20 Creative Restaurant Website Designs in 2021

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Before you plan to order a creative restaurant website design, it’s better to check how your brand can be more impactful and attractive to your audience.

Creative ideas are life-saving heroes for your business in a competitive market. If you don’t offer something eye-catching, you can’t go so far!

Have eyes to seek what is essential for your restaurant website and also concentrate on what makes your restaurant special to the audience’s sight! Then present those on your new website.

We are happy to see you here because professional brand owners always consider a steady stream of creative ideas to keep their businesses relevant and competitive.

There are some essentials you need to focus on for your creative restaurant website design, for instance:

  • Your website should be mobile-friendly
  • Your website should have visual elements
  • Your website should consider Call-To-Actions
  • Your website should use qualified photographs
  • Your website should have an easy navigation
  • Your website should be interactive
  • Your website should be linked to social media

But as images are worth a thousand words, we have provided 20 creative restaurant website designs in 2021 to inspire you for your new website design.

1. Miss Lily Restaurant’s Website Design

Why is Miss Lily’s restaurant an inspiring station for you? Let’s mention the noticeable facts about this restaurant website:

  • You can feel its special theme (Caribbean) the moment you land on the website
  • It has simple, visible toolbars and menus with relevant names
    • The reservation button is created efficiently (for instance)
  • It includes quality and lively photos
  • It has a special part for Instagram to connect you and be more accessible for you
  • You can have an amazing experience via mobile on it
  • Customers can sign up to receive a newsletter 

Visit this creative restaurant website design and click every part to understand how it works and why we consider it a remarkable one!

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2. Asia Asia Restaurant Website Design

Asia Asia restaurant has used WordPress website design to manage its content. Its website brings you night vibes when you visit it. 

Let’s dig in more:

  • It uses a call-to-action button everywhere you go on this website
  • The Instagram feed section is significant enough
  • The dark theme makes it look special
  • You can access the main menu easily
  • The weekly Events section is nicely done

If You are eager to have a dark mood website design it can be a good inspiration.

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3. Atelier M Restaurant’s Website Design

Atelier M has a striking website design. It feels like you want to stay there as long as possible. When you visit its website, at the top it has a short tour to show you the restaurant’s space.

You can learn a lot from this website:

  • A short video tour from all over your restaurant goes a long way
  • The toolbar and the menu are nicely done
  • Booking is accessible wherever you are
  • Visual elements are perfect (we can’t stress that enough)
  • The events part is designed remarkable enough

This website can be a fantastic inspiration source if you really seek a great way to impact your website visitors.

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4. The Ivy Asia Restaurant’s Website Design

Another creative restaurant website design that we’d love to mention is the Ivy Asia restaurant. Besides the wonderful picture you see at the beginning of your search, this website includes a good human attitude vibe. 

Look what they’ve written:

“We’re not doing different things, we’re just doing things differently”

“We want you to have a wonderful time dining with us and we want to help you do that with confidence”

If you make some room for these kinds of lovely words, you can influence your audiences in a better way.

This website has also perfect visual elements and a professional header and menu design.

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5. Pastaria Restaurant’s Website Design

If you like orange vibes, you will fall in love with Pastaria restaurant’s website design.

Besides all the visual parts, its menu design is impressive!

They’ve also designed a creative menu in the shape of an orange circle that includes Gift cards in addition to other essentials.

It can inspire you in an effective way, go and take a look.

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6. Quay Restaurant’s Website Design

Quay’s creative restaurant website design is a good example that plays a good game with its logo.

It also has an off-canvas menu with a lot of high quality photos that make you stay on the website.

It can be a good source to inspire you on how you can make your logo appear in the best way.

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7. Bresca Restaurant’s Website Design

Bresca restaurant website is another noticeable creative restaurant website design that has eye-catching visual elements.

Its story, adding its team names, and benefits from two solid color vibes to show the restaurant’s nature effects are the reason why you need to visit it to be inspired.

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8. The Blue Posts Restaurant’s Website Design

Is the structure of your restaurant building maneuverable? Look what the Blue Posts restaurant has done with its website’s home page!

What is different about this creative restaurant website design?

  • Its main header and other parts are at the bottom but accessible wherever you are
  • A different design for elements like private events and clarification for every floor

Like the previous 7 restaurants we talked about, it also equips its website with significant photos and clear call to actions.

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9. Tio Luchin Restaurant’s Website Design

Whether you are a fan of black color or not, Tio Luchin’s creative web design will surprise you!

Its dark background, fabulous photos, and perfect content design make you stay on the website longer!

A fascinating short video makes the website more loveable.

It is a unique catering-style restaurant.

This website also has a creative main menu design that we want you to notice.

  • They use “let’s talk” instead of “contact us” which is more friendly.

Look and check how this website makes an attractive spot for their audiences.

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10. OLÉ SOIREE Restaurant’s Website Design

Pink and blue vibes, make the OLÉ SOIREE restaurant’s website design look magnetic.

The way they use the photos to share their unique mission and story is exemplary.

If you want to do something more than serve food, this website will inspire you.

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11. CARAVAN Restaurant’s Website Design

CARAVAN restaurant has used its space as a website background.

Its main menu is also noticeable enough to not let its visitors lose their way.

It has incredible images, a unique vibe, and a well-designed location that we want you to consider.

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12. Bevri Restaurant’s Website Design

Bevri’s creative restaurant website design is a good example for the ones who want to take their audience to the moon. Yeah, you read right!

It is a specific Georgian restaurant that makes its visitors motivated to stay and check every corner of this website because it seems so enjoyable!

Every part is designed perfectly, such as:

  • Signup for the update news part
  • Menu part
  • Photos
  • Smooth navigation
  • The expressive and remarkable writing part
  • Fantastic design for Delivery, pickup, and catering button

This website is a good spot to cease and get inspired.

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13.  Heat Restaurant’s Website Design

For dark mode lovers, Heat‘s creative restaurant design is a good source to be inspired by. They released their restaurant name meaning vibes all over the Web Design. You can feel the vibe once you visit it.

We like to mention some of its wonderful points, such as:

  • Unique color scheme and shapes
  • The toolbar and menu bar are well designed
  • Its logo vibe is everywhere
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14. Le Bernardin Restaurant’s Website Design

If you are a fan of design that consists of photos of your team’s happy faces and transfers good energy, Le Bernardin restaurant Web Design is the one you are looking for.

It also has other considerable points, like:

  • Well-arranged content about its story
  • Classic design
  • Mouthwatering food photos 
House listing for real estate website

15. Lanterne Verde Restaurant’s Website Design

Lanterne Verde restaurant is another creative web design that has concentrated on its chef and team members.

Opening time design, newsletter section and photos are done impressively.

You can see and download the menu with details.

The high-quality pictures will make every visitor stay and make a reservation. The reservation process on this website is also easy and desirable.

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16. Happy Camper Restaurant’s Website Design

“Don’t worry, Eat Happy” is a funny and interesting motto belonging to Happy Camper’s creative restaurant website design.

It plays an attractive game with the words.

Its Colorful web design transfers good vibes too. Also check its well-designed menu.

“Reserve a table, Camper” is a good attitude to make your website look more palsy-walsy.

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17. The Spaniard Restaurant’s Website Design

Another creative design for dark mode lovers is the Spaniard restaurant website design. It looks mysterious and eye-catching.

The reservation button at the top, a nature vibe artwork at the start page, unique address, and location are the points you need to consider.

This website design shares its space to guide visitors on what they will see in the restaurant.

And another remarkable point is its store section, they sell sweatshirts, caps and t-shirts with their logo. It can be a good inspiration to be more close to your clients and be pleased with the outcome.

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18. Ciccio Mio Restaurant’s Website Design

Ciccio Mio’s creative restaurant website design uses an oversimplified and upscale website to exhibit a nice Italian restaurant atmosphere by the use of various vintage looking pictures.

The large sized photos make the design look unique and magnificent.

Menus are beautifully designed and won’t make you feel bored to read them.

This website has all the effective website design elements to inspire you.

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19. Block 16 Restaurant’s Website Design

Block 16’s website design is powerful and phenomenal to be inspired by.

The video at the main page talks to you in the most impressive way.

We want you to check “about page” and see how flawless they’ve designed it.

Exciting and motivating vibes are all over the website space.

If you are the owner of a fast food restaurant, it would be so helpful to look and learn from every single corner of this incredible website design.

  • The visual elements are well designed
  • The toolbar and menus are nicely done
  • There are mouthwatering food pictures

You can experience a real show when you are on this website. Do not procrastinate and take a look.

House listing for real estate website

20. Green Rebel Restaurant’s Website Design

And finally, we want to introduce you to an epic website design that belongs to Green Rebel restaurant.

Once you visit its start page, it plays a video that shows you what you should expect from this place. It’s like you are there and everything looks real.

All the parts of this website are designed eye-catching.

The animations, background color, and typography are all spot on.

This creative restaurant website design with a unique and clean style can be a serious point to learn how you can design your own restaurant website more effectively.

House listing for real estate website

Final Words

If you really want to act professionally and design the best website for your restaurant, you need to focus on your strength and boldness, whether it is your restaurant’s decor or your food.

Being creative in the restaurant industry can highly level up your brand.

As we mentioned from the beginning, you need to pay attention to some details, such as:

  • Eye-catching background images
  • Attractive color schemes
  • Consider call to action buttons on every possible and right spot
  • Catchy scrolling animations
  • Qualified and storyteller photos
  • Newsletter sign ups
  • Signup sections
  • Effective use of the logo
  • Well-designed menu
  • Have a clear and unique tone for your content
  • Get benefits of short videos to make visitors feel everything is real

And be careful about your niche and don’t get too far from what is your mission,

Your website design is how you appear to your visitors, so make a clear plan for it and never underestimate it.

Tell us in the comment which website designs we suggested here, helped inspire you for your own website. 



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