15 Top Digital Marketing Tips for Interior Designers

Whether you are a novice, or you have been working as an interior designer for a while, digital marketing for interior designers can be a phenomenal help for easing your way and attracting more clients.

Keep in mind that Internet Marketing never stops and the possibilities are endless when it comes to the online world.

The best approach for you can be focusing on learning daily and testing the strategies in order to discover the ones which work better for your career and your company.

In this post, we’re showing you some of the most effective digital marketing strategies for interior designers to promote your business.

Eager to know? Keep on reading.

How does digital marketing help interior designers?

Digital marketing for interior designers acts like a guide. It guides people who are looking for the interior design services you are offering, from awareness to purchase. That magical!

If you need more details, don’t worry, we’ll delve deeper in a minute.

There are many interior design digital marketing tools, platforms, strategies, and tips out there and you can’t be the master of all due to time and money resources.
So, you need to select wisely and keep in mind that the market belongs to up-to-date creative expert companies.

An Interior designer can ease the process of awareness, interest, desire, and then action with the hand of Digital marketing.

If you offer valuable services, the world needs to know you because it needs your help. So let’s help the world find you through digital marketing for interior designers.

Digital marketing ideas for interior designers are like a connection to the main roads of branding in the interior design industry. Don’t underestimate the world that Internet Marketing can bring to you.

15 Digital Marketing Ideas for Interior Designers

Here we’ll recommend some remarkable tips for your interior designing marketing. Keep reading:

1. Get a website with a blog

The first step to start digital marketing for interior designers is to have an online presence in the online world. This means that just like people visit your office and look at your printed catalog in the actual world, they need to do the same in the online world.

Having a beautiful website that portrays your finest work will make you and your brand look much more professional.
Your interior designer website must be attractive as “beauty” is the most important thing in your industry. It also needs to work seamlessly on both mobile devices and computers.

2. Do content marketing for interior designers

People interested in interior design usually look for answers to some general questions online, like, “How can I maximize my small space?” Or “how can I get a new look with a limited budget?” on the Internet.

Get to know these problems and present solutions. This way you’ll be right there when they search. And your name will be the one that pops into their mind when they need to hire an interior design firm.

Google search itself and also Quora are helpful tools to find possible questions and then cover them in your blog perfectly.

Once you find the questions, problems, and pain points about the interior designing area, you can make a list of them and start making Content.

Publishing “How-to” articles can play an impressive role to reach prospects and clients through your website and also to get your brand in their minds.

For instance, Apartment Therapy is one of the best blogs for interior design that provides you tips, tricks, hacks, and all the pertinent information people need for designing and improving houses.

Also, publishing eBooks, brochures, infographics, podcasts, etc. can help you a lot to give people a brand reminder by you.

To be at the top and shine on the search engine, you need to get to know content SEO, metrics, and tools in order to get more traffic and engagement.
It may seem a bit complex, don’t worry you can get help from us here.

3. Create beautiful photos for your online presence

Interior decorating is a very visual art. So, use that in order to attract clients.
Internet marketing for interior designers has provided a lot of platforms that can help you step on this path more firmly.
For instance, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook in 2021 are the best visual platforms for Internet Marketing.

In your industry, you can not reach people only with your creative words, but you rather need creative images and photos to leave the target visitors awestruck with your unique power as a designer.

Edit photos & content for interior design websites

4. Consider video marketing for interior designers

Do you wish for miracles in digital marketing for interior designers? Publish before-and-after videos of areas you designed on YouTube or Vimeo.

It brings you more powerful engagement, and of course, you can share them on alternative social media platforms, similarly as on your blog.

You can also prepare a script that covers your audiences’ issues and provides them useful solutions and tips.

5. Talk about pain points online

That’s right, we talked about this tip in the foregoing parts. But don’t wonder. We should mention it as a specific part here again.

Let people see you not just as an expert, but as an individual who can cure their pains and make them happy like before. Acknowledge them in your content and offer help in these areas.

This would show that you are someone who really deals with the primary needs of your clients and offers solutions based on them.

All the types of equipment that Digital marketing entails in the manner of blogging, creating videos, putting stories on Instagram, Facebook can be an impressive way to send people the message: “we are here to care about you”.
And that is a game-changer for your industry.

6. Do Email marketing

You can not ignore marketing automation’s importance.
Email promoting automation campaigns that continue while you’re asleep can be an amazing way to connect and stay connected with your potential and current clients.

These digital marketing strategies for interior designers, change the visitors into leads and eventually clients.

You can email these:

  • Helpful tips
  • Your how-to articles
  • Your latest finished designs
  • A direct sales email with a promotion they can redeem

Keep in mind that your Email domain also should be considered. Look at these emails addresses:


Which one is more legitimate and credible in the eyes of your prospects?

Email marketing and digital marketing tips for interior design businesses

7. Join social media

There are some reports out there that may want to show you social media platforms are not such effective tools for an interior designer. We recommend you ignore them!

Do not doubt the effectiveness of social media for even one second! We only warn you to be careful about your choice.
For instance, the sense of humor you can use on Twitter, may not work for you on Instagram posts.

Each platform has its own tone and specific audience. So choose the right media based on the demographics of your target audience and the tone of voice or type of content that you can provide.

8. Joining Houzz for interior designers

Houzz is an online community for interior designers, architects, and home improvement enthusiasts.

The possible actions for you are advertising and connecting with prospects and other related businesses.

Internet marketing for interior designers doesn’t end in just one or two ways as you see.

9. Participate in online events and webinars

You can’t imagine how these tools can gain your leads’ trust and make them request your services. It is really a magical tool for your business.
Clubhouse, Instagram, zoom, and all other platforms are ready to give you a hand and drive results for your brand.
A powerful digital marketing tool to engage with your audience in an awesome way.

Digital marketing tips to promote interior design firms

10. Find the right influencers for influencer marketing

Influencers are typically renowned for developing a selected vogue and creating trustworthy recommendations concerning forthcoming trends or hot products.

Several interior influencers can review specific services of yours and provide unbiased opinions on the their quality, value, and overall appeal.

For instance you can provide interior renovation services free of charge for some influencers and ask them to share the process and the results on their accounts.

These digital marketing tips for interior designers are a big help for reaching more clients. The only thing you should be careful about is to choose influencers that have the closest followers to your target audience.

11. Use bots and messaging apps

Telegram and Facebook can be good platforms for connecting to your audience faster and easier.
You can make bots and reach your audiences to reply to their pain points and questions.
The merge of business intelligence with digital marketing intelligence is going to be closer than ever before. Get on with it.

12. Get reviews online

If your audience leaves you a review whether it is on your website or your YouTube videos, it can be like an online diary and record of your case studies.
For example, your Instagram comments can show you how well your performance was. So, take it seriously.

Nothing builds trust like the trust of others!

Try to encourage your previous clients to leave reviews on review websites for you, leave comments on your social media or even leave short testimonials for you on your website or your Google My Business account.

Online services for interior design businesses

13. Run online ads

Online ads can do wonders for your interior design business. There’s a wide variety of ads to choose from, the prices are affordable and the customization options are endless.

You can run online ads in social media. For instance you can use Instagram Ads to reach users who are interested in other interior design pages.

Or you can run Google Ads to show your website to anyone in your area who is searching for “hire interior designer”.

These online ads are usually Pay Per Click, which means you only pay when someone actually clicks your ad and lands on your website.

The prices, payment options and adjustment possibilities make online advertising one of the most popular digital marketing strategies for interior designers.

14. Create Unique online experiences

Creative online experiences are critical.
Contests, games and quizzes are some special ways to interact with your customers online and get them feeling like you’ve got a connection.
For instance, you can make a simple but interesting game app for your people that involves some interior designing acts.

15. Measure online marketing metrics & KPIs

And the last strategy we mention here as digital marketing tips for interior designers is figuring out the quality and quantity of your digital marketing performance.

Checking key performance indicators around every single digital marketing channel that you are advertising or marketing on is vital. It helps you identify the channels that are working and the ones that are not.

If you care about being in the market and growing your business you can not ignore the metrics.

In fact 75% of companies that miss their revenue goals don’t know their:
– visitor numbers
– lead numbers
– qualified leads
– sales opportunities data

So, get to know the measurement tools and keep staying in this cyber-world.

Of course managing and measuring your SEO, content strategy, Email, social media accounts and other digital marketing tools can also be done by an agency and saves you time to focus on other important things.

Measure online digital marketing metrics & KPIs

In this post we talked about 15 digital marketing ideas for interior designers:

  1. Website Design
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Photo Station
  4. Striking Videos
  5. Talking about pain points
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Joining Social Media
  8. Joining Houzz
  9. Online Events and Webinars
  10. Influencer Marketing
  11. Use Bots and Messaging Apps
  12. Online Reviews
  13. Online Ads
  14. Creative Online Experiences
  15. Measuring Marketing Metrics & KPIs

If you perform the digital marketing strategies for interior designers that we suggested here, we promise you’ll get valuable results. It might take time, but it will be worth it. Be patient.

Of course, if you have a limited budget, you don’t have to take advantage of every tip; but you should at least do some form of internet marketing for your business as it is necessary for all businesses to be present on the internet.

If you decide to partner with an agency for your Internet marketing, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts at Daavin.