10 eLearning Websites for Design Inspiration

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“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.” 

– Donna J. Abernathy

We live in a digital world and more than ever, we need to do most of our routine chores online. Learning is one of the essential moves that every individual seeks on the internet.

eLearning market size is going to overcome 243 billion U.S. dollars in 2022. So you are on the right path if you’re planning on designing an eLearning website for your business.

Check out these 10 eLearning websites for design inspiration.

eLearning website designs to learn from

Now take a look at the 10 inspiring eLearning website designs below. These 10 websites can teach great lessons on how to create a better platform for your target learners.

1. Udemy’s Website Design

An American popular eLearning website design that gives everyone a fair opportunity to create or use various courses belongs to Udemy.

This website design is flawless, and it is a great station to stop by and learn how to make your website noticeable for years.

What is special about this eLearning website design?

  • Easy-to-comprehend categories
  • Everything is clear and clickable
  • well-organized navigation menus
  • Well-designed filtering system
  • Informative course page
  • Secure payment systems
  • Course adding platform (for tutors)
  • The right use of images and colors
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2. Coursera’s website design

Another famous eLearning website is Coursera. This site has:

  • Clean layouts
  • Captivating images 
  • Engaging features

Coursera also works with famous universities and education establishments.

If you only want to share your own pre-approved courses on your eLearning website and you don’t want to give access to every individual to create a course, this website can be so inspiring for you.

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3. eTutorHome’s Website Design

 eTutorHome is a website launched in Dubai, UAE. It has a nice design and offers online coaching classes. What is special about this web design?

  • The cute landing page 
  • Eye-catching photos 
  • Well-designed course page
  • Nice brand bio

Go and take a look.

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4. W3Schools’ Website Design

A well-known freemium website that is a great source to learn coding online belongs to W3Schools.

This eLearning website design has remarkable points to mention, such as:

  • Well-designed landing page 
  • Easy-to-comprehend categories
  • Well-organized navigation menus
  • Seamless, smooth, and bug-free user-platform interactions
  • The right use of visual interests 
  • Informative course page
  • Easy-to-read fonts on bold buttons 

If you are eager to build and design websites in a specific field (not general education), we recommend you check this website.

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5. Khan Academy’s Website Design

Khan Academy is another eLearning website design that we’d like to recommend for inspiration.

What is special about this website?

  • Nice and personalized learning dashboard 
  • The right use of visual interest
  • Nice color pallet
  • Well designed navigation menu
  • Interesting and wise content on the first page
  • Easy-to-comprehend categories

If you are planning to design a platform that is suitable for everyone anywhere, it can be a good source of inspiration.

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6. Alison’s Website Design

Alison is an Irish eLearning website that is designed to serve everyone with free education and skill training.

We love to mention some great points of this web design, such as:

  • A lot of visual interests
  • Creative navigation menu
  • Eye-catching brand bio at the top
  • Well-designed “sign up” button with a suitable color
  • Informative Course page
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7. Blackboard’s Website Design

Blackboard web design is a good example of a course management system that offers major features for users:

  • Provides content to students in a central location
  • Communicates with students quickly
  • Provides grades in an electronic format 
  • Gives the possibility of submitting assignments electronically by students
  • Works with a variety of built-in web-based tools 

So if you also want to design a website with such features, don’t forget to check Blackboard.

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8. Glints’ Website Design

An attractive eLearning website that is launched in Singapore belongs to Glints. This website has a clean design and everything is clear and clickable.

This website offers the users:

  • Recruitment & talent solutions
  • Upskilling and learning solutions

What is noticeable about this eLearning website design:

  • The right use of visual elements
  • A handy navigation menu 
  • Interesting brand bio and story section
  • Nice Course page
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9. Lifehack’s Website Design

A British website that has provided free assessments, podcasts, videos, and books belongs to Lifehack.

What is remarkable about this web design?

  • An interesting first page with impressive brand bio
  • The right use of images
  • Informative course page
  • Testimonials section
  • Well-designed menu
  • Attractive  “take an action” buttons all over the website
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10.  iversity’s Website Design

Iversity is well-known as “Coursera of Europe” based in Berlin. It has a simple yet functional layout.

What this website offers to users:

  • Academic courses 
  • Business-related courses

What is special about this eLearning website design?

  • Eye-catching measures and badges 
  • Attractive photos and visual elements
  • Well-organized course categories
  • Informative and detailed course page
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When it comes to choosing an eLearning website design, you need to focus on a clean, minimalist design that works well in any digital environment. Avoid being too complicated.

We suggest you be careful about these points when you want to design your own eLearning website

User profile and dashboard

      • Profile picture & user info
      • Certain Lists to show the progress
      • Certificates section
      • History of the purchases
      • Settings page

Courses page

  • Handy Search bars Categories
  • Filters (by price, level,  language, rates, and …)
  • Recommending section for the other related courses

Individual course pages

      • Course Description
      • Info about the tutor or creator
      • The list of topics and materials info

Also don’t forget the following:

      • Secure payment systems 
      • Course adding page (for tutors)
      • Notifications and reminders
      • Admin panel
      • Testimonials

Finally choose the system which provides you with all LMS features to step more firmly in the eLearning competition.

Don’t forget to keep yourself and your website updated to stay much longer in eLearning-type businesses.



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