15 Delicious Cafe Website Designs for Inspiration

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Businesses in the food industry and especially restaurants and cafes need to be more active on the internet in 2022. This includes using impressive designs for their website to stay ahead of their competitors by leaving positive first impressions.

In this article, we’ve provided an entertaining tour for you to introduce some prime examples of top-quality cafe websites and help you understand which web design features can make your business look more professional.

We’ve gathered 15 creative and inspiring cafe website designs. Check out them to see how well-known cafe owners use their creativity to attract new clients to their business and keep them busy on their websites.

1. Tea Junction’s Website Design

For the start, we want to cover Tea Junction’s website. This Cafe website design has gathered all delivering parts to give their visitors a smooth experience. Everything is in its place.

What do we love about this website?

  • Well-designed brand bio at the top
  • Mouth-watering slideshows
  • Call to action “Book A Table” button is bold enough
  • The right use of text to grab attention
  • Interesting color palette
  • WhatsApp icon at the left corner to ask and gain more info online
  • Cute icons
  • Clean design for the location and social media platforms addressed at the bottom

Every option of the navigation bar has also been designed perfectly. You can learn a lot from this web design for a cafe.

House listing for real estate website

2. Twenty & Six Espressos’ Website Design

This special and clean website belongs to Twenty & Six Espressos website.

This website design has its noticeable points, such as:

  • “Reserve Now” button with yellow color 
  • A creative and different navigation menu
  • interesting location and opening hours section on the left side
  • A detailed menu

If you are looking for a simple but impressive design for your cafe website, this example can be a good inspiration source.

Twenty & Six espresso cafe website design

3. Fili Cafe’s Website Design

A super creative design with a lot of visual interests belongs to Fili Cafe’s Website.

You should check tea & Talk, FILLI Story, Menu, and other pages to see how they have created a flawless website.

We’d also like to mention some points like:

  • The right use of color and text
  • The perfect menu options
  • Eye-catching and delicious cafe menu
  • “Subscribe Newsletter’ button

If your cafe has other branches, its “Store Locator ” can be a good example to design your own.

Filli cafe’s website design

4. Hard Rock Cafe’s Website Design

The next well-designed cafe website design which has rocky vibes belongs to Hard Rock Cafe’s website.

What we like about this web design:

  • A clear and simple location and opening hours section
  • The sociable atmosphere and catchy photos
  • Well-designed and detailed cafe menu
  • Creative use of “Make Me A Rockstar” for newsletters field
  • Logo consistency
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5. Blue Star Coffee’s Website Design

Blue Star Coffee’s Website has a special design aligned with its logo and concepts.

Everything has been organized professionally. It is an informative website with a lot of visually interesting elements.

We’d also love to mention some other noticeable facts about this Cafe website design, such as:

  • A fresh take navigation
  • Bold texts to grab our attention
  • Complemented by great writing
House listing for real estate website

6. Wild & the Moon’s Website Design

A very striking and well-designed website with a lot of visual appeals belongs to Wild & the Moon’s website.

You can get fantastic tips from this web design, such as:

  • High quality and impressive photos
  • Online chat via WhatsApp icon
  • The design of its logo
  • Interesting cafe menu
  • A complete guide for the location section

This website has been organized beautifully to welcome every single visitor and make them a client. Go and check it out.

House listing for real estate website

7. Josef’s Vienna Café’s Website Design

Josef’s Vienna Café’s website with its delicious images on the first page will really get your appetite going.

This website has used a unique design that fits its concept completely.

We love to mention more specifics about this cafe website design such as:

  • Creative use of fonts and typography·        
  • Wise and short content
  • Super cute and adequate icons
  • Creative logo design
  • Smooth Navigation menu
House listing for real estate website

8. Jones the Grocer’s Website Design

Another great job with a cafe website design belongs to Jones the Grocer’s Website.

This website has a lot of mouth-watering photos with a nice color palette. 

Their sign-up form, social media platforms icons, and Navigation menu are all organized beautifully.

House listing for real estate website

9. Corner Bakery Café’s Website Design

You can’t find anything wrong on Corner Bakery Café’s website.

The list of its remarkable points includes:

  • A lot of delicious food shots
  • Fantastic color palette
  • The right use of fonts and typography
  • “Order Now” button placed everywhere
  • Provided accurate nutrition information 
House listing for real estate website

10. Lime Tree Café and Kitchen’s Website Design

Lime Tree Café and Kitchen’s website is another delicious cafe website design that you can visit.

What is special about this web design?

  • The unique use of icons
  • Super delicious food shots 
  • Detailed menu options
  • The right use of green and white colors
  • Creative logo design

We strongly recommend you to check its gallery too to learn about how perfect food photography can be.

House listing for real estate website

11. Mokha 1450’s Website Design

If you are a fan of using a short video of your works on the first page of your website, Mokha 1450’s website can be a good example.

This website design is full of colors and impressive photos to grab your attention

They also have taken advantage of the right use of text and typography to tell their brand story.

This website has also great content to inform what they do at their cafe.

House listing for real estate website

12. LavAzza Espression’s Website Design

LavAzza Espression’s website has an amazing design which makes you feel like you are in the right place to order your coffee,

What is special about this cafe website design:

  • The logo design
  • The brand bio
  • The coffee photos with useful information
  • Well designed navigation menu

Visitors of this web design will experience smooth and clean motions through the various parts of the website as well. Make sure you check its store to see its nice design.

House listing for real estate website

13. The Hamptons Café’s Website Design

This website design with gray vibes belongs to The Hamptons Café’s website.

What is remarkable about this cafe website design?

  • A short video of the place and vibe of the cafe
  • Impressive cafe menu design
  • A lot of visual appeals
  • Great use of “Call Us” and “Find Us” button 
  • Well-designed navigation options
House listing for real estate website

ped14. Blighty Coffee’s Website Design

Blighty Coffee’s website with its pink vibes is the next web design that we want to cover. They have also equipped their website with a nice coffee delivery option.

What we love about this cafe website design:

  • A very welcoming photo at the home page
  • Great color palette
  • Great content to guide you
  • Well-designed store
House listing for real estate website

15. Lucky Fox’s Website Design

And for the last creative cafe website design, we urge you to check out Lucky Fox’s website.

Black background color and delicious food shots have embellished its design.

Everything is special and creative in this website. You can easily find the location and opening hours to order online.

House listing for real estate website


If you’re considering creating a website for your cafe, we strongly recommend you take its design seriously since it will leave a very important first impression on potential customers.

Make sure you consider these items for your cafe website design:

  • Your website must have reasonable loading speed
  • Your website must have clear call-to-action buttons
  • Your website could have an online delivery system integrated with it (if you can handle the logistics)
  • Your website must have a smooth navigation menu
  • Your website must be mobile-friendly
  • Your website must be linked to your social media platforms

And also writing informative content, placing reviews, and showing videos of your works can be a big help to convince people to order from you.



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