20 Brilliant Real Estate Website Design Examples

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Whether you are looking for suitable developers to design your real estate website or looking for inspiration, we recommend you read this article to figure out what your website should look like to stand out in the massive industry of real estate.

But before you check the list we have provided here, we want to answer an important question:

What features should your real estate website have? 

  • A clear explanation of the real estate niche you serve
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Well-described property listings 
  • Online appointment setting options 
  • Testimonials to show your credibility
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Google Map view
  • Nearby points of interest
  • Virtual tour
  • High-quality photos of properties

This list doesn’t cease here, but we want you to get more familiar with essential features that your website must have through the examples we have mentioned here.

Take a look at these 20 brilliant real estate website design examples to get ideas for a more effective website.

1. Farrell Realty Real Estate’s Website Design

For the first real estate web design example, we want to mention Farrell Realty

You can find everything on the website user-friendly and fantastic. The green scheme is nicely suited to the area they work in.

On the first page, there is a high-quality and informational video for visitors to ease the process of trusting and showing them what they should expect from Farrell Realty.

What else is interesting about this web design?

  • The simple but impressive design
  • A cute icon in the bottom right corner for accessibility adjustment
  • A well-organized menu bar that contains essential pages
  • The “Google Map” feature
  • The social media links
  • Newsletter sign ups

House listing for real estate website

s2. Hamptons International Real Estate’s Website Design

This award-winning real estate agency in Dubai is the next example we want you to check out.

Hamptons International has provided a well-designed website with a lot of high-quality relevant photos.

What is special about this website?

  • A complete and practical menu 
  • Well-designed descriptions and google maps for every property
  • A WhatsApp icon to contact them easily

House listing for real estate website

3. Serhant Real Estate’s Website Design

Serhant is a professional real estate agency with a professional website based in New York. As a creative real estate web design example, Serhant has considerable points, such as:

  • A video to explain the niche they serve clearly on the first page.
  • Well-designed menu bar
  • Nice color pallet
  • Easy to find call-to-action buttons
  • Clear market area section

House listing for real estate website

4.  Betterhomes Real Estate’s Website Design 

This real estate website design is superb. They explain their mission to you with simple and impressive phrases like:

“Let’s find you a home”

“Let’s find you an apartment”

“Let’s find you a villa”

Betterhomes’ website knows how to grab the visitors’ attention.

“Experience better” is a simple motto that has been placed at the bottom of the site, and we love it.

You can learn a lot from this website. Be sure to check out these points:

  • Background video is nicely placed at the top
  • Great friendly section to invite visitors to join the social media channels
  • Well-designed review section
  • Helpful content in the blog
  • Advanced search
  • Properties description (it includes photos, map, video, 360°view and book a viewing)
  • Shareable property details via various platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or through email
  • Google map that shows nearest schools and metros
  • Well-designed contact box
  • Calculator for the monthly costs
  • Showing similar properties for each property you choose

House listing for real estate website

5. Zillow Real Estate’s Website Design

Zillow is one of the most powerful and popular American online real-estate marketplaces.

Its website can be a big help for you to gain a better view of what a good real estate web design should look like. Everything is placed in the right spot. Go and take a look.

House listing for real estate website

6. Deyaar Real Estate’s Website Design

This clean and well-organized real estate web design belongs to great property developers based in Dubai. 

Yes, Deyaar is another fantastic example.

What is special about this real estate web design example?

  • Well-designed call-to-action buttons
  • Well-defined search options
  • Great filtering system
  • Labeling the trending properties with a “Hot” icon
  • Easy access to contacting them via live chat

House listing for real estate website

7. Mark Allen Realty Real Estate’s Website Design

Mark Allen Realty is another American realtor website we like to mention here.

“Bringing You Home” motto tells you everything about the website’s vibe.

What is special about this web design?

  • The perfect albums of properties photos
  • Well-designed logo
  • A simple and well-categorized design for various categories like “FIND A HOME”, “OFFICE LISTINGS”, “OUR AGENTS” and “WHAT’S MY HOME WORTH”
  • Clear and well-designed description and map
  • Well-placed client login to get more in-depth content

House listing for real estate website

8. Al Fattan Real Estate’s Website Design

Al Fattan properties based in Dubai is another well-designed real estate web design.

Look at what we found notable about this website design:

  • Easy access to the location and nearby facilities of the properties
  • Image-rich gallery
  • Simple search feature
  • Informative property descriptions

House listing for real estate website

9. Chicago Premier Realty’s Website Design

Chicago Premier Realty, like other websites that we mentioned here, has done a great job with what they do and how they do it.

You can clearly see a fantastic explanation about their niche once you land on the website.

What is remarkable about this real estate web design example?

  • The unique and clean style for their services
  • The team introduction
  • Listing categories (commercial, condos, home rental, and home purchase)
  • Well-designed contact form

House listing for real estate website

10. Haus & Haus Real Estate’s Website Design

A luxurious design that has provided everything in the perfect form belongs to Haus & Haus. It is another real estate web design example based in Dubai.

We loved its unique and efficient style. “We’re still in this together!” sounds pretty nice, right? You can sense a friendly vibe too. A station to stop, trust and make a purchase.

Visit the website and consider these points:

  • Perfect accessibility to contact the company
  • Property details and “Latest Property & Community News” are nicely done
  • The credible use of testimonials section
  • Newsletter sign up section
  • The right use of black and white color
  • Linking to all possible social media channels
  • A great finance calculator
  • The right usage of font and images
  • A well-organized menu

House listing for real estate website

11. Realtor’s Website Design

Realtor is another brilliant real estate web design example that can inspire you to order a better website for your own.

Right after their motto “let’s find a home that’s perfect for you” they have provided the search bar with 5 categories (buy, rent, pre-approval, just sold, and home value).

You only need to check this website, and then you will figure out why we have added it to our list.

House listing for real estate website

12.  Partnerz Real Estate’s Website Design

Partnerz is a different and impressive real estate website that has been designed to help people list their houses on Airbnb.

Everything is clear and in a nice visual form. If you want to try great animations for your own website, this station will inspire you a lot.

House listing for real estate website

13. Dubai Properties Website Design

Dubai Properties is another remarkable and super professional website design in the real estate industry.

Let’s count some special features of this real estate web design example:

  • A simple and information-rich website
  • Virtual tours
  • A gallery with images from multiple angles 
  • Easy and quick access to register section
  • Well-designed live chat and WhatsApp icons

We believe this website can inspire you to design a more impressive website for your own business.

House listing for real estate website

14. Mariah Hamm Real Estate’s Website Design

This unique and creative real estate web design belongs to Mariah Hamm

This personal design has played a good game with words, the typography, and the color scheme.

Here you can feel you are in a safe place to do your real estate investment.

By the way “Did someone say cute houses?” is the creative call to action this website has chosen to get visitors’ emails.

House listing for real estate website

15. Berdan Real Estate’s Website Design

Berdan site can attract you as a visitor with an artistic and magnificent style. It is truly a modern real estate web design example.

Everything about this web design is different, like:

  • Menu
  • Contact part
  • Blog

If you want your website to look more unique, this is a good inspiring spot.

House listing for real estate website

16. Keller Williams Realty’s Website Design

Keller Williams Realty is a good web design example for showing you are professional in what you do.

A clean and simple design with the right use of colors can gain visitors’ trust to stay in the website more and take action.

We strongly recommend you to visit the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count.

House listing for real estate website

17. Carman Friend Real Estate’s Website Design

Carman Friend is a fantastic inspiration source for you.

Every section is designed perfectly, like:

  • A powerful search feature
  • An amazing listing design
  • Well-designed call-to-action buttons
  • Eye-catching background video

This website has a unique and lovely design for the “Selling your home” section. They really did a great job. We suggest you visit this real estate web design example immediately.

House listing for real estate website

18. Tracy Tutor Real Estate’s Website Design

Tracy Tutor is a good real estate agency website example for understanding the power of a personal connection with your visitors.

If you are a fan of design that consists of photos of your team’s happy faces and good energy, visiting this website is a must.

What is noticeable about this great real estate website design?

      • The special section for linking to social media 
      • Impressive background video
      • Perfect details about the team
      • Well-designed menu
House listing for real estate website

19. Rentberry Real Estate’s Website Design

Rentberry has great services to offer its website visitors, for buying or renting properties.

You can learn a lot from this real estate web design example, such as:

  • The color scheme mixed with some nice illustrations
  • Virtual tour
  • A well-designed section for “Negotiate Your Rent and Apply Online”
  • Advanced search

You won’t find anything boring about this web design. Go and check it right now.

House listing for real estate website

20. Emaar Real Estate’s Website Design

For the last real estate web design example, we want you to check out one of the largest real estate companies in the UAE.

Everything is designed perfectly on Emaar’s website, like:

  • An interactive homepage
  • The search features 
  • 3D Virtual tour
  • The live meeting on your desired date and time

This website is a wonderful showcase and you can learn a lot from it.

House listing for real estate website

Final words

If you’re looking to build an attractive and impressive website to attract more customers day by day, you’ll need to pay attention to some details, such as:

  • The search features 
  • Properties listing design
  • The right usage of font and images
  • Linking to all possible social media channels
  • Review sections
  • A well-organized menu
  • Helpful content
  • Great filtering system
  • The perfect way to show the properties location
  • Your real estate website must also be mobile-friendly and there is no exception for it.

You must focus on every feature that eases your way to communicate with your potential customers. They need to trust you. So don’t make the mistake of underestimating your website’s effect on users. Even a simple and clear design can look professional and gain your visitor’s trust. 



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