20 Creative Hair Salon Website Designs

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“Things change, roll with it!”

A cool quote from the Friends series. What we are trying to tell you is if there is room to make your hair salon business more visible and reach out to more people, what are you waiting for?

Get out of the traditional moves shells and show off the way you must.

You need to build the best possible showcase for your hair salon and for that you need some inspiring web designs to widen your horizons. 

Here we have collected 20 creative hair salon website designs in this article. 20 inspiring stations which you need to stop by to explore new and fantastic inspirations for your own website.

Let’s get started.

20 Creative Hair Salon Website Designs

Check out these hair salon websites and get inspired for getting a cool website design for your own salon.

Make sure to keep your mouse cursor on the images to scroll or tap the images on your mobile or tablet.

1. Nicolas & Jean Beauty Salon’s website Design

For the first example, it would be nice to visit Nicolas & Jean Beauty Salon’s website.

It is a unique hair salon website design that has painting vibes. It wants you to think every beautiful thing can happen to you as easily as painting. Like you order, and they draw it!

We love the message they want to deliver.

What is special about this hair salon web design?

  • Creative menu design
  • Well-designed services section
  • Nice color palette
  • The impressive brand bio 
  • A Beautiful “Take an appointment” button and its form
  • Cute icons
  • The “Meet Our Team” section is nicely done
  • Easy access to every part due to its design
  • Creative part for contacting them via call, email, or social media platforms

You’ll like this design a lot if you are a fan of black, purple, and white colors.

House listing for real estate website

2. The Curl Therapy’s Website Design

This super creative website mixed with fantasy elements that makes you excited to check all parts of the website that belongs to The Curl Therapy’s website.

It is one of our favorite ones on the list. 

Let’s go through some highlighted points of this website:

  • Creative menu 
  • A lot of visual interests
  • Nice color palette
  • The call to action button is implemented for every different service
  • Nice brand bio content
  • Eye-catching Instagram part
  • The well-designed bottom part of the page

You can learn a lot if you want to master your own web design for a salon.

House listing for real estate website

3. GQ Men’s Hair Lounge’s Website Design

Super amazing hair salon’s website with a lot of men’s vibes is GQ Hair Lounge.

We love these points about this hair salon website design:

  • Creative design for menu (the way it appears)
  • A lot of relevant photos
  • The well-designed “book an appointment” button
  • Creative use of fonts and typography
  • The well-designed section for their social media’s platform
  • A great part for consultation with the “Book Now” button
  • Different bottom page
House listing for real estate website

4. Josh Wood Hair Salon’s Website Design

The website design with a very welcoming and calming Image at the top belongs to Josh Wood Hair Salon’s website.

A Shopify web design that has been organized well for its

  • Shop section 
  • Work portfolio 
  • The personal consultation 

Its menu is also perfectly done. Go and take a look.

House listing for real estate website

5. Jet Rhys Hair Salon’s Website Design

An amazing website with a professional design that belongs to Jet Rhys Hair Salo’s Website.

You need to pay attention to its great points, such as:

  • The well-designed live chat
  • Call to action “Appointment” button
  • Great tutorial videos
  • Nice color palette
  • “Hit me up” at the bottom of the page for newsletters
  • Well-designed menu
  • A lot of visual interests
  • Great blogs section

We strongly recommend you to check out all parts of this website to design your own hair salon website way much better.

House listing for real estate website

6. Metropolis Salon’s Website Design

When you visit Metropolis Salon’s website, you can feel that you’re in a professional area where everything is well organized.

What do we love about this hair salon website design?

  • A short tour video though their salon and works
  • Perfect color palette
  • A very welcoming team’s photo on the first page
  • The right use of color and text
  • Nice social media icons at the top
  • Location section
  • Well designed service section
  • Two different calls to action buttons for new and existing clients

It is just the perfect design for a hair salon, you can learn a lot from this website.

House listing for real estate website

7. Pastels Salon’s website Design

Pastels Salon’s website is a creative and unique website designed with big-size women’s hairstyle photos that completely relate to their concept.

Let’s see what is special about this hair salon website design:

  • High-quality relevant photos
  • Well-designed menu
  • WhatsApp chat is an easy way to reach them
  • Reviews part
  • A special part as “Our Promise” 
  • Super informational website for its salon and works
  • Well-designed team’s member section

You can feel how professional they are by visiting the website and they’ve really designed every part perfectly.

House listing for real estate website

8. Keratin Treatment’s Website Design

Super beautiful spot with Gray and pink vibes belongs to the Keratin Treatments website.

This web design for a salon can be super impressive because everything is placed in the right part such as:

  • online booking
  • online chatting
  • brand’s bio 
  • inquiry form

This hair salon website design includes a lot of visual interests which makes you stay longer and willingly book an appointment.

House listing for real estate website

9. George Northwood Hair Salon’s Website Design

A gorgeous website’s appearance mixed with white and gray vibes belongs to George Northwood Hair Salon’s website.

What is special about this web design?

  • unconventional placement of the menu bar
  • Unique photos with the owner of the salon
  • Wise content section
  • Tutorials and videos
  • Creative use of “Find Us” for the location and the opening hours

We love this hair salon website design for its user-friendly features that make everything look different and special.

It is really a unique design that has its advocates. Go and check it.

House listing for real estate website

10. Mike Alam Beauty’s Website Design

A website with a bold message to its visitors and clients belongs to Mike Alam Beauty’s Website.

What can you learn from this hair salon website design?

  • The navigation menu nicely overlays the banner image  
  • Impressive brand bio
  • Interesting icons for calling or chatting 
  • Well-designed services and prices section
House listing for real estate website

11. Eyana Salon’s Website Design

Eyana Salon’s website is a well-organized web design that includes a lot of pertinent images to tell you what you should expect from their salon.

What you should consider when visiting this website:

  • The well-designed logo
  • Beautiful slideshows on the first page
  • A lot of visual interest
  • Right using of one color background

Clicking the ‘Menu’ option on the top-right corner of the site will give you all the details.

House listing for real estate website

12. Percy & Reed Salon’s Website Design 

Another example of the right use of color, font, and image belongs to Percy & Reed Salon’s website.

Everything is well organized. The design is something super special; you can’t see it everywhere.

We can also mention more points, such as:

  • A homepage with all needed information
  • Super cute icons and interesting animated elements
  • A perfect design for various parts of a menu
  • Attractive color palette
  • Well-designed “About Us” section
  • A great design for online shopping 

This web design gives a vibrant feel and makes you feel you are in a place that is hard to leave.

House listing for real estate website

13. Chill Salon’s Website Design

Another creative hair salon website design that we love to mention as case number 13 is Chill Salon’s Website.

And what we love about this web design is as follows:

  • A lot of relevant photos
  • Creative logo design
  • The right use of white color for a whole site
  • A clear and simple location part
  • An informative website
  • Nice details for each provided service

You won’t feel overwhelmed when you are visiting this website. They have done a great job.

House listing for real estate website

14. Next Hair Salon’s Website Design

“Bringing Art Into Hair” is a brief and impressive motto of Next Hair Salon’s Website

What can you learn from this hair salon website design?

  • Adequate space for the logo of the salon 
  • Keeping things separate and less distracting
  • Easily locate the brand’s offerings

There are many ways to seem efficient in your customers’ eyes, this website got big help from the creative use of fonts and content within a simple mood.

It is a good example of a clean, smartly-designed website.

House listing for real estate website

15. Ned’s Parlour’s Website Design

If you don’t like to design your website with various colors and use a lot of visual elements, Ned’s Parlour’s website is a great inspiring example for you.

The bright background, the use of simple fonts, and limited text are quite professional and clean.

The call buttons on the home screen can be easily found and help users to book appointments without any hassle.

House listing for real estate website

16. Paul Edmonds Salon’s Website Design

A website with well-designed slideshows on the homepage belongs to Paul Edmonds Salon’s Website.

 It would be great if you consider these points while checking this web design:

  • vibrant use of the image 
  • A strong menu section for more details
  • Well-designed FAQ’s  part
  • The right use of a neutral color palette
House listing for real estate website

17. The Chapel Salon’s Website Design 

If your salon building and its area are maneuverable, The Chapel Salon’s website can be a good station to stop by and get inspired.

Its menu bar with various options helps the customer find their needs easily.

An option of “Late Availability” on the right corner of the page is nicely done.

This website also shared useful information that you need to know.

House listing for real estate website

18. Glasshouse Salon’s Website Design  

Are you more into words than sharing colorful and visual elements? Then Glasshouse Salon’s website will be a nice example for you.

 What do we love about this web design for a salon?

  • Impressive use of color and text
  • Well-designed placement of the images 
  • Placement of location, opening hours
  • Different use of  menu bar options

It is just a simple and clean design which will help the customers to choose more confidently.

House listing for real estate website

19. Neville Hair and Beauty Salon’s Website Design

Another clean design with a captivating atmosphere belongs to Neville Hair and Beauty Salon’s website.

It has a super well-designed call to action button for “Book Now”.

This hair salon website design makes you feel special as you scroll up and down, it tells you that you are in a unique area.

We want you to know that this gorgeous web design can teach you a good lesson, you don’t have to unhide everything to look professional.

House listing for real estate website

20. Sheek Beauty’s Website Design 

And for the last creative hair salon website design, we want you to visit Sheek Beauty’s website.

A black background color helps the images look more impressive and makes you concentrate more on what it offers.

Their brand bio is impressive enough to lead you to check their various services and book an appointment.

If you are a big fan of using the black color, it can be a good spot to explore.

House listing for real estate website


You want to be impressive, grab the customers’ attention, and offer them the best possible services that you can, we understand you.

We gathered these 20 inspiring hair salon website designs to show you it doesn’t matter if your website menu is at the top, at the right or left side, no matter if you use a bunch of colors or use a single one, you can have a stunning hair salon website in many ways.

But we want you to keep these important items in your mind:

  • Be clear about your call to action buttons
  • Be sure to place your salon’s location and opening hours nicely
  • Be sure that your website is mobile-friendly
  • Be sure that your services and the prices are shown with a nice design
  • Be careful about your visual elements to not be boring
  • Be sure to have a section for the reviews
  • Be sure you have direct access to your social media platforms

Testimonial videos and tutorial videos can also help to drive more customers to your website and then your salon spot.

Let us know in the comments which web design inspired you the most and if you need any help building your website.



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