactful vibes.

We love these items about this website:

  • Wise content about their services 
  • A lot of visual interest
  • Its logo
  • Different online booking section
  • Nice color palette

House listing for real estate website

19. La Réserve Geneva’s Website Design

We want to direct your attention to another luxury website that belongs to La Réserve Geneva’s.

Everything is super amazing and well organized here. Be sure to check it out.

House listing for real estate website

20. Gaia Retreat and Spa’s Website Design

And last but not least we have Gaia Retreat and Spa’s website.

An impressive video on the first page with smooth music makes you want to stay longer on the website.

We do love this spa website design because of:

  • A lot of lovely visual elements
  • Creative use of fonts and typography
  • Wise and short content
  • A well-designed brand story section

You can’t find anything wrong with this website. It is super beautiful and fits their concept perfectly.

House listing for real estate website


Your Spa website design should meet your ideal customer’s expectations, and lead them to the best possible experience.

We mentioned a lot of great features above based on well-designed spa websites. As a summary, take a look at this list below, and make sure you equip your spa website with most of these items:

  • Mobile-Friendliness
  • Clear spa service menu to boost sales
  • Service showcase preferably stating the prices
  • Clear and visible contact information
  • Relevant and real photos of your business
  • Simple yet chic layout
  • Previous clients’ reviews



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