20 Clinic Advertising Ideas to Boost Your Medical Clinic

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If you own a medical clinic and would like to keep your schedule filled with bookings from loyal patients, keep reading.

We’ve got 20 powerful clinic advertising ideas to share with you to assist you to keep patients engaged and grow your practice.

For advertisement for your clinic, you should consider these three categories of people:

  • The people who already know you and have worked with you
  • The people who are aware of you but are not working with you
  • The people who are unaware that you exist

Every category can have its unique promotion methods.

Let’s jump into the clinic advertising ideas and explain to you how to do better in a competitive world.

Advertising ideas to boost medical clinics

20 Clinic Advertising Ideas for Promoting Medical Clinics

Read all and choose the best pointers based on your own clinic’s conditions, resources, and budget.

1. Benefit from referrals for your clinic

Obviously, referrals are going to be the fastest and ultimate free movement for your clinic advertising. So, if you have existing patients, you need to have a process in place to ask them for referrals.

We want to be very clear with something, referrals and word of mouth are not the same.

Word of mouth is very passive, maybe things are going to happen. Hope and pray type of approach.

A referral is an orchestrated strategy of turning your patients or clients into partners with you who are going to bring other people like themselves into your practice. 

So, you have to have a strategy for clinic advertising through referrals. This could be done through referral and loyalty programs for your patients, rewarding them with something valuable when they refer someone to you, or with other healthcare professionals, referring patients to one another.

2. Consider email advertising for your clinic

The second promotion method that is relatively fast and more or less free is going to be sending email advertisements for clinics.

So, if you have people on your email list like patients, clients and prospects you should be emailing them frequently, adding value, letting them know about what’s going on, who you are and how you can serve them.

The way to do this is to ensure that you are at least emailing once a week.

If you’ve been on a podcast or you launched a new YouTube video, you should be sending this to them in the form of an email. If you have a new promotion, you can let them know through emails.

This is going to help you make sure that you’re kept top of mind and that if they ever need someone to provide them with a service, then you’re gonna be the one that they think about.

Email advertising and marketing are hugely missed and underutilized in most businesses. Don’t be like most businesses!

Email advertising for medical clinics & health care businesses

3. Do SMS marketing for your clinic

Text is a third way that is absolutely effective. We will give you an example.

Imagine you are sitting at home, minding your next move for a day, you get a text message from your vet.

“Hey, Dexter (your dog’s name) is due for his upcoming checkup”

And then you are thinking, you don’t remember ever scheduling one but sure, let’s go with it.

You took your dog into the vet and a thousand dollars later you came back home afterward you may be just in awe of how that all happened from “you never even considered going to the vet with your dog” to “doing so because of a text message you received from the vet”.

While you are at the vet you understand that for what your dog needed the checkup that you purchased for a thousand dollars this plan was the best thing for your dog.

The whole thing is beautiful. The beauty of this is that you can take someone from not even thinking about you to all of a sudden coming in and working with you whether that’s virtual or in-person, and now it’s like boom! You’ve reactivated them as a paying patient. 


There are different services you can use for texting and these can help you to do it easily.

Pro tip

These three (referrals, email, and text) are for your patients who know you and trust you. They have done business with you already.

In order for the free and fast stuff to work, you have to tap into your existing patient base and if you don’t have one then that’s why you should focus on the other two groups which are free and slow.

Let’s just talk about a couple ways that are free but slow.

4. Do blogging for your Clinic

A lot of active users on the internet look online for Medical information and problems.

This blogging opportunity can provide a platform that you can show your expertise and your tune to the world and also your targeted patients.

You need to be patient and publish trend topics in your niche regularly.

Answer their medical questions, find a solution for their pain point, and eventually make them trust you to be your client.

You can also get help from us at DAAVIN. We can help you to drive a reliable stream of traffic to your website and convert them into customers.

Blogging to promote medical clinics & services

5. Consider using social media accounts for your Clinic

Building engaging audiences can help you a lot, but as you know it takes time, and you have to be patient.

You are looking for ways to be found, so let your social media help you.

There are some great platforms, such as:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Clubhouse
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

All these social media platforms need their specific tune and efforts, the most common thing between these are being active and posting frequently.

Social media advertising for doctors & medical clinics

6. Shoot YouTube videos for your clinic

Making Youtube videos can be an effective method for clinic advertising if you’ve searched enough to find what topics in your niche are interesting for the customers.

Ideas for making YouTube videos

  • Having an interview with your patients
  • Talk about your patient’s pain points 
  • Answer your patient question

And these ideas can be different due to your niche. Keep in your mind that being active on YouTube only can drive leads to your clinic.

7. Participate or host webinars to drive patients to your clinic

The competition tip number 7 is about using the power of webinars to generate high-quality leads for your clinic.

The reason we recommend you webinars is you can use them especially if you’re selling services that are expensive enough, and need a bit more of an educational process to enable prospects to understand the value of the service.

Webinars really do a good job at this.

Imagine if you have a clinic that offers hormonal replacement therapy, for example, testosterone replacement therapy for men who may be experiencing a lack of vitality, low energy, or may have anxiety issues, so you want to explain exactly what this does for them and you know the benefits they could realize from having this treatment done.

What could you do?

  • Invite men who fall into this category
  • Explain exactly what the services entails (the cost, the features,…)
  • Answer all their questions

This creates a very personable environment for them to see you perform on screen.

Some of them will convert into the patients of your clinic and for those who don’t convert, you’ve got their emails so you can actually email them with special offers in the future.

And even after the webinar, you could have the recording posted on YouTube or Facebook and drive traffic.

8. Consider sending direct mail for your clinic’s client and potential customers 

Direct mail is an amazing opportunity although it is a paid and slow method.

Direct mail needs to be done properly. You can set the right offer, the right messaging. It can take a little bit of time in terms of creativity, fulfillment, shipping, etc.

We do believe that this is a massive opportunity for sure.

9. Invest in SEO for your clinic

SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate in converting patients

Search Engine Optimization is what we talked about above with blogging and YouTube.

We are going to make a very clear distinction. We are not saying you should spend time blogging, but we do think there is value in having some SEO work done for your website so that when people type in physical therapist Detroit, like wherever you are, that your website ranks higher in Google.

That is a worthwhile investment of your time and money, but it takes time for that ranking to occur.

For the next clinic advertising idea, we recommend you use paid advertising but you need to divide your paid advertising into two bits.

  • Prospecting
  • Retargeting

Let’s dig in.

10. Benefit from prospecting paid advertising for your clinic

With prospecting, you’re reaching out to prospects who have never heard about you, your brand, your clinic, and the services you offer before, and in some cases, they don’t even know they have a problem.

So, the best way to reach out to these sorts of prospects is to use video ads and video content and you might be thinking that you are not really good at shooting video, I don’t have a cinematographer on hand, and so on. And keep asking yourself how am I going to generate these videos?

This is where the webinar comes in handy because you can actually use the webinar you shot in the previous point we discussed.

And you could chuck the webinar into bite-size and use it in your video ads or you could actually use the whole webinar in your video ad.

Video content marketing for clinics & doctors

11. Benefit from retargeting paid advertising for your clinic

People have seen your video ads and, in most cases, they’re going to go over to your website but not book an appointment with your clinic and what you are going to do is retarget them.

You can send specific designs for this category of prospects who have visited you but haven’t taken any action and you can use an image ad on Facebook or Google partner websites.

It’s very likely that once people have engaged with you like:

  • They’ve been on your webinar,
  • They’ve watched your video ads on Facebook
  • They might have been to your website

They need a little bit more pushing to trust you enough to actually come to your clinic. By showing them ads of your clinic, in places that they don’t predict, you can create a sense of trust about your business. You can also remind them of your clinic, and sometime all it takes is a little bit of reminding.

12. Run Facebook ads for your clinic

Facebook has three billion people that you don’t need to serve, you just need to serve a couple of hundred, maybe a few thousand in your community, and you’ve built the business of your dreams.

Facebook ads allow you at the push of a button to get your message in front of the exact people you want to speak to 24/7 at will.

You can have nothing and then the next day you push “publish on your Facebook ads” and then within hours or days, you have now put a message, an invitation for people to come into the clinic or whatever that looks like at the push of a button.

These ads are like 24/7 digital salespeople that are working for you. If they’re done properly then you’ll see an amazing return.

We are not saying to give money to Facebook, we are saying to invest money in Facebook. Invest in your business by leveraging Facebook.

13. Consider Google PPC for your clinic

Google pay-per-click ads could be an amazing clinic promoting tool. Someone types in “physical therapist Detroit” you can end up in the search results or at the top three listings or on the right-hand search sometimes.

Google Ads have many benefits and there are many reasons why you should chose them. They are affordable, they are completely in your hands and they give you amazing results. So why not?

14. Encourage online customer reviews for your clinic

The best advertising is always going to be the word of mouth, because it touches people’s hearts with trust. So in this method, we show you how you can take word of mouth advertising to the next level by generating loads of positive online reviews for your clinic.

The best way to do this clinic advertising is to follow up with your customers or patients once you’ve delivered a service to them.

Most patients are eager to use online reviews to choose the best provider.

follow up with them with an email that has a customer satisfaction survey and get them to feel this and actually incentivizes them to fill in the survey using the discount voucher for the next time they visit your clinic

To incentivize them to fill in and ask them questions like how satisfied they are with the services you delivered and how likely they are to refer a friend to you.

So if you get fantastic feedback from them, then the next step in the survey should be providing them links to your Google profile page or your Facebook business page for them to leave positive reviews for you on there.

Online customer reviews on medical clinics & health care

15. Consider video testimonials for your clinic

We recommend you reach out to customers who scored you very highly in the customer satisfaction survey that you sent out and said they would introduce you or they would refer you to a friend of theirs. Ask them to provide you with a video testimonial. They can easily just record a short video from themselves, on their mobile phone, nothing too complicated.

And in this video testimonial, you want them to recount the experience by talking about the problem they had that made them reach out to you. What needs or problems do they have to make them reach out to you and when they have reached you and why they have found you professionally effective.

16. Offer free services for your clinic

 This can be a great opportunity for your clinic advertising to drive more people into your place and see your care approach and amazing services.

The free services can be something like:

  • Free blood pressure screenings
  • Free explanation about their test
  • Free short checkups

Or also you can offer free practices for the first 10 patients who visit your clinic.

17. Publish articles in medical journals 

This can be a great approach to show off your expertise in a specific subject to the medical community.

These kinds of journals as you know have two impressive points:

  • They are much more in-depth
  • They are much more research-based

And also you can link to these articles on your social media or website bio pages. It can have a huge impact on your potential prospects to trust you and visit your clinic.

18. Give out special branding packages to patients of your clinic

You can provide branding packages for your clinic advertising that can include:

  • Brochures
  • Takeaway items like pens, magnets, notepads, etc.
  • Short e-book about the patient’s problem

By giving out informative and creative items, you can leverage medical branding and lead your patients to be more eager to visit your clinic.

19. Do some traditional advertisings for your clinic

Traditional advertising, such as:

  • radio
  • TV commercial
  • print ads
  • billboards

are still great ways to reach people, grab their attention and make them know about your clinic. The only thing you should care about here is choosing a relevant place or channel to run your ads and drive local visitors to your clinic.

Traditional advertising for medical clinics & health centers

20. Be more accessible for your patients

Giving true attention and care about your patients’ questions, pain points, or problems can build a firm channel to grab their attention and make them your client.

If you dislike sharing your personal number or email, you can keep being active to answer their question, whether online or offline. There are many ways to do this, you can:

  • Share a work email with them
  • Develop chat bots that will answer patient’s questions out of the working hours
  • Develop and arrange a system with your reception to refer at least urgent inquiries to you even late at night


We are sure you want to empower your patients to take control of their future and their health. It’s the same thing with marketing, you need to take control of your business and you have to develop business skills.

A business owner leverages systems and an investor leverages money. And what we suggest to you is to spend more time in becoming a business owner if you are not already.

Become the investor, be willing to invest in your business to use the leverage of your time and credit in the form of credit cards which we are not talking about getting into consumer debt, we are talking about using a credit card in a very short amount of time in the form of advertising to attract patients coming into your practice who will pay off those credit cards before the billing cycle even finishes.

Let us know in the comments that among the ideas we mentioned here which ones you found practical for your clinic.



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